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  1. A lot of these answers seem to miss what I was asking, and instead were very specific explanations of changes to narrow meta strategies. What I was asking is much more broad relating to the design of the game with regards to motivations to do things, and the fun-factor of doing them. The things I listed were aspects of the game that I found to either be 'not fun', or simply lacked in sufficient motivation to play. The tower strategies were a big issue for me. I'm not interested in what is under/overpowered or which towers are best now... but rather if the tower system had been overhauled to discourage gp-dumping and tower stacking rather than encourage doing so. For me tower defense games are only fun if it is a challenge to decide not just what towers to place and when to place towers... but WHERE to place them. I played at a fairly high-end level when I quit, and a big part of the reason I quit was because the best way to win seemed to always be mindless, monotonous tower-stacking in 1 or 2 places. Spreading out various, strategically placed towers at choke points should improve your defenses, not weaken them. Just as placing a dozen of a specific tower in one place should weaken your defenses, not improve them. ________ And when it comes to loot, I'm not interested in 'getting what I want', I'm interested in being challenged to get what I want. I am interested in enjoying the quest to get what I want and feeling like I am getting closer to getting it. And I am interested in having 'what I want' be a meaningful upgrade to the point that it feels like I progressed my character. When I quit, the game was just a loot-fest of high-end gear, the only gear you sought out was something you already had but with a few different stats, and it was all RNG whether the next drop had it or not. And when you did find a better item the upgrade felt insignificant. Absolutely nothing about that is fun. Getting MORE loot is not MORE fun, in fact in many cases it makes the game LESS fun.... and getting great loot quickly and easily is not fun, and then seeking slightly better loot after long periods of time is also not fun. THOSE are some of the core game design issues I was asking about; not whether the blaze balloon is still worthless, or whether weapon now have slightly more defense stats in hard mode dungeon XYZ III. None of that stuff is going to change the way the game is played or make it any more fun to play.
  2. Dumped a ton of time into this game about a year ago because I love TD games and loved this game's concept... but the depth of gameplay was sorely lacking back then in so many ways & the game quickly stopped being fun, so I decided to wait for development to catch up. _________ My main questions: 1)What is the state of the grind? By far the worst aspect of the game was that it was a grind to get loot to grind better. Nothing was challenging, and there was essentially no real progression. And when you were repeating the hardest maps to farm loot the maps were repetitive/predictable to the point you knew before every game what was coming and could always place towers in the same place. The game was fun for its own sake for a bit, but after a while the fun was drained by repetition & predictability. I'm hoping that's not the case anymore. 2) What is the state of tower strategy? When I last played about half the towers were essentially useless, there was almost no synergy between class towers, and the best strategy in every game was 'dump all your GP to the Squire and Monk so they can stack towers near the core'. It was painfully boring and monotonous. I was hoping for there to be more depth to the strategy of what to place where, but it was actually all about placing the same few towers in the same place. 3) What is the state of 'class roles'? One of the most frustrating aspects of the game for me was the trivial nature of classes and the lack of defined strengths/weaknesses motivating you to really want one of each class in every game ... almost to the point of needing one of each. Rather than feeling like each class contributed something valuable & necessary, it instead felt like 3 classes that AoE and one class that doesn't. 4) What is the state of loot? When I left loot was not fun at all, it had essentially become a necessary evil. It dropped way too often to the point you never got excited about it (you just hoped that the NEXT legendary had a few more pts of a certain stat than the six ones you already had). On top of that, loot was only worth using after upgrading, and the process of upgrading them just required more grinding. Loot can be a fun form of progression in any game as long the upgrades are meaningful and rare.... but back then the loot was relatively meaningless and plentiful. ___________ Those are the main issues I can remember, if there's anything else that has improved the game beyond those core issues I'd love to hear about them. Thanks in advance, Q
  3. Not to disagree, but I think the role of Huntress is intended to be melting bosses (since our defenses/ability damage are weak and we can only DPS one target at a time). It should be difficult to do so without one, much easier with one. 25k-50k though? Sheesh. Blaze Balloon still seems pointlessly out of place.
  4. I've always felt like walls should only be targeted and attacked by enemies IF AND ONLY IF enemies do not have any detour pathway available. Walls should be walls that divert enemies in another direction, not damage sinks. It would add a whole new, unique, fun element to the defenses and create opportunities for a whole lot more synergy with other AOE defenses & effects. Sure, there are a lot of pathways that are fairly linear and cannot really be diverted much, but in those cases you could still use the walls as a damage sink/reflect.
  5. Huntress be like, I can't hold all these buffs!
  6. It's also hard to hit those priority targets when you are 150 yards away, they are moving, and you can't shoot through literally anything, mobs included.
  7. My opinion is that fewer better drops > more trivial drops. It's not fun to loot 100 items if you only end up with a single item you wanted. It's more fun to loot just 10 items to find one or two items you wanted. It makes the event of an item dropping a significant event because even if it means loot drops much less often you at least know there's a good chance it's probably something worthwhile. Instead what we get now is loot spam all over the map and hours of time wasted sorting through the junk in out temp bag after just a handful of incursions.
  8. I think power creep would be fine as long as its in the form of added maps. Existing maps should remain the same difficulty with loot of the same power. There needs to be some form of carrot, preferably in the form of a ladder system, rankings, endless waves, or some other competitive system... not just more loot. I want to acquire loot to complete a challenge.... not repeat a challenge to acquire loot.
  9. Please explain how to do this much damage with a squire. Thank you. You clearly don't understand. A huntress can only hit one target, max. A Squire hitting 5 targets for 3k DPS would be doing more DPS than this Huntress. (also Huntresses only do that DPS at max range, that DPS drops off significantly, as much as 67% just by moving closer to the target).
  10. Except that isn't remotely true. You want to make it sound like it's a me problem because you want to pretend there is no problem.
  11. Great post. This is, IMO, the biggest and worst problem. I've made my opinion pretty clear on how shallow and boring gameplay has become with mana-dumping to a single builder ... and this is yet another symptom of that problem. There is no real personal progression when a single player can do all the work. Because all you ever end up doing is vacuuming up loot until you get the items you want.... except you then find yourself wondering what was ever the point in doing so when a single player is still defeating the same map with the same items using the same tactics all on their own. The mana you dump when naked is no different than the mana you dump in full legendaries. So when you finally gear up you only get to pretend like that gear matters, to feel like you suddenly contribute & are achieving personal progression, when in reality the game was always dumbed down to mindlessly scooping up loot.
  12. The poison lasts a really really long time, which would be really nice against bosses since at max stack you can easily get your ticks above 5k each... but it is still way too weak compared to other ranged DPS defenses. You need to land way too many darts very early in the enemies' path to make the DoT and (vicarious) total damage worthwhile, which is simply too many requirements when you could just have another class place a better, more reliable tower instead. IMO the cone size needs to be larger; i.e. a larger spread so that you can land more darts on enemies passing by. A larger spread on the dart tower would kill it. Its best use right now is the shotgun effect on heavy targets. My fastest ogre kills have been when I had one dead on to a dart tower. What the tower really needs is just a little bit of a turning arc. Nothing large like the Cannon or Ballista but even a little bit would really help. That's sorta what I meant
  13. Poison Dart: I might still use these from time to time. I will use them on corners, on a higher up spot etc sometimes so healers dont build up behind a wave of ogres or something and would die from the poison ticks. I still don't know how long the poison lasts, I never paid attention to that. How it works now is great compared to before. A straight line before was almost useless unless done perfectly. Now you can have it in quite a few more spots. The poison lasts a really really long time, which would be really nice against bosses since at max stack you can easily get your ticks above 5k each... but it is still way too weak compared to other ranged DPS defenses. You need to land way too many darts very early in the enemies' path to make the DoT and (vicarious) total damage worthwhile, which is simply too many requirements when you could just have another class place a better, more reliable tower instead. IMO the cone size needs to be larger; i.e. a larger spread so that you can land more darts on enemies passing by.
  14. What are you talking about? We have already tested that theory. We are still testing it. We've tested since the game began for months. It was how virtually everyone started out playing. Then it became obvious it was vastly inferior to mana dumping so most 25+++ matches and even lower level matches now resort to doing it ... the fact that we HAVE already tested this and revealed the obvious flaw is the entire premise of this suggestion. Comes across like you're just defending the broken easy mode because you're afraid changing anything might make the game harder.
  15. And why does that underpowered tower have to go down? ~Half of defenses aren't targetable, can refresh charges, the other half can be placed either out of range or you can faster DPS down the enemies attacking it or you can simply repair it. Why can't I also just say, "When the wave gets passed the overpowered tower and you don't have the DPS gear/spec to bring them down, everyone loses."? You are creating straw man after straw man all out of misplaced fear, of a theoretical change, in a pre-alpha.
  16. No it wouldn't, only forcing players to actually build defenses. Speccing DPS should simply give bonus DPS equal to whatever bonus you'd gain from speccing defense. Speccing/gearing is supposed to be a tradeoff ... simply building a tower doesn't mean you have to make it a powerful one.
  17. The problem is more deep-rooted than that, because for combos to be the solution combos would have to be godlike. Suppose you are specced/geared for pure DPS and join a game with two others also specced/geared DPS along and just player one specced/geared Defense. Here is the question: Why should any of the 3 DPS players build a single defense tower/trap if that same mana can be (better) spent by the player specced for Defense? Here is why this question can't be solved with combos (as long as defense mana can be shared): * Everyone wants each spec option (defense/DPS/abilities/tank/etc.) to be meaningful and competitive * Everyone wants item stats and spec points to be meaningful * How everyone allocates stat/spec points is NOT mutually exclusive (i.e. to gain Defense pts you must sacrifice DPS pts). * Defense mana is flat and finite meaning the same mana will be consumed whether one player builds all defenses or four players each build one quarter of defenses ..... therefor In order for there to be enough incentive to NOT dump all defense mana to a single builder, the cumulative bonus effect due to defense 'combos' would have to be greater than TRIPLE the effective difference between fully gearing/speccing for defense and fully gearing/speccing for player DPS. Since this is the abstract equation for the value of defense mana: [ADDITIONAL DEFENSE DAMAGE FROM GEAR & SPEC PTS] = { [ADDITIONAL INDIVIDUAL DAMAGE FROM GEAR & SPEC PTS] * [# DEFENSES BUILT] } + [ADDITIONAL COMBO DAMAGE FROM GEAR & SPEC PTS] This means the more defenses built, the more Defense stat points and spec points are worth. If in that game you joined everyone built their own defenses ... then 3/4 of Defense mana spent would be less valuable than the other 1/4th, and if total combo damage doesn't make up 3 times the difference in that value (the difference which is supposedly equal to the impact when speccing/gearing DPS) then you would have been better off dumping all mana to that one player. ________________________ TLDR: for combo damage to prevent the strategy of dumping Defense mana to a single builder... total combo damage would have to be 3x as valuable as the entire value of all your spec and gear points. IOW if you want your gear & spec pts to be meaningful, combo damage would have to be ludicrously meaningul
  18. petticrew quote: Its alot more difficult then you realize. Changing even one thing, can affect other parts of the game unintended. (hence, where bugs come from) Didn't seem that problematic to turn off hard mode. (and lets not pretend it would be hard to code, they could easily do something as basic as disabling the keybind for testing purposes). And I'm just emphasizing the reality that they (presumably) created this early pre-alpha phase to test things rather than for us to theorize on the forums, for precisely the reason of making the game enjoyable to everyone. We have been testing ad nauseum at all levels with all classes, yet very little has changed in the macro, and the testing is consistently revealing that there is a fundamental flaw in the itemization/defense-building meta-design. So perhaps we should be testing something different, perhaps whatever it is we test will be worse, who knows, but it seems like a simple small change that may have a big impact is a perfect thing to test now. I'm not saying it has to be this idea or that idea or any one idea, but that this is the time to be testing crazy stuff that may not work... and hopefully this is the place to be posting the suggestions that might be crazy enough to work.
  19. 100% can confirm this happened to me in 3 separate matches last night. Not sure if the Window Controls were the cause, but definitely had flying mobs stuck behind the glass spamming 'blocked' messages, so it sounds about right. Could at least still finish the wave/game, but only if there were was a Huntress, then everyone had to sit around at the end waiting on the Huntresses' Piercing Shot cooldowns to kill them.
  20. This is the pre-alpha, is it not? Isn't testing what alphas are for? These are the kinds of design changes I expected to see being made on a more frequent basis and don't see the harm in testing it out for a build or two. Surely it can't be difficult to simply disable the function, a trivial amount of coding, and they can always revert back if they don't like it. At worst, pure DPS (like me) might have to change a few pieces of gear and the game might get a bit more difficult in 25+++ ... but isn't that actually desperately needed?
  21. This wouldn't be anything new though. That squire is already doing that now and that squire will continue to do so regardless.
  22. The issue with the Huntress design is that it is entirely based on incursion matches. You spend 25 levels with a set of abilities and towers that seem worthless until 25+++ when they finally start to make a bit of sense. Literally each and every ability and defense goes from 'awkward and impractical' to suddenly finding a vague purpose when having to face large swarms. If you can snare/slow/group and tank a few converging waves of hordes into a huge bottleneck of enemies, everything in her kit becomes vastly more useful. However, that means as a result all her abilities are highly conditional. The conditions need to be just right or it all becomes a waste. Other classes do not have nearly the same degree of requirements to ensure their defenses are effective. TBH though, I like the need for conditions and coordination and diversification. Rather than improving Huntress' standalone defenses I'd rather see other classes' defenses get adjusted to require similar 'set-up' to go from very weak to potentially very strong.
  23. Water Damage does not cause drenched nor does Earth Damage cause stun IIRC ... both Chance to Drench and Chance to Stun are separate distinct secondary stats. Earth Damage may do additional damage to aerial enemies, but that is a guess. I cannot remember last using an Earth Damage bow.
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