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  1. I've seen many monks lately, using LSA, Flame Aura, Proton, single WMF, and PDT, as main build on every lane. I was wondering what shards/mods is used, besides the standard def rate, destro. :)
  2. Hey Defenders! I've just returned to DD2 after a long break, i returned to see this new awesome patch.. But theres just one problem, whenever i try to join Public/Private tavern i get infinite loading screen, and i just re-downloaded the game today, as i installed it yesterday. Any fixed for this?
  3. Hey guys! i did play DD2 for 12 hours ago (02:00), went to bed, woke up etc...now when i try to start DD2, it starts in the joblist, but i can't see it, i cant even open it also alt+tab doesnt work too, it's not there anywhere visually, but its active somewhere. I tried cache integrity etc :S any suggestions?
  4. I don't think its that, I haven't updated and I'm still on Win 7. It's probably something with the log in servers since some people are still online. I did first get this error when i updated to win 10, but the error could have happened to the servers while i was upgrading, i dont know, but i've seen a forum post yesterday, that people with win 10 had the problem, before it have happened now :) But sorry for my mistake ^^
  5. If you have upgraded to WIN10 you will get that error, it's something between WIN10 and playverse, i get the same error :)
  6. Squire BLockade / App Barrier, it shall boost both, as they are both Blockades, and it boost both of them for me, so no problem here :)
  7. nice! Why did you focus defense power tho? Defense speed seems to be way better for most towers unless you got over 900 speed Because i have over 950 speed :)
  8. Here os mine (upgraded): Raw stats here:
  9. I noticed last night that i have a rendering problem in Ramparts, i will post a picture of it later today, and put a red circle around it :) it might help the devs :)
  10. The 3 stats could be higher, mine has 11% ballista dmg, 21,55% range and 11% stun chance, but i dont think that is the highest, i havent seen anyone with higher stats than mine yet
  11. Not to be rude, but all of what you mentioned above, has already a thread in the forums :)
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