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  1. The quest is named "Quab duty". So I guessed it must be Forest Poachers Incursion as the Liferoot Forest Map is the only map with an actual Quab.
  2. or fix the obvious oversight? takes like 5 minutes to open the script, ctrl-f for "geode" and delete those headers :P I feel it might be "feature"... to prevent afk-ing.
  3. c5 is not bugged. Its only one geode in wave 4 and 5 each. Just focus it down before it reaches your defenses.
  4. i beat my first c7 map at 137 ascension with these towers. didn't take much effort. at 180 ascension and with highest stat relics i was able to carry public c7 games with campaign gear guys. and i'm not even good at this game. they definitely need to nerf some stuff. So you had the highest stat relics, but were still only wearing campaign gear. Curious as to how you had absolutely nothing but relics drop from Chaos 1-7. Or is it just like the rest of your post, a complete load of crap. You've misunderstood him: he carried players with campaign gear.
  5. Same in c7. Wave 5 is a very well arranged mix of all possible types of special enemies. Well, except Cyber Orks. I have to admit there weren't Cyber Orks. :o) But having a bunch of 5 hex throwers preparing my walls for the next pair of Kobolts, while, in the meantime, geode-shielded Lady Orcs eat up another wall is just the right amount of adrenaline in the morning...
  6. Ok I took a look at the old patch notes. I must have misinterpreted them. Looks like we're not getting c6 packs soon...
  7. but it was said one could buy shard packs of one tier below the highest one available...
  8. How many c7 matches do I have to win till I may spend my medals for c6 packs? Does anyone know?
  9. And dont forget to upgrade your gear. Capped C1 gear is not enough, it needs to be upgraded. You might also want to check the blacksmith, he sells gear with mid c3 values at max.
  10. Oh lordy... Since I've got this info I suddenly win c7 maps -.-
  11. Majean I would be glad to see a video of c7 done with less than 300 ascension in only blue (and no 60 upgrades) relics. I am not a very good player and could need some ideas for my attempts at c7, as I don't find it "too easy". I am instead good at reading, so maybe you might want to share in this forums which defenses you would use with the above given setup? c6 went pretty well with a combination of Flame Aura, Proton Beam, PDT and SGT. But I don't see myself beating c7 atm.
  12. Isn't it possible this has more to do with your ascension lvl than the relics, assuming you are at 600+ Asc? If I am wrong I'd be sorry :-)
  13. its a sticky thread in this sub-forum :-)
  14. I am not sure if I should fill out the survey. While I generally find single matches to be too long I fear (and I fear heavily!) that Trendy will take this (imho very incomplete) survey as an excuse for not bringing back Onslaught/Survival ever. Maybe I should choose "more than 30 minutes" as an ideal match time... What do you think?
  15. I would greatly appreciate an updated shard list for c6 and 7. Do you guys think this will be realizable in the near future?
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