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  1. Since we don't have any idea what your stat is, we can't take anything you say seriously. If I try insane with only easy gear. I'm going to get 1 shoted no matter what I do. Does that mean we should change insane? The hardest mode in the game, requires the best gear in the game.
  2. Well I see two cause for this. One, less players mean less of a market and two, fix mana glitches means players no longer has billions of mana laying around to spend. Raising the item resale value is one way, another is to lower the upgrade cost back to what it was in the beginning.
  3. Tl;Dr no way for anyone new or more casual to experience all the content due to huge gear gaps from insane to NM and even insane survival to umf. Farm to buy it from people who have done it to clear it then rinse repeat with the new stuff. Loot-progress-path-for-dummies Nice guide that goes from no loot at all to being able to do nightmare.
  4. Well, Vac wasn't enabled till after the development kit was released. If you hacked before the DDDK was released and haven't since, then you are still ok.
  5. Using the return to tavern will not cause the game to check if you completed any challenges or not. You can either lose on the last map or return and play any other map to unlock.
  6. Holiday DLC always cost money after the holiday. They said that months ago and it been the case since the beginning.
  7. Well the preson doing the delivery should be a huntress. They have the fastest speed and can invis while going from sack to tree. Trying with a squire is going to fail.
  8. I do, of course I'm a casual casual player, not a hardcore casual player. I prefer to play on hard with pre- super loot equipment. I said it before, but hard is the most balance of the difficulties. You can play either as a tower or dps, solo or group with no problems and as long as you don't care about the super loot it can still be challenging. The only people not having fun are the hardcore crowd that need the top end loot and to beat the hardest difficulties.
  9. extra textures? it's a 360.. or a ps3 in either case, it runs skyrim, CoD, Uncharted, Gears of war... and before anyone says "those are on disk" I can't say for sure about ps3 but 360 can download full titles and run from hard drive, I don't see an arcade title as any different. One difference. Xbox Arcade titles are limited to 2GB in size.
  10. It probably a disclaimer so that people can't accuse Trendy of ninjaing patch notes in since they said that there might be more patch notes.
  11. Huntress/Hunter are the best class to us against spiders. Just go invis and you never have to worry about getting web. As for nightmare mode in general, Just think of it as you pre-paying for the content in order to get beta access to nightmare mode. Trendy can't properly test these content themselves, so expect a lot of bug fixes and changes before the official release date a couple month from now.
  12. Well Trendy has to approve of the sale before Steam puts them on the sale list.
  13. What I'm wondering is what kind of loot will Nightmare glitter give with the next patch.
  14. Well you can either buy it one at a time and get Nightmare like normal, or pre-purchase all 4 DLC, save $6 and get beta access to Nightmare mode. And yes you can consider it in beta, since Trendy doesn't do testing that well. It's going to have a lot of bugs and other changes to it, before the final DLC is released.
  15. Well I found that genie + invisible the best way to handle this, as spiders don't target you if you are invisible.
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