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  1. GeForce Experience Center, Radeon 4470 HD, Nvidia GeForce Black, GeForce 980, MSI GeForce and so on :D
  2. I guess, the old survival was just another world in looks of Loot&Mana not to mention gold. Also the resistances and buffs are completely overwhelming, sometimes you get a round filled with running and flying bombs, the other round is filled with javelin throwers that will just destroy you... Constant waves would be really good, otherwise you will just restart and hope for an easy turn... I wish that the old survival will come back, the way it was - similar loot&mana(gold). Thanks for keeping up the hard work!
  3. I, myself loved the old Survival mode. It would be one of my great wishes to bring it back, also some big maps with straight lanes, like "Magma Chamber" for example. Good work though, keep the enthusiasm up!
  4. I would love to do some nm4 and stuff, but I'm not strong enough. Not even close :P still if you want you can add me :D trying to climb the lvls atm Steam - NeXt Candyman
  5. Hey Defender-folk! First, what do I want? Your attention! aaand maybe your time! Interested yet? Good! I am a little YouTuber/Twitcher and I would like to ask the community, if somebody wants to roll with me a little, capturing Videos and Streaming some times. I already got videos and would love if somebody would support that, also to grow the game and get a bigger community! NeXt Candyman - YouTube and NeXtCandyman - Twitch If you are interested comment below :P! Thanks for your time and attention! Edit: I would like to do this project for sure and I wouldn't cancel it at all, so if you
  6. I was thinking about how I was loving the old Dungeon Defenders and why the new could be different, so I wanted to ask you what you liked/hated the most of Dungeon Defenders 1 and why do you like/don't like the new Dungeon Defenders. - For myself the new Dungeon Defenders is a whole new world. As it seems it's going to get a "cash shop" for clothings, that's one point i don't like. But what i like, is how every character is played, they got enough offensive skills to defend them themselves to not get killed by any mobs - the dark side of it is that you haven't got that much towers anymore, tha
  7. Lightning: Will it be possible to re-roll your Hero Stats you already positioned? Question 2: Will there be more maps that do not interact with the campaign, like just a survival map? Thanks ahead, Candyman.
  8. I guess he's got every point you are worrying about. You guys should give it a try, sounds like fun and also you will get experience in every way to "balance" the game. No "pain", no gain!
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