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  1. I'm pretty sure it's not about that at all. But here: CPU: AMD FX-8150 GPU: AMD Radeon 7900 Series I doubt it has anything to do with this since when it gets buggy instantly, gets low fps, and when I alt tab I can see my game in normal fps. lol it's like the opposite of what it should be since some games allows you to cap fps at like.. 60 and you can set it to 10 fps while you alt tab (while the game in background, but this is COMPLETELY opposite when it happens)
  2. When I play and after 30~60 mins, my fps drops like crazy? I've tried setting everything to low, full screen, windowed, high settings, everything basically. Also the interesting thing about this while in windowed mode, when I alt tab, my DD2 fps goes perfect when I change window, but when I go back to dd2 it goes crazy again It's one of those when you have 60 fps in game, but when you alt tab you can set it to 10 fps for example while you alt tabbing (when the game is background) but what I have right now its completely opposet its like when i alt tab my fps goes perfect, when i go back in game, my fps drops?
  3. Ok so, I already validated before that issue but *this* issue about oldvfx when I validate it shows 1 file out of 1 file I'm guessing it's about oldvfx http://prntscr.com/bp52vc when It completes it says: http://prntscr.com/bp53cp but I still have the issue i tried validating 10 times and everytime it happens, it shows exactly same as above. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Question If i reinstall will I lose my stuff? I bought lots of stuff, I'm also defense counciler
  4. ´╗┐http://prntscr.com/bosylt Everytime I click 'Play' in the screen it, goes to loading screen, normal. During loading screen it takes me back and gives me this error. Any idea how to fix this without a re-install?
  5. Hi. I just got "Connection Lost", I thought It was the same crash as you. but I guess not. Does anyone know why I just got Connection Lost randomly? My internet is working fine.
  6. I got in but no one was on.. Maybe It's the time. :3 Everyone is asleep!
  7. It happened to me a lot.. It got on my nerve this time. So I was playing a game today public one. joined one. and finished two waves. on the 3rd wave I saw a Legendary drop I went to it and I wanted to see If it's a bad one or good one. It turned out 150 Item power Boots with DS+DP which is pretty good Andddddddd...... before I wanted to pick it up Guess what???? My screen went black and suddenly Im in the tavern with a FRIEND OF MINE. I asked him what happened he just said he just clicked on Find game and it dragged me with him.. Sigh ...... I want my Legendary Boots.. Sigh sigh sigh. Please fix it ._.
  8. I've checked I couldn't find. Most of the threads about VoIPs are 2~4 years old ago. Would like Teamspeak, or something. Skype would be much better though.
  9. Yes but by keeping the core alive through a wave you get xp bonus, the amount of mobs you get isn't nowhere near enough to provide you with the xp you'd get from the bonus. Do you know If all map has same loot rate? Cause like ramparts has 1 core, throne has 2 cores. but I don't think that makes any difference with the item drops. (The first person mentioned something about 1. Map, changes drop rate) So im curious .. Idk people says Throne is the best map to farm legendaries. (perhaps more mini bosses? idk) Question is.. Are all map the same with item drops? (Me, I would guess yes) but I need to make sure.. cause I'm bored of playing thrones over and over.. Gutu I have another question I don't wanna make new thread so I'll ask :3 Higher level mobs gives you better item drops (item power), Is mobs Level random? (Right now what I think is mobs lvls depending on everyone's Item power, their lvls scales depending on our item powers, I might be wrong please tell me If I'm wrong) x3
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