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  1. Becuase 2 ppl afk leeching exp and loots. They did't hit G neither did they collect mana. I don't know what i did was right or wrong.
  2. 1, Remove traning dummy, replace it with a new tower that pours oil onto enermies. 2. Let ballista shoots fire arrows when we upgrade it to its max tier.
  3. It appears that one will lose social points when abandon a game. However sometimes you may wanna leave at the mid of a game: 1, when i jion a game which already started, there's no mana for me and 1 people busy setting up all for like 2 or 3 mins. 2, Someone in your team decided to stay afk from wave 1 to the end, never hitting G nor opening his mana chests. 3, I enter a game they are doing a map i don't wanna do. 4, Game sometimes crashed at the mid of a combat. 5, Some people troll. And i don't think it really hurts a team if there's a leaver, his mana will drop and others can use it. People will soon jion and take his place too. Why should we punish people who leave at the mid of a game.
  4. It keeps happening to me when i looted some legs/myth at last waves. they didn't show up in my inventory after i went back to tarven. Restaring game didn't work and they are gone permanently which keeps making me very upset.
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