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  1. Man all I can say is that I will never play DD again if they implement this. The day you can't build a whole map in multiplayer because of restrictions like that is the day the game lose all its re-playability, and that's a fact.
  2. Why do you people want more restriction? I really don't get it. How is forcing one way of playstyle gonna be beneficial in the long run for the game? switching characters means diversity, diversity is always good in a multiplayer game that aims to last...
  3. I get what you are saying and I agree with your general philosophy of less control = better gameplay. Unfortunately what you are avocading and what is actually happening is two sperate things. The irony is the gane is restriictive as is. People are asking for you to hand over your mana on start or you get harassed. You are forced to play a dps hero between building rounds to stay viable. There really isn't a choice currently. even if you are locked into one hero for 5 rounds is that such a big deal? Just switch to a different hero for the next game you want to play. You still have control to play what you want, just not for the 15 to 20 minutes a normal game takes. Unless someone has ADD that shouldn't be that big of an issue. I completely disagree on every level with you. Restricting building in DD will never ever be an improvement. I like to play multiplayer and build the whole map, then next run not build a single tower and compare builds, then another run build with others simultaneously. I should have the choice to do ANY of that. If you were to restrict building in the game, it would become a single player game lose a good 75% of its flavor. It already has a very low playbase, I don't think it needs to lose more players. Like I said in my previous post, all they need to do is LET YOU CHOOSE YOUR LOBBY. Play with who you want to play in public. This random match making brought this problem. It forces you to play with people you don't want to play with. You can't create your own lobby, you're thrown into maps that are already built. It is just a bad system. Give us back the lobby list. More options = better gameplay, it has always been this way.
  4. Restricting the amount of builders you can bring or the amount of towers you can build is a TERRIBLE IDEA. It will completely RUIN the game. You people have no idea what made this game so great if you think this is a good idea. People should be able to build the whole map by themselves in multiplayer, that's all. Making up builds, comparing builds with others, helping new players with your builds, or even showing off your builds on hard maps is Dungeon defenders, that's the game. I want to be able to build everything myself in multiplayer, that's my whole purpose in this game, I am confident that most people have that as a goal too. This game is NOT a mindless third person shooter, its about thinking builds through. struggling in hard maps with your builders and get rewarded with loot and then tackle harder maps. Giving mana to everyone was already a terrible change, it promotes thoughtless builds by a group of 4 random people that don't communicate. That's why this game has no re-playability right now, its balanced around 4 random people being able to build randomly and still win (even on hard). There is no thinking involved anymore. I want to feel like tower placement matters again, I want to fail over and over on hard maps until i find a build that barely gets me through the map then improve on it. I really dont understand why trendy seem to be so against single builders, how is having 4 random people placing random traps everywhere an improvement to the original gameplay? 2 changes restrict single builders: the hero deck: a GREAT change, when we will have 15 characters, we will all have our own little combos and that will be really neat as long as maps are hard and require thinking, you will see people building all kind of different ways. (i cant wait to see what this will bring later on) the mana to everyone concept: a TERRIBLE change, you can't judge how much mana you get per wave as it is all spread out between teammates, you cant even upgrade your towers properly. You always have to drop your mana on one guy every wave otherwise you waste mana because upgrading cost so much. I honestly don't see ANY pros to this change at all. You cant build the map properly unless the randoms in your group drop mana, its such a terrible concept it really pisses me off thinking about it. You have no say in how much mana everyone gets, its really bad. Its either a waste of time to have everyone drop mana every wave OR its a constant headache fighting against trolls, afkers, and clueless people. It is just a completely counter productive change that just adds a layer of annoyance that is unneeded. There are very simple solutions for all this, the ability to create your own lobby just like in DD1. People will be able to create their lobby if they want to fully build themselves or join other lobbies that better suits them. Chests that contain a SET amount of mana like in DD1 so you can judge exactly how much mana everyone gets and who gets it. Designate someone who opens all chests every wave to upgrade so no mana is wasted. It just works better in every way. This game should have a proper hard mode where builds matter. I get that some people just want to join randoms and build randomly, that's what normal mode is for. Hard mode should require thinking or people won't stick to the game. People will get burnt out (like I am right now).
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