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  1. While i'd agree that simply removing it has an impact on solo play, it does not change the fact that its a problem for multiplayer. Without knowing the numbers of what percentage of players solo, and what percentage play multiplayer - guessing whether more players would like the change, or be driven away by it is largely meaningless.
  2. While you are correct here, I don't feel that its a particularly high hope for the game's fun factor to be dependent upon being randomly assigned to a balanced group of like-minded individuals :P More games will be played under the umbrella of random matchmaking, overall. But yes - agreed, the game will always be more fun with friends, because of the rapport/easier teamwork mentality. Then again: most things are more fun with friends, so this is hardly surprising :)
  3. The lack of class-swapping restrictions, and the lack of personal build allocation encourage these things: and lead to situations where the game is really optimal to solo, even with 3 other people. Currently, the game mechanics encourage and enable obnoxious control-freak play-styles, which prevent 75% of the players in the room from feeling like they are meaningfully contributing. You're in the room - wanting to have fun, and then one guy joins, and tells you to delete all your stuff, and let him take control. The sad part is: he's right. You're more likely to win if you let the person with better stats play, while you go read a book. 25% fun rate is not a good target for the devs to be aiming for.
  4. While the server idea does allow some breathing room, it doesn't change the fact that the game is substantially easier if you do the 'solo swap' thing, despite being in multiplayer. The 'play only one class' servers would be more difficult than the other servers, yet receive no benefit for raising the difficulty (other than the potential satisfaction of playing a multiplayer game in a more traditional manner). In my experience, the 'optimal' multiplayer playstyle (easiest) will always garner the most players, regardless of whether it is the most fun: which is why I'd argue that the presence of the mechanic, at all, is detrimental to the multiplayer game. If soloing is a balance factor, then it should be approached from a wave-scaling standpoint, and cater the ability to solo in a one player room to be balanced to one player of one class. I have nothing wrong with soloing as a playstyle - and if they made it so that one player could have an enjoyable, balanced experience with one class, one spec, no swapping, I'd probably indulge in it myself.
  5. I find that the ability to change your class to another character (and do so repeatedly) removes much of the teamwork aspect of multiplayer. It also severely downplays any sense of agency you get from having a character of a particular spec (tower, hero etc) as you can do both at the same time. It's quite disheartening to join a map with 28 lightning auras and no monks, or worse yet, be in a map and have a 'solo' tell you to delete all your stuff so they can build all four classes' defenses in their own particular manner by themselves, essentially asking you to AFK to a free win, rather than trying to hammer the teamwork together. The mechanic felt cheap in DD1, and it feels just as bad in the new version. Every time i see this mechanic being used by a player, the game becomes much easier, and consequently much less fun, for me at least. You effectively have a hero-stat build with tower-stat towers, and 100% coverage of tower synergies/abilities: not to mention constant access to any flavour-of-the-month overpowered towers etc. I understand that the devs want the game to be soloable, but it feels like they remove any reason to have a group at all by allowing this to continue. So I would ask: Who likes this mechanic? Who does not? For those who like it - do you find the game still challenging, even while using it? Do you find yourself unable to cope without? For those who don't - do you feel like swapping classes is cheating? Does another player in your group using this mechanic lessen your enjoyment of the game? Is there a different way to maintain the ability to solo in this game, without impacting all sense of agency/teamwork in multiplayer? Or is leveling all classes simultaneously, and using all of them in one level an intended 'correct' way to play the game?
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