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  1. I don't remember how many charges my traps had, but they needed repairs every round, sometimes even mid round. My app had roughly 3k DP and 130% Frosty Power. Also, I know that map is relatively easy, I chose it solely on its iPWR Reward.
  2. Ya, for endgame, you really need some form of Walls. Then you can build defenses around those walls where all the mobs will stop. Also, if you're only building a Monk, you will find it hard to handle Magic Resist lanes at Endgame where they have 75% resistance to magic damage. Luckily, you can jump into some NM4 Liferoot Incursion right now and there should be someone there to build the MR lanes for you (Assuming they don't trash you for trying to use sub-par towers in Physical Resist Lanes, which happens all too often).
  3. HAHA indeed, but while other people are upset, I'm not. Clearing maps with 0 iPWR is far funner than mindlessly grinding Liferoot Inc over and over and over and over again.
  4. You replied before I could edit, if this is possible with 0 iPWR, then any DPS Huntress/Monk will have just as strong towers. Gearing for AP/HD doesn't mean you can't press 8 and put a skyguard down.
  5. I wouldn't, this wouldn't be much of a fun game if that was possible........
  6. Check the Photo's my friend, my AA does 3k DPS. Also, if you can do this with 0 iPWR, than your 840 DPS Huntress can build just as good.
  7. EDIT: New title is now more catchy and less prone to induce rage from random players that see me in game (wonderful community we have here). Lately I've been hearing a lot of people complain about the new Frostbite passives forcing players to have a 4th builder and no DPS characters. This leads to boring gameplay as poor builder heroes sit back and watch their towers kill all enemies because their damage is abysmal. This is no longer the case! I'm here to show all the solo players that the new Frostbite passives means that you now only need ONE builder (and a mediocre waller)!! That's right, with the new App, you can bring all the DPS you want to the map and still be successful. What better way to prove this than by beating NM4 Incursion with 0 iPWR. 1) THE GEAR!!! Below you will see the gear setup I ran for this 0 iPWR build. You will see that there is no pets, no spheres (except LSA) and no mandatory DP gear. 2) THE TOWERS! Now I will prove to you this works, by showing you the tower stats during COMBAT PHASE on wave 5! 3) THE BUILD The picture below shows what my build generally looks like, but any Trap/Aura build will work. 4) THAT ISN'T NM4!!! orly? So there you have it folks. Now all the solo players can stop worrying about not having DPS heroes in their Deck. As you can see, you don't need DP gear to farm the highest iPWR gear in the game. Good Luck, and Have Fun my Friends!
  8. Almost 5 months ago the Crafter won a very close battle against the Enhancer. Can we get an update on the status of this NPC?
  9. I don't know about you guys, but something about this sale seems a little off....
  10. +1 for this, NM1 Liferoot with no reward after round
  11. What should the numbers be? I had 3900 gems before quest gems as a standard buyer, I always assumed this number was correct.
  12. You need to branch out more my friend. Liferoot is not the Most XP map, and it's not the easiest XP map. And considering my NM1 Liferoot Onslaught runs didn't even spawn bosses on wave 3 half the time, and there are NM maps that spawn 3 bosses in the first 3 waves, I'm going to say this "Liferoot" push is self imposed. One thing you did get right though, best loot drops on Liferoot Incursion.
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