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  1. I can't follow you there, because we are not getting the optimal gear for the character we play, hence get less optimal drops thats a reason for a wipe? I don't get that at all, I mean everyone who wasn't around earlier is after (if) they change it gonna profit from "better" gear drops, so thats fair? But I agree that the gear grind right now feels very demanding, but no reason to wipe anything. @Gunghoe quote: Basically the same as above. New players are gonna profit from the softened gear/level up curve, its basically the same what happens to every game, making it easier for newer peopl
  2. Right now I feel very strongly against a wipe and I didn't expect that many people voicing their opinion towards a wipe either. When I first started out back in November last year, I was expecting a wipe was gonna happen somewhere along the road, simpy because I bought into an early access pre-alpha and the game actually really felt like it was "unfinished" and as In.session said, I'm used to wipes when for example and open/closed Beta gets released. I definately didnt expect the Wipe at that point in time and it seemed weird to me, sure there was a lot of things introduced and changed and hen
  3. Whenever the part about Petfood is brought up I feel like being misunderstood by the devs. :( It always seems to me that their answer is :" you can buy pet food for gold and therefore have no trouble of leveling them if you are not gaining enough exp just from drops". But the thing is the 500xp we get per 500 Gold means that a 25 Power Level pet (which is less than half of what is max I believe?) already needs like 100k+ Gold for a level up. (this is a guess at this point, but the value should be about right) And since Fusioning Items is a very huge Goldsink as well but yields a direct increa
  4. You are right, I'll edit the link name as well as the Album's Title, even though that still leaves everyone's names in the Screenshots, but at least not everyone is gonna see the mentioned players name at the first glance.
  5. I've been playing with Rosi (as usual) in a public game, and of couse people come and go into these games. And usually I have made decent to good experiences with random people, not this time. The moment he entered he was going on about how we need to change our build setup and spammed pings and said how awesome he was. I was annoyed already basically from the getgo, but I thought to myself just let it slide and say nothing. But at some point I asked him nicely "Would you please stop talking now? >.<" (I somehow didn't take a screenshot of that T.T but Rosi can confirm that if needed I g
  6. So basically this is some sort of sneak peak that the next character released in Dungeon Defenders 2 is goin to be a ripoff of a League of Legends Champion? Hoping for Poppy!
  7. So now I entered the map on my Squire and didn't ever change him and splody worked just fine (same map as before). But as soon as I switch him out splody stops popping up as damage (and my gutfeeling on the damage output tells me this is not just a visual bug), even switching him back in will not fix that. Edit: reading this a second time even I didn't understand anymore what I was trying to say, so rephrased everything.
  8. I'm the guy seph is playing with right now, tried that right now, even if I dont switch off my squire Splody still won't popup any damage at all (in case that matters: Map is Liferoot Forest NM4 inc) Strange... I just tested on Free Play easy (was cycling through them to see if it was specific to certain difficulties) gates of dragonfall. Wave 1 I hadn't changed hero off of squire and I saw the numbers pop up. Wave 2 I changed to monk to put down skyguard and changed back to squire. No numbers Its really, weird but something is definately off with splody >.<
  9. I'm the guy seph is playing with right now, tried that right now, even if I dont switch off my squire Splody still won't popup any damage at all (in case that matters: Map is Liferoot Forest NM4 inc)
  10. It doesn't. And if it would, I personally feel it would be too strong.
  11. You are about to waste 180 tokens. Read here: https://www.dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/123169/betsy-egg
  12. earth shatters are the best tower's ever. you just don't use them properly Can you show/tell me how to use them properly? Because I also thought they were really crappy. But I love App and want to use more App stuff (besides the frost tower), would really appreciate on how to make the Earthshatter not feel like a bad waste of DU compared to the DPS it provides :/. I mean its direct contenders DPS wise are LA/Flameburst/Flamethrower/Elemental Chaos as Magical AoE. And cc wise the 15% knockupchance clearly loses out to a 100% knockup chance on a geyser.
  13. Oh sorry my mistake , i thought you meant that other lab thing which was introduced way later. Apologies I guess it's true for you that you can enjoy DD1 classic for thousands of hours, but I'm pretty sure you are the exception. At least for me DD1 on its initial release was even less enticing than DD2 is right now, and considering how OP and a lot of other people when you see their posts, mention any later added things (like farming for kobold on a treadmill, seahorses, chess, etc.) I think it's an unfair comparison to make.
  14. Who said i used the new classes, and who said i played on nightmare? My main class i played was squire and i screwed around most of the time in insane lab survival. But either way, their map design took a pretty big step back in terms of how fun the maps are to actually play for this game imo. The fact this game is only early access is irrelevant since the game has maps in it, don't need 20+ maps to have great maps that are fun to play alot. This game is still a fun but i don't know how much longer i can continue playing the maps in this game. New ways to build in maps is nice and all but tha
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