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  1. Me, im simple man. For me to have a good day in DD2 is to get atleast one legendary and find atleast one bug. Whats yours?
  2. So, i stumbled to this bug while playing with public group today. If you are holding (drag and drop) item when youre transitioning to map, you will get copy of that item..
  3. How about Cannonball tower getting bounce? so that it hits two targets. Atm cannonball turret is a bit underwhelming
  4. What would you like about daily army movement idea? Daily changing map (which would shuffle the farming maps) that has increased difficutly, better loot and more waves?
  5. Hi, i liked the madwick event, and im suggesting something to scramble the eggs on playing. There could be army flag on the map, which changes daily, and the location where the army is, has more waves, and incereased loot and difficulty? Simple idea, discuss ... Go. As wished, a bit more clarification. But ye, daily changing flag on the map icon which indicates that this map area is under attack. Harder mobs, more waves and a bit more xp and higher ilvl drops. This would bring less played maps more appealing and would give players a bit more different play, than grinding betsy over and ove
  6. oh and you can get the egg even thou you havent finished the campaing
  7. ill post once i get mine to hatchery and outh there, so its roughl 3½hours :)
  8. got mine, 1h and i can put it to hatch
  9. betsy maps are good ones, i favor the second one, forest crossroad
  10. heres my finding  http://imgur.com/vLmC4Ea
  11. a) squires walls are best walls in game b) his cannon towers are really strong, you need them against magic resistant lanes
  12. if you want to solo, focus on squire and aprentice for now. mind the resistance lanes and counter them. use tavern shops to rack up gear faster while transitioning maps
  13. ye they widened the lvl range on the shop, still they have their moments.
  14. It was given to people who bought game access at certain point :)
  15. well, purple orange every now and then is ok. And its fast to check them every two maps :)
  16. Hi guys, i know that quite few neglect the most important ilvl booster in game atm. The tavern shops... They sell good gear with high ilvl gear, sometimes even legendaries. Buying cheap upgrades every now and then after maps gives you wider selection of maps. Some maps are easier to defend so its good to get access to those lvls fast to gear yourself even more, and ofc get xp you need.
  17. couple daily quests are bugged, just wait for hotfix :)
  18. confirmed daily that works, is the one where you need to kill 3 minibosses
  19. Daily quests do not update on me or my two friends either
  20. isit ment that every wave drops little amount crystals for repairs? cause some waves do not drop any
  21. living in europe in gmt area and the patch notes times arent so clear, so no need to get angry pantzy if we dont get usa timers :)
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