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  1. the legendary effects them selves are nice but im getting a bit annoyed on there stats for the monk staff (havent gotten any others) the first one i got had a secondary stat of tower atck spd of 0, while the second one i got had the exact same hero atk stat as its first stat ie: -hero attack 130 -hero attack 130 is this normal? i dont really want to waste my time farming for a better one if it going to give stats like that
  2. i feel the squire and monk specs are lacking. With squire i put most of my points in "fight me not" then slash away, they said they are going to be adding more specs but atm they are pretty bad i have gear to help that out like the cannon tower stuns on hit and my weapon has 10% lifesteal so i can stay in the fight longer. mostly though for all the work to get the squires last tower, i think its pretty useless.
  3. so we start off we 3 bags and can buy more, recently ive just been saving up for the 30 slot bags and have 3 so far, so if there is a bag limit i have more space per bag. but if theres not then i rather save gold and buy a bunch of the 18 slot bags
  4. id like some dummies in the tavern that move around on the ground and in the air. The ground so i can test the dps on things like the hunter traps or combos i set up. while in the air so i could test the monks AA tower. is using it actually worth it? would the cannon ball tower dps be better, or how high can regular towers actually aim?
  5. i do understand the need for gating, to stop power leveling but i dislike that maps get locked on certain lvl ranges, since theres certain mapes i love to play but cant unless i grind to lvl up to a new lvl range or go down. but with exp gain im thinking or dead island where the mobs where tuned to the lvl of your character, but instead of tweaking the whole thing only change the exp/gold gain. So if a lvl 2 wants to join some lvl 23 friends on the hardest map/difficulty they can, but even if the mob has 10k hp for the lvl 23 its going to be the same for the lvl 2 but the exp/gold u gain from it wont be any different from the lvl 2 mobs you should be fighting for your lvl. so if someone wants to spend 3hrs of constant basic atks to kill 1 mob for a challenge they can go for it but the rewards wont be any better until their lvl is
  6. while what you have so far is great considering it only pre-alpha could a 16:10 resolution but added in to get rid of those annoying black bars on my screen with fullscreen on. While fullscreen windowed mode fills up the whole screen alt-tabing out while in fullscreen windowed mode just black out my screen when i go back in (havent had this problem on fullscreen).
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