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  1. The Problem mainly is that only a few players really try to understand the ganemechanics and even the devs sonetimes seem to Focus on their special task and Not the whole game that often missing links appear. ..
  2. Yeah Peekaboss... my man great work! I can sign nearly everything you have written above. There are really too many construction yards at the moment in the game. 1. Hero DPS should really become some major love as you wrote and we can only hope that as the devs already announced to bring more weapons and focusing on weapons that it comes sooner than later! 2.Hero deck need a slot for extra DPS and maybe 6 slots like in the influence vote... and the Premier of the New herodeck. 3. Balance of nm4 and the incursions is somehow missbalanced. Why van i Beat sometimes in nm4 Waves 1-3 and never get past wave 1 in nm3 Inc? For my understanding it should be nm3, nm3 Inc and after that nm4 in difficulty or Not? Because the ipwrscaling is like that an the Progression in gearing up should bei live that to! 4. The passives Should Work properly boost empowerment and serenty doesn't working AT all... phönixcall seems a Bit underpowered in endgame.... AFTER fixing all the issues above it is time for a final balancing of nm and inc when the devs can really take the Data of the System that is working properly with all its components!
  3. Everything is possible... some good players bit their theeth through nightmare 1-3 and standing right in front of Nightmare 4 with legit builds of course and nearly gettin' our foot into Nightmare 4 since sometimes the Boss at Wave 2 can be sniped and at sometime there are even upgrades in the loot... i think maybe 1 week or so and the first legit Nightmare 4 Map clear will be done ;)
  4. yeah i sign everything peekaboss wrote... ... the main isse is even with really good gear you AND the broken serenty aura it was barely possible to do nm4 it took 4 fully geared people with 650+ gear multiple serentiy aura and took about 90 minutes to beat the first map! So NM4 isn't the last difficulty there are the incursions and onslaught incursions with 700 ipwr gear even with nearly perfect stats it is impossible to run content above nm4 and nm4 is barely doable with 4 toptier non-casual-players which are really dedicated to the game. I think even more passives are introduced the balance is more than broken at the moment... serenty auras even with neraly perfect passives 25% up to 30% slowing the enemies like nothing... okay it might be broken that the aura stacked and make the enemies nearly standing still but really now with nearly no effect this is a useless passive that you don't even need to consider using! Droprate also messed up and no loot from mobs even after wave 2? I think the alpha patch really broke the game and will devide the playerbase... if nothing changes soon many of the veteran players might stop playing and travel on to other games which aren't that crazy frustrating and have a decent progression in gearing and farming!
  5. Unfortunatly he is right bosses will now again only appear at wave 2 and onwards after the hotfix
  6. Right atm nm4 was only possible geared out 650-670 gear and then using the broken serenty to slow the enemies down, but even then it takes ages to kill all the mobs with theirs bugged pathing due slow and killing the bosses take forever too... ... so yeah nerv everything again with the rollback and nm4 will probably impossible unless some more balancing comes in or the ipwr cap is raised back again to 850.
  7. Oh a lot of people did. Kind of funny that it can be done, now, though. No they had 24 hours to improve their rerolling system that is why it is now possible *KAPPA*
  8. Yet it wasn't a week ago, they were saying they could not re-roll, and keep the same stats. Conflicting enough. I'm not sure what to believe. Accually there COULDN'T do that YESTERDAY when patch when live a bit strange or not? ;) anyway better than nothing
  9. 340 as they said in the devstream just if someone doesn't had watched the stream... reroll should keep stats and passives just scale back to 340 ipwr
  10. NM4 is supposed to be exceptional from any other difficulty currently available. Trendy said so themselves during the stream. It is supposed to be a challenge for a team of 4 people geared with 800+ ipwr items, not some NM3 garbage gear. Ähm you know what you're talkin about? First of all current max ipwr is 700 which is the end of nm3 even in nm4 or the incursion you don't get any 700+ gear so the devs might have planned ahead ;) Even with really GOOD ipwr 650+ gear nm4 is barely doable WITH the broken serenty auras because you still need be able to kill the monsters and orcs for example have tons of health... so yeah impossible is better to say if the "top tier player" barely be able to do it with broken gear! Of course if the gap is closed later and ipwr 700+ gear is introduce it is another story clear you will be able to do nm 4 inc with ipwr 950+ gear without broken passives but atm there is no such gear not even nearly the same gear which you could have before the patch! Barricades now maybe have max 200k due reduced passive same for traps dpower scaling was nerved and the tripwire passive too so what is the deal how we should do the content other then using the existent methods in the game?!
  11. the problem is that he staff with frosty fire work but not the frosty power items because they have 0.XY % which is nearly zero before my traps with ipwr 240 gear could do 50-100k with 3-4 frosty now they are flat boosted in speed
  12. * sounded a bit inronic what's why i answered on your post in this way ;) anyway if you one of the players which has no problem with not getting refund even better...
  13. With the new daily bonussystem you might get plenty of exp by playing different maps etc. it was shown in the patchpreview aswell in the last devstream ;)
  14. 1) Plz just stop with this "Ohh is ALPHA" BS... this game works with a progression system: loot you farm, sort, sell (TO GET GOLD, btw), upgrade good gear, etc. 2) This is JUST like a wipe, I'm loosing all my precious items!! 3) Easy to say this now, ahh? What about warning players about this possibility in Advance? * Time is money, in DD, time is Gold. It is NOT fair at all not getting my gold back, period! ** But it really doesn't matter because with the next patch we will get HATS and New Maps! Or maybe Old Maps with NEW COLORS!!! 1) yeah of course it is a progression system but what is the problem with farming again? i have more than 500 hours DD2 on record and wut i enjoy still the game... so were is exact the problem for you personally? 2) Oh dear you will have good gear in maxium a week... so it is just a challange to get there again... in many games there are seasons and the game gets reset in this competative mode every 3-4 month so it cann't be that big of a deal 3) yeah for real it is easy to say because upgrades are so minimal that you possible finde better gear by grinding that upgrading unless you have the maxed out passive, refect roll on one single item :D that is why i NEVER upgraded more than the first upgrade for arround 250-500 gold and upgradelevel 14 :P as many other did too since it wasn't clear or even more obvious with all these new builds and everything that there will be an rollback or even complete itemwipe! * stop cryin about gold ** according to the devstream more game improvement will follow constantly and with the beta later on in some month whole content like maps etc. will be added ;)
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