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  1. easy answer actually, login as soon as the game is up again ;) if u dont have the rewards.. contact them :)
  2. Hay, Totay I looted a bugged weppon (I suppose) I'll upgraded it one time to see the increase .. but what ever I upgrade.. the other stat rises too. The weapon also has lower hero dmg as my current one even tho it has 2x224. (one stat is simply ignored)
  3. no worries guys, u'll get repair defensive speed for it ;) LOL
  4. I hope it's alright to post it here :p and btw why are there just so few cosmetics to upgrade? i knew there will be more but for example the squire has a mythical only chest while the other classes had just common stuff
  5. its just a visual thing so pick the 0.2 one
  6. Shiva's pretty cool :) religion or logic
  7. my aura dmg has increase so much.. i dont even use geysers anymore :c not sure if thats the point of it
  8. I had the same issue with a friend. Stats on my screen 2040 dps 0.16 speed. (actual) on his screen ~2700 dps 0.08. the funny thing is .. he saw my auras hitting with 0.08 aps on dummies. I assume it has something to do with the spheres, cause if u remove them the aura does get weaker on ur screen but not on the others. and it was only possible in tavern not on maps. greetings
  9. You are THE God if that solves the issue. Im looking forward to play tomorrow.. just to not get kicked :)
  10. hey guys, The small exp rune says its 10% = Small Rune The big one says only 0.2% = Big Rune im not sure if the complete thng is wrong or just the tooltip. greetings, Slixx
  11. i had this issue several times -_- first i thought they just kick me for no reason but then i was alone with a freind and it happend again. and yes its exactly that picture :c
  12. Hay, Why does the mana disappear when I open a chest while playing solo but not in muliplayer games. It seems right to not let it dissapear so i assume its a bug in the solo gamemode.
  13. the temporary inventory causes the lag (im pretty sure) .. so sell low tier and up with epic stuff :p
  14. Hello, Im not sure if this has been mentioned already but you can get an insane amount of hp due simple gearswaping. the normal HP of a tier 5 boost aura is 200% but mine is at 714% (Boost Aura). To do this you have to simply unequip the gear with the tower hp stat and reequip it after you have set up all the towers u wanna boost. Slixx
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