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  1. are you refering to the 14 k boss in nm 4 liferoot?
  2. im excited for these pasives! now the harpoons are actually useful
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FYECgvrpBQ&list=FLklcq9rLq5zu5zX7j1-zDtA&index=1
  4. WhissT


    When is the game planned to go to Beta?
  5. Let us get some level points for each level we gain, where we can put them into a chosen category, fx tower speed.
  6. Has some push ability, not that good
  7. The patch in question hasn't hit yet. When will the patch launch? When ever they release it, just wait. Great answer, thx!
  8. The patch in question hasn't hit yet. When will the patch launch?
  9. While playing DD2 yesterday i got my first mythical drop, the aura rising from the weapon was purple bot other than that pretty much the same as all the other weapon grades. I though it would be cool if you guys made the weapon aura glow much more and more as the level increases. - For example, green drop have a small green aura that doesnt stand tall. - Legendary drop has a big aura that shines so bright you can almost see it from one end of the map to the other, very flashy,cool looking and it stands very tall in contrast to other low grade weapons.
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