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  1. Okay working on chaos 2 mastery. http://i35.photobucket.com/albums/d198/Zaska1/Cyborks%20why.jpg~original That flame aura is hitable by cyborks somehow. even though it is behind and above them.
  2. these last two posts are my exact point. I WANT to use Dryad or EV2 but cyborks make it so I CAN'T. This is the real issue with Cyborks. Even geodes you can get around their shell by placing towers to be inside of it at certain points. but with cyborks you have to have all the range in the world to get effective placements with ANY trap node or aura type defenses. This is not just one type of defense they are eliminating. They take the Huntress down to 1 effective defense, the monk down to 1 air only effective defense. The dryad down to 1 effective defense. and EV2 has nothing. This is the problem. Why are you making a unit that makes 4 classes useless with no way to counter it but they way they tell you to? That isn't innovative that isn't fun that is so restrictive I may as well go play a quick time event only game.......
  3. Everything else you learn to work around you can still use defenses that are not optimal with good placement. I know that you can still technically use traps and nodes vrs cyborks but you have to get into some seriously bad placements to do it. I dislike that the best counter to them is to flat out not use the defense type. I mean shielders and geodes you just have to think about where you want to place your ranged towers a bit more. Zerks are all about good walling and not leaving your walls in a no dmg zone. Hex throwers are similar, and assassins is just learning to deal with them quickly. I love proton chains and the dryad and if I'm working on c2 mastery I can hardly even use them. Or in onslaught and its just frustrating.
  4. Was looking forward to having some free time to sink into this today. But it was basically unplayable past a match here or there. When I freeze after every game or trying to load in or any time i hit a loading screen.
  5. Bump this is still happening. Have to restart every time. Any word yet?
  6. Steam, I'm having the same issue. Its either trying to load into game or load tavern/town after a match and just gets stuck. I've left it for over 15 minutes with no change.
  7. Someone else mentioned this but the art and models for the dryad are great and I love her design. But she cant dps and she has trash towers at the moment. It was also mentioned that corrupt form is a great concept but its so poorly executed, even with make resource up and pre planting stars you cant keep it up long enough to actually be effective for anything.
  8. what about the problem with dryad towers just sitting doing nothing with enemies on top of them. I've seen everything except harpies do this
  9. Are flame auras the only way to do it? They target towers a million miles in front of them they target towers above and behind them. I haven't found anyway to place a tower they won't target.
  10. Optimizing maps or using range shards so single towers can cover multiple lanes is what we should be trying to do. Not oh here is x mob so I can't use x hero period. Countering entire game play mechanics is ridiculous, and poor game design. And this isn't even including assassins and countering player interaction. If you have assassins you literally cannot try to do anything else until they are taken care of. Anyway back to my original point. Hard Counters are ridiculous. It should be more about good placements and defense combinations.
  11. For a game looking to leave early access soon, there are a lot of glaring flaws that are going to discourage new players from even picking it up. I will be entirely honest, I picked the game up because I enjoyed dd1 and I was willing to give it a shot. Wasn't overly involved in the the community because I didn't feel like the game was in that awful of a spot. But since trials and the hard counters etc etc. People who just pick this game up are going to hit a wall, and instead of trying to climb over it they will just stop playing. I have seen others mention this over and over but if that happens, we will end up with a ghost game with zero player base. Which in all honestly is how it feels currently because playing with a group ramps up the difficulty but offers no additional rewards, thus it actually discourages playing anything other than solo. I pretty much agree with having resistant mobs instead of hard countering everything. Because with the hard counters it forces you to work on one specific type for each tier, instead of actually being able to build diversely, or creatively. Not only that but why are they working so hard on things that are not even sure to actually improve the game play when there are still game breaking bugs, like orcs jumping walls or ignoring them. What Ram mentioned in another post about glider mechanics. Another thread about how having to babysit lanes with 5 - 8 assassins on you isn't really viable when you are just trying to get into chaos 5. But the anti afk design tries to force you to have to baby sit multiple lanes at a time. I think trials was a good idea I just feel like its been implemented poorly. I hope the update next Tuesday will fix some of the bigger loot issues, but there are still other things that need some serious attention.
  12. Also this. Talking about 1 shotting rollers doesn't help anyone who doesn't play as much as you or have the gear you do. That is not a constructive criticism or comment.
  13. For me the biggest thing would be to fix the splash and damage indication because it's frustrating dying to a rocket that you cant actually see. That and make the goblin driving the fricken thing a weak spot as well. So you could actually start dpsing it when it comes out of spawn instead of having to wait for it to be far enough out to get behind. But it would still be entirely damage resistant to towers.
  14. If they want to keep the assassins as is they need to give some free health or more health scaling so you don't have to put so much gear stats or ascensions stats into it. Can't go on relics tho or you just make the gunwitch even more useless.
  15. there are some options, I never said that there were none. I said that they had to be HARD CC'd. You can also use geyser traps. but this means you need a cybork free kill zone for assassins, which uses up more DU that you are already tight on. My bigger point was that it doesn't matter which hero you want to try and play you need 80 to 100k HP to deal with multiple waves of assassins. But if you are building or have built a dps char prior to c5, you likely were not prioritizing hp. Not only that but if you are trying to optimize a dps having hp on everything and hp in ascension means you are never going to be able to have optimal dps post c5
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