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  1. I haven't had that exact issue. However, if playing with my VPN enabled I get really long load times for maps and some other intermittent funky issues. VPN off = never had an issue. I've had the same results with 3 different VPN's that have never given me an issue with any other game. Might be worth looking into if you use a VPN.
  2. 9/10 What a racist post though! lol
  3. There's lots of debate, worry, and criticism from players based on what we know about pets so far. The main concern, is that we will be able to get more eggs than we can incubate in a 48-hour timeframe before they go bad, because they take 8 hours to incubate. I have a quick and easy solution that would allow Trendy to keep the egg incubation process, yet satisfy players who don't have the time to work the incubation process and would be upset to have an egg rot. Have pets instead of eggs be a drop from bosses, or super rare from chests, or whatever method you want Trendy. But, if we wan
  4. What about pets dropping from Bosses without needing incubation, but you could breed 2 pets to create an egg that give you a better pet and that egg requires incubation? That's sort of a compromise between the 2 sides people are taking on this. This also gets rid of the stupid fact that we may potentially be able to get more eggs than are possible to incubate in a 48 hour period. Please check out this Suggestion I posted, and upvote the idea if you like it: Pets & Eggs; Have your cake and eat it too.
  5. Another thing I've ran into once before, but it was like a month ago, all my chars spec points reset and I noticed maps being harder before I noticed they had all reset. A gameplay tip that can help keep things smooth is looking at the enemy spawns before the wave and there will be icons for physical and magic resistance like below, the types of lanes will stay the same until a new game. If you build your defenses accordingly, or focus on putting extra into upgrades on lanes with magic resistance when you have magic damage towers and visa-versa it can help out.
  6. Can't wait to play as Gutu and summon some Knowledge Towers.
  7. Hey don't start ragging on blockades. I went lvl 1-25 on Squire/App/Monk and used a blockade on every map I played. Do I use them anymore? Nope.
  8. Ah shiz, [[66655,users]], you got me. That pause was on purpose for dramatic effect, fail. But now I have a 2nd chance to rate Gutu's avatar. [[43252,users]] Well the it looks like you created it yourself which is cool, frog reminds me of Don Gero's frogs in Majora's Mask. 6/10... it would be an 8 if there was some symmetry with the lines in pic below, and if you somehow incorporated anime it would be a 9 or 10 haha. So, help me out [[66655,users]], [[43252,users]], and whoever if you would be so kind. I removed the pause at the end, and got it narrowed down to 2 slightly different ver
  9. Actually, the Training Dummy is so far out of touch with the game this might be the right place to post that.
  10. This hits the nail on the head. I've added about 30 people to Steam from playing public games, and would continue to do so even if drop rates were evened out. I enjoy getting grouped with new players and showing them dif builds that work etc. The change would not affect my gameplay at all, but when you see other people saying the change would make them solo, like Giga did above, it just reinforces the point that this drop rate thing is making people play a game in a manner they don't prefer to. I still haven't seen anyone say how changing it to a cosmetic reward would be detrimental to the
  11. Lol I added the pause at the end by choice... I guess I could remove it.
  12. I don't know what it is, but it reminds me of old school games/legos so... 8/10 Here's mine, I rate it 3/10. First part is too small on the avatar, and it's too flashy. Gonna make a new one tonight.
  13. And the point I'm making is that only hurts both Trendy and players, why not let people play however they want instead of trying to influence their personal preference? It would be win-win.
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