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  1. Ensare auras dont work on ogres :DYes they do, and they always have. I have no idea why people say that it doesn't work on ogres. It's incredibly obvious.
  2. When VW was released, it was "unimaginably broken". Then it was nerfed to just "really broken", and now it's somewhere between "broken" and "balanced". The fact that it's taken two 40% nerfs and it's still the best weapon in the game for almost everything should tell you something. If you upgraded a crappy one, you have no one to blame but yourself. It's no different than upgrading a crappy Blasticus or a crappy CT.
  3. If you didn't know it was going to be nerfed again, you're probably an idiot. Mine is STILL better than every other gun I have, even after losing like 1100 total base damage.
  4. As a relatively new player (just started playing late last week), the whole having to level up multiple characters - sometimes two of the same class just to have one of each spec - bugs me. Part of the fun of RPGs - at least for me - is leveling up my character, forming an attachment to them, building them up into something that is more like the kind of hero I want to play. Once one reaches the max level in Dungeon Defender, though, it quickly becomes obvious that one needs to respec into one of two builds (tower or hero) so that most Insanes/some Hards don't make you want to tear your hair
  5. No, they just have the best equipment. :) Take away their magic bullets and what are they left with? If I had magic bullets but never learned how to shoot a gun without them, I'm not a good marksman. I might know how to pull a trigger, but can I adjust for wind, temperature, elevation, and all of the other minutia that go in to accurate long range shooting like the coriolis effect?You're missing the point. People that "play to win", as it were, are generally the best players to begin with. They're better than you with a stick, and they're much, much better than you with a Gigantic Sword of
  6. Ahoy! I wanted to log in again today (which is like 3 weaks after "cheating") and still i get the same error message that i can not log into Trendynet. Where do i get support in this issue? Thanks. Steve.Hopefully you don't get any support. Enjoy your ban.
  7. 1. Drop the 4 good monk auras on the spawn. 2. Bring a fairy. 3. ???? 4. Profit!
  8. You do know that the people using the magic bullets generally are the best marksmen, right?
  9. He's not putting up an artificial barrier, hes doing what he finds fun...This is almost word-for-word a line from the article. Why do you still seem to think it doesn't apply?
  10. The point is you are putting artificial barriers up that prevent you from doing the best. Its much better to make on dps character and one tower character and equip them to their bias. Does the game let you make a hybrid of the 2? Yes, it does. Does that make them the most powerful? No.... They added a mechanic in the game to allow you the opportunity to be the most powerful you can but you are opting to hinder yourself with these barriers (ie. Not allowing swapping) That is the point of his link. So yes, it does apply here ;) This. Also, given his response, I feel we might be e
  11. Meh well hopefully they change this. I like a challenge not taking the care bear way out. Seems like a lame thing to add. I think unless your doing solo swap character shouldnt be a option.You're handicapping yourself for a made-up reason. Read this and learn: http://www.sirlin.net/articles/playing-to-win-part-1.html
  12. You're less effective than someone who plays the standard way. Some people don't want that in their games. Adapt or leave.
  13. That's the correct way to play in the end, since more loot spawns than can be on the ground at once. Not looting is just letting free mana disappear.
  14. That'll probably make a lot of Open PC players mad that they have to stay so far behind in patches due to console gamers. They were already yelling a lot during Halloween.Who cares? No one should be playing on Open at all since they still haven't released the mod tools.
  15. not saying its right . but u ever think person selling mana family is starving and they need the cash or something. or wait maybe he is not selling the mana but the time it took to get the mana, then trendy cant do crap ;p. A) Not my problem. His family should starve because he's useless. B) They can ban you for, quite literally, anything. In no way whatsoever will the "I'm selling my time!" defense save you.
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