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  1. Been playing league since beta, I know their skin situations and which ones are free. what I was saying is that generally playing the game, I see at least half the players in the game using a non free skin. The thing there is that they also introduced mystery gifting of skins. I got a few legendary skins that way gifted to me as well as I saw of few of my gifts pop out a legendary skin. I think this method makes Riot more money then the sale of Legendary skins themself. But I would agree with a tiered system here as well: Tier 1: 5$ for full set and 1.3$ a piece.Tier 2: 10$ for full set and 2.6$ a piece.Tier 3: 15$ for full set and 3.9$ a pieceThese prices a piece is calculated that every set exist out of 4 pieces as price per piece is price full set + 5% / number of pieces. As I think buying the full set should give you a small discount then buying all pieces seperatly, but not more then 5%. Then we got the tiers increasing in price due to complexity and work the artists have to develop it. Tier 1 being basic recoloring and Tier 3 being a complete overhaul including animations. Skins should fall in this category if you ask me. Tier 2 is in the middle, changes to the model but without any impact to animations. Keep it simple for the consumer to understand and not to overexpensive like the legendary skins in League. Couple that with some kind of mystery gifting and gifting you will have friends buying stuff for friends and those recieving the gifts will in turn be more open to spend also money to gift their friends to repay them. Trading them on an auctionhouse ingame could also increase the sales as people will start buying them in the store to sell them to people that would want them but don't want to spend real money for them. However for these transaction could prove to be a double edge sword as this could bring in goldsellers if the ingame money gets a real money value. Though if kept low enough it could get those goldsellers not even bother. Though this would also mean you have to put a maximum of ingame value on the items bought in the store, diminishing the attraction of buying those items with real money.
  2. If your intention is to mention getting people into the game, I would mention: The game is available now on Steam Early Access. Talk about your experiences with the game so far. People love to hear your honest opinions about what you like and what you don't like.Mention how terrible that iamisom guy is. Truly awful character. Bah forgot that number 3 so far, guess I have to correct it on my next streams :D To bad I don't have much time to stream atm.
  3. Time to start up the TZ converter as it seems Iamisom still not converting it to GMT on default :p So any preview on the patchnotes?
  4. Well next to the star they could add a red X that has the OPs function: put him on your personal blacklist.
  5. Well a kind of moba style was kind of interresting in this universe where you can build you own towers. But what I have seen from the era they were planning on it it was nothing like that. I was just a classic moba with the heroes from Dungeon Defenders and having a control scheme like Smite. Also knowing if you go for such a gamestyle it will require a lot more time to monitor and develop to keep it interresting and the game wouldn't have what it has now. So on those aspects I'm glad they scrapped it. Though as said a lanetype map where you build your own defences would be interresting, that is also why I like Orcs Must Die Unchained. Though I don't like it that they have made lanes one direction. But to get this mode I guess the current system of gearing won't work and would take to much resources to make.
  6. Something tells me you're the kind of guy that drops 14 auras in one lane. It's people like you that make me want to tell everyone to stand in a corner while I set everything up. -_- See what I mean? This guy's never even talked to me - let alone played with me - and he's already assuming that I'm going to lose the game for him. What a joke. You can <i>assume</i> I'm bad if you want, but we have <i>proof</i> that you're an a-hole. No need to start attacking each other, and he said "want to" not "do" so you are also assuming. So cut back on personal attacks. One thing we can sure learn from the replies here is there are different playstyles and the 2 defended and put forth here are not compatible with each other. I know I will leave as soon as someone starts demanding to get everyones mana and that he will be the sole builder as I have no time to waste time on a round that I won't like. If I wanted to just play a dps co-op I have other and better options next to Dungeon Defenders. But I respect the people that want to play that way, but there should be a way to indicate what playstyle you like so the matchmaker can at least can keep an eye on it and not put the opposite playstyles together which will only lead to bad blood.
  7. Speaking of saving for official release, if we see a progression wipe and removal of items, will we also see a currency reset at that wipe? As I suspect that UI and working of the upcomming ingame store also has to be tested.
  8. Well DD2 has a better ping system as DD1, which gives better communication possibilities. But if you understand with communication: 'build X tower on spot Y' then the current system isn't enough. Also I don't call that communication I call that bullying and takes away from my fun. But either way how we like to play the current system has more flaws that it took over from the original. Like "needing" to swap to a dps geared hero for the combat wave. This flaw comes forth from how stat distribution is done. The defence and hero stats in my opinion shouldn't have been seperated. But we have it now, and in this situation hero swapping is kind of needed. To solve it there are multiple solutions, the first one is to simplify the stats and consolodate them into one stat that influences both hero and defences. Like hero dmg and defence power forged into one stat. The other is give defences a buff when the hero that build it is stil around, this buff should be just strong enough to mitigate the need for the builder to swap to a dps build. Or an even more radical version of this that the stats gained from items is only active when the hero is present.
  9. If this works like that it is good, though even at max level letting a subcore drop should have a negative effect on rewards. One way to do this is making the waves comming out of those blocked entraces pretty hard to deal with and not let them drop any item loot.
  10. If you would have read the storepage before you bought anything then you would know what is included. But guess you can read it after you bought it as well. Dungeon Defenders II Early Access comes with: Early Access to Dungeon Defenders II $30 in-game currency Exclusive Hero Embellishment Set Collectors edition: $100 of in-game currency ($130 of total in-game currency) 4 Exclusive Hero Skins 4 Tower Skins designed by the Defense Council Exclusive “Dragonfall Defender” Title
  11. I think that is what they also did in DDE, I rather like not to see the system from DD1 (original) where they were similar but not the same.
  12. Well my guess is the same as Gutu, they will stay there untill early access is finished, which mean release of the game. And also have the same hope as thLullaby, but I know they are still working on some features and let those be done first or it could be we end up with stuff that by the time the game releases is useless crap :D
  13. Well it is more limited then DD1 was, at least there is only room for 3 heroes, which is fine for solo players. But in a full team multiplayer I find it redundant and to be honest even holding the game back, reasons below. Whenever I join a random team there is a big chance that someone will yell at you that he is dedicated builder and will put up all defences needed. And if this happens I feel I'm better off going to play Borderlands co-op as that is what this games boils down to then, just a fancy action based co-op game with zero TD mechanics in. I know forcing people to play one way or another can be bad, but at least if you go multiplayer in a co-op you may at least expect co-op in every aspect of the game and the deck should be limited to only 1 hero, or 2 heroes if it is a party of 2. And to counter the part where you want to use a dedicated builder character and then swap out to a hero not geared towards defences, there should be put in a mechanic of multiple gearset. So that on one hero you can go full focused on defences on one gearset and one on focus of hero stats on the other. But with the above limit of number of heroes in your deck co-op is still required in the building phase of the game as well. And for those that realy want to play just that action based game with not having to care about defences because someone else will put all them up, there should be an option to disable said limitation. But they will only be joined with other players that have disabled those limitation. Make it even so that they can set if they want to be the builder or not.
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