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  1. yea cuz things are so balanced right now....
  2. i prefered the pvp prototype that they showed a while ago... you might wanna try orc must die unchained - its similar to what you've described
  3. http://wiki.dungeondefenders2.com/wiki/Updated_Weapon_Drops
  4. i dislike how huge his towers are ...cant squeeze volcano on buff beam if theres 1 tower on it already, with buff beam and aura it costs 200du, which is only useful on big maps. the other 3towers are meh...
  5. yea dont listen to zkurcrow here ...why wouldnt they be supposed to stack? PDT's explosion is one of the weakest explosions anyhow (80% of dp if u have max roll) and if these two arent supposed to stack then archers explosions shouldnt as well - makes no sense!
  6. Why can't you do that back in the tavern? Why do ya need to hold everyone else up? There is no way you're looking through greens and probably not blues because of the point i made. pressing G with 100% bags or even 90% back = chest items + legendaries on floor going poof, especially when the ground is littered with blues/greens. Secondly, I rarely hold anyone up as i play solo mostly and when I do play multiplayer this happens maybe 1 in 5 games when my bags are finally full. What they need to add is an option to leave early or if you hit reply you are moved to a new room of the same map. y
  7. no point, game is easier and even more boring then before u left it wait for strategic revamp and come back after that
  8. So i noticed that archers dps tooltip seems to factor in def crit dmg and afaik no other tower does that is that an error in dps calculating formula? or are other towers gonna get this behaviour as well? heres what i mean: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. double jump feels great on gunwitch ...make animations for other characters as well and make it the default behaviour
  10. point is in farming with 4chars at once on one account! :D ...like in dd1
  11. life leech was buffed on everything, not just the bow
  12. I usually stop at wave 46. Sometimes it takes 6+ hrs to get to 46. How long did it take to reach wave 100? Btw. I never had a crash playing onslaught. dunno maybe 10 hours on siphon site D (it has the smallest spawn areas and is imo the fastest)
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