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  1. Just logged on and checked my bags........THEY'RE BACK!!!!!!! Got me a little worried there. Thx Lawlta :) Thx
  2. Was in town with my character for a while and opened my bags. All of a sudden i realised that all my good medals with mods were gone. They were all neatly organised in 1 bag.......just disappeared :(((( Yes, i reported a bug. Has this happened to anyone of you?
  3. Well, there is another solution.......two actually to benefit both: 1) Make shards stackable by at least 10 2) Make a special bank tab with shards Just the same as the resources.....both payers and non-payers benefit Easy peasy :) Only problem Trendy has to account for is upgraded shards......thats where it gets difficult ;)
  4. Dear Trendy guys..... A few weeks ago i started playing DD2 again after being gone for more than a year and i must say: You guys are awesome!!! Still had my old c7 gear, but didnt manage to achieve higher than floor 28. After googling and youtubing myself into DD a little to get aquainted with the new system, i am almost ready to go for my first ancient reset. I am currently stuck on floor 53, because i'm just not powerfull enough to get any further. Still need to farm a lot of resources before i do my reset, but i will get there. All i want to say to you Trendy guys...........Thanks for makin
  5. After more than 6 months of absence I logged in to the website to see how things are going here. Same complaints, same issues, same boredom, same of everything........seems like nothing changed. I'm not even going to start up this game after reading all this. If Trendy hasn't learned by now, then they probably never will if it takes them more than a year to realise they screwed it up. I always asked them to start up DD1 and have a look at it to learn what this game is all about, but nope, no response, no reply.........nothing. See you guys in a few months maybe...........(probably not)
  6. Well, unlocking the incursions and played those to unlock the weapons was really fun. Now i can quit again and wait till the next thing Trendy comes up with because i am bored as hell ( fed up with/Big NOPE) farming the waaaay too easy and same four c7 trial maps. Cya next major patch guys!!!!!! Yeah, the fact that i am so stubborn to think that Trendy really did a good job this time makes me sick. P.S. people still use flame aura and weapon manufacturer ONLY!!!!!!!!! what a variety.................. MAKE DD1 GREAT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!
  7. If that's the only problem.............. If this gets released "as is" Trendy will be writing their own death warrant.
  8. Well, IMO you really are a mindless defender. Nothing more to say. Nerf, boost, nerf, boost. This is not the way. I will stick with my solution: Give us more DU and make the mobs much stronger.
  9. Health pylon is for towers, not for walls i believe. If you want something like that you need to plant a tree equiped with McBufferson shard next or behind your walls.
  10. Make the mobs much stronger and add extra DU to make the strategy element in this game more interresting. If you have more DU and stronger enemy's, you really need to build more different towers to do the job. At this moment you just need 1 decent medal to finish the game, because you only need (and only have DU for) 1 tower except for walls. Bastille is on the right track, but the mobs need to be more or stronger. edit: yes i know the fact that the balancing of the game needs to be fully revised by that but it's worth it. I'd rather lose c5 with awesome towers, then to afk my way through c7.
  11. This game is about hoarding........i love to hoard. Like the seaguls in finding Nemo......mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine
  12. The bagspace in our current state is a crime, mainly because of the shards. I have 9 bags (bought the bagupgrade) and 4 of them are full with shards, and i even don't have all of them. My idea is to remove the shards from the bags and make a seperate bag for shards. One that has enough space to place your shards in (about 500 shardslots?) or at least 1 bag with 100 slots and purchaseable extra bags for a reasonable fee. If you decide to make the bags buyable, remember that with the game in it's current state, not much people will spend anymore money on this game. I really don't mind spendin
  13. As the title says.......... So many complaints the last few days and not one comment from Trendy. I hope they are reading (and understanding) everything said in the last few days after the patch. Do something guys!!!!
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