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  1. @ram1024 quote:

    @Leaffox quote:

    well with gear haveing lower stats then What I have now.
    and   " Ohhhh Gee I wish we had Ilvl"  have no way of knowing whats the max stat that can drop with out haveing to dig around the webs to find a spread sheet.

    but if deffences now are underpreformning.. is it waiting for the next patch then. for me to progress unless I do the leaching  ?

    i'm just saying if you're not using flame aura / weapon manufacturers / pdts and instead trying to clear with sand vipers / harpies / explosive traps you're going to have a bad time

    what are the typical pdt, weapon manufacturer, flame aura shard builds btw?

  2. Ill make it short. What I really liked about DD1 was the ability to carry friends or randoms after getting hard earned gear. It was a large part of the social interactions of DD1.

    In DD2, no matter the difficulty that you do, you get the same gear. I think that it hinders the social aspect of the game as there is no incentive at all to play in a team. Opinions?

  3. @Nefhith quote:

    Nope, 8 million, and already at 0. Got new gear, so I'm now moving around the 500k alternating between medals and gold. Also got only 700-ish medals because I bought a buncha hero slots pre-patch (bad decision!).

    You get upwards of 300-400 medals a day without putting much effort between challenges and maps. Add to that about 50-ish thousand gold. That's more than enough to upgrade one item and start with another one.

    I sold all my nm4 gear because it messed my drop rates, so I kept a character to do chaos1 and started from there.

    I'd really like to see you playing DD1 and how the upgrade system works there. Would be fun seeing you try to upgrade an entire set of trans gear or higher.

    mana in DD1 was never an issue, drop rates for armor pieces were the problem. You could trade remember?

    You started at 8million and now you are at 0... You spent 8 million to get you started, new players don't have that luxury. You probably spent all that money on upgrading some shards that you swap around in new pieces of gear. What if you had to upgrade shards and gear from 0, you said so yourself, one a day for one piece. With your reasoning, it could take up to 4 days of farming to upgrade one item and its shards.

    No player that isn't playing everyday all day, will keep up with this on a game that has very limited diversity in its gameplay and maps.

  4. @Soulstiger quote:

    How is farming in a farming game unhealthy for players? Also, lol at ignoring dailies and weekly quests in your medals. 25 per win is actually a lot. That's an item every eight wins. Already halving the cost compared to gold. 

    As for characters... Either you need to upgrade your gear, or you save for heroes. Doing both shouldn't even be hard, as long as you aren't immediately fully upgrading every piece of gear you get your hands on. You get like 2,875 medals a week on average currently. Not including actually completing maps. This can go as low as 2,350 or as high as 3,400. Unless I'm forgetting the ranges for Dailies. Pretty sure it's 250-400, though. And you'll still be gaining gold, so you can even use gold every now and then for upgrades.

    Pretty sure the strategy a lot of players had been using is just upgrading to like 20, though, because the way the loot works.

    Basically, if you're complaining about not being able to upgrade, why are you even thinking about new heroes? Because that will just be more gear to upgrade.

    Farming for weapons, relics, armor, shards, pets, new characters, etc... That's healthy, people don't get discouraged. They see the progression. However, farming heavily for gold and medals just to be able to upgrade items will get new player bored quickly. It will force people to stagnate in a difficulty that they can already clear effectively for a long while.

    Before this update, you had to farm for gold too, however you only had to upgrade 1 item at a time. Not an item + 3 shards for every slots... That's a lot of gold and medals to spend on upgrading.

  5. @Nefhith quote:

    Good riddance, then!

    The gold gain is just about fine-ish. You can use medals to upgrade with that and it's not that hard to get both!

    let me guess, you got between 50mil to 100mil from the update? If you're not at zero right now, without any nm4 legendaries or new update items. you CAN'T possibly judge how difficulty it is for players without those update free gifts. you just can't understand. All these people that progress right now and farm chaos 4 are only able to do that because of the free stuff they got form the new update. Anyone that did not get any free stuff, has 0 gold, no nm4 items and is just trying chaos 1 will probably take forever to even have a set of characters with decent items and shards to even try and complete the first few chaos levels.

    you get 25 medals from each win, an item what? 100-300 medals to upgrade? what about farming for new characters?

    This type of farm is unhealthy for new players...

    A multiplayer game like DD2 needs to be friendlier to its new players, otherwise everyone coming in the game after completing the campaign will be turned away. The community will never grow.

  6. is it final for gold to drop at 13k for chaos win rewards? I mean we have shards, relics, gear AND weapons now to upgrade and we get them virtually every time we win. They require 200k gold on average to upgrade, it means that we need to win 10-15 times to upgrade 1 item fully, is that the desired goal?

    If that's final I'm quitting. I can handle farming for items, shards and tough battles. I can't handle being stuck for days not being able to upgrade any items.

  7. @Charr Legion quote:

    The gold drops are a serious problem but fortunately it can be fixed super easily if the Devs just, y'know, wanted to.

    As for replayability - I think they need to focus on Onslaught more. Endless Mode / Survival was super popular if not THE way to play DD1.

    The problem with onslaught as it stands now, is that you barely get any loot from enemies. everything is from chests which is the problem it begin with. Enemies should be dropping consistently shards and gear, that way you can progress in hard maps and not just the easy stuff you know you can clear. that's just boring.

  8. It's easy for someone to say that the update isn't hard when they got into the patch with countless nm4 legendaries and 100mil gold, while you can upgrade every piece of gear that you loot and progress at an unnatural rate... When you don't fall into that category, you realize that you need to win 20 maps at chaos 3 (that's right 20) to upgrade 1 piece of gear. They on average cost 200k gold to upgrade. At the same time, you only get decent upgrades once you actually clear chaos 4 on a regular basis. This update is ridiculous for average and new players.

    However, people that started with 100 pieces of nm4 legendaries and 100mil gold don't understand why people complain....

  9. @mindlessdefender quote:

    One of the things that bothers me about this new end game patch is that we have to spend 100s of hours of easy content falling asleep to get specific shards.  I was hoping this end game patch would make it so I would be challenging my self and not farming easy difficulties all year to collect certain shards to make other towers/builds viable in harder difficulty.

    That's kind of where I am now. I'm not strong enough and I don't have enough gold to upgrade my gear and consistently farm chaos 4. I am forced to play chaos 3 that doesn't give any upgrade or farm chaos 1-2 for specific shards.  I have a feeling that they will address this issue in the next patch, hopefully.

  10. I have been a good fan of the DD franchise over the years, I bought DD1 back in 2012 and put 900h in it and joined DD2 back in 2014 and then put 400h in it. I have played enough of the games to form an opinion.


    While DD1 didn't have the greatest balance when in comes to items (with the huge power creep) it had a good aim at balancing enemies. The enemies back then were not immune to ANY tower but each brought a new way to cripple your defenses.

    The spider used to slow you or your towers, the sharks used to displace your walls and the djinns used to despawn poorly placed towers.  That's how I believe balance should be, towards enemies that bring new gimmicks and new ways to cripple defenses but not by being immune to a set of towers. Only having very few towers being effective against ALL enemies while having most being 100% useless against certain enemies is not good design.

    Shards and gear drops:

    Shards should either drop more often or should drop from enemies and bosses should drop at the very least drop 1 piece of purple gear.  When you are trying to progress in a difficulty level, you tend to lose a LOT and it would be nice to still be able to slowly progress even though maps are lost. Otherwise you create a barrier that is only crossed by farming low and already overly grinded difficulty until you can reliably win the higher difficulty. Take mmos for instance, guilds usually try to progress in a difficulty by beating the first few bosses and then failing over and over against the later bosses, that's what kept people interested. Imagine having to farm the same low raid difficulty over and over, that gives 0 rewards until the last boss, until you can reliably clear the next difficulty. People would just quit out of boredom.


    People have transferred over to this new patch with 20-100mil gold and obviously feel like the patch is going fine and they don't understand why everybody is complaining...

    However when you do not have any gold and the only way to reliably get gold is to COMPLETE a map that is already really difficult to complete, you just hit a huge roadblock. Imagine that if on average you fail 5 times for every wins, that means you get 10k gold every 6 maps. A fully upgraded piece of gear or shard go from 50-500k gold? Really? When at the beginning you upgrade your gear or shards every map won? That is insane.

    You can't win maps until you get gear that you can't get unless you open chests and that cannot be upgraded unless you win maps reliably?

    Im glad that I received millions of gold but not everyone did...

    solo vs multiplayer:

    I don't understand why solo is easier than multiplayer. That is completely counter intuitive. In a game like this, solo should be an achievement for the hardcore and famous streamer that has all the incredible gear. For others like me that don't play often, multiplayer should be the go to mode. This is a free to play multiplayer game after all isn't it? When joining other players it should be to HELP each other progress and lighten the burden, not make it harder....

    Where it stands now, you basically need C5 gear to clear a 4 man C3 map. That's not team play, that's one guy carrying everybody when he's bored of playing alone.


    Instead of having only a few maps be available for each chaos level, why not have ALL maps available to increase replayability. Any other way, even map rotation, just makes it less replayable. People will get bored. A simple way to fix that, if the objective is to have more people play harder maps, is to increase the chance of a legendary chest in hard maps and increase the number of shards dropped. A tier could be created to rank maps from easy to average to hard and having the loot drop scale accordingly. Simple solution that not only tackles boredom but also implements progression WITHIN each chaos level of difficulty. Making progression smoother.

    That's all i can think of right now, Ill update or reply to this thread if more ideas come up. Let me know whether you agree or disagree with any of my points.

  11. Also the ramster's range is completely bugged.

    The screenshot shows a comparison of the ramster tower BUILT and PREVIEWED, right next to each other. You can clearly see that the towers have a significant difference in range. I don't know which is supposed to be right, but either ways the 2 cones should match each other. I believe that the long range is supposed to be accurate, because this short range is not much more than a regular tower.

    ramster's range

  12. @Gutu quote:

    @Syclic quote:

    @Gutu quote:

    the further from the trap's center, the less damage is dealt, as far as i know unless you're able to stack mobs they won't all take the damage from the trap.

    That's absolutely not true, Traps do consistent damage to everything in the damage radius.

    Hmm what about this picture? You can see small number difference based on teh distance


    That picture proves nothing. It does show different numbers but there is no way to know if it's due to distance, resistances, sphere proc, weather, time of day, smell of early breakfast etc... :) if I had to guess though, it was the secondary explosion from the sphere

  13. Man pet RNG is rough, maybe they should change how incubation works because of that. I hatched 33 pets and not a single tower power/tower speed pet. Its 1 pet per 8h, with ALL random stats. The option to incubate more than 1 pet would help for example.

  14. Walls with a 900health hero will last about 1s against an ogre and not much longer against a wave of enemy. The wall should not get one shot otherwise there is no build diversity. The only thing you can do is either stack turrets or auras. You can't have walls and use dps heros, or even just different builds with less power and more walls. It makes the game very repetitive. Walls should be able to hold waves like in DD1

  15. @GummiBear quote:

    @ChilledFrench quote:

    But some people want to build, some don't, some want to build alone but play with others, some want to play specific maps. matchmaking simply doesn't allow those choices. It will always be random placement which is bad for this type of game imo

    And some people just want to get into a match quickly be clicking what will likely be a "Quick match" button or something like that in the future, and THAT is where matchmaking comes in, and need to be as good as possible, and by forcing us to use that matchmaking for now during pre-alpha they can get as much feedback and info of it as possibly. The fact is during pre-alpha you cant expect a finished product

    I see your point now, i would agree with you if regular server list would come in the future.

  16. Ok so i have every character lvl 25 and now i cannot create new characters. what if i want power builders, health builders, dps, etc...  You should bring back the option from DD1 to create several of the same character.

    EDIT: i figured it out, its because i always tried to create a character in a map lobby which doesnt work it seems. It works when in the first lobby

  17. [[43252,users]] quote:

    Ydyp quote:

    Well DD2 has a better ping system as DD1, which gives better communication possibilities. But if you understand with communication: 'build X tower on spot Y' then the current system isn't enough. Also I don't call that communication I call that bullying and takes away from my fun.

    But either way how we like to play the current system has more flaws that it took over from the original. Like "needing" to swap to a dps geared hero for the combat wave. This flaw comes forth from how stat distribution is done. The defence and hero stats in my opinion shouldn't have been seperated. But we have it now, and in this situation hero swapping is kind of needed.

    To solve it there are multiple solutions, the first one is to simplify the stats and consolodate them into one stat that influences both hero and defences. Like hero dmg and defence power forged into one stat.

    The other is give defences a buff when the hero that build it is stil around, this buff should be just strong enough to mitigate the need for the builder to swap to a dps build. Or an even more radical version of this that the stats gained from items is only active when the hero is present.

    people don't even do what you ask with the pings, that doesn't change anything about them cooperating or not, the fact is that you're trying to force people to coop with people who have no clue how to coop.

    Basically you want people to play with a single character and that single character to be amazing and building and dpsing? 

    Also how can you call it building, if in a certain place i think a certain tower that your character has that should be placed there.. that's bullying? How..?

    People with those restricting ideas really don't understand dungeon defenders. It might work if maps never get harder or longer than thrones.... If maps get hard like in DD1 nmhc survival (lab, CD, kings, talay, etc...), all these restricting ideas would just make it IMPOSSIBLE for randoms to complete them. It would either become a single player game or we will need to settle for uninteresting, extremely easy maps like we have now (which is a shame).

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