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  1. How does comparing sell value work when comparing between Chaos Tiers and Item Quality? Lets say I have a Mythical from C3 and a legendary from C2, the Legendary from C2 has a higher sell value than the Mythical from C3. Does 1 sell value equate to 1 sell value no matter the Chaos Tier? or does 1 sell value have different values based on the difficulty. If my first thinking is correct, wouldn't it be better to keep legendaries from C2 until you find legendaries from C3 because Mythicals from C3 have a lower sell value than legendaries from C2.
  2. Awesome. Thanks man. Just came back after a hiatus and am currently leveling a EV up. Needed something to go off of when i can build with her.
  3. Would you mind taking closer screenshots of that build. Would love to try it out.
  4. I'm a solo player looking for another Dps player to go through NM4 with. Please be somewhat geared already. :)
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