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  1. Biggest hit was definitely the SIZE of the monk aura, i get that they were huge before but who cares? we enjoyed it, are they afraid we will be too happy?
  2. Thtat is what most people DID in a TOWER defense game, that or the challenges like assault or jesters game, of which there is nothing similar to now...
  3. i just unlocked the 20 nightmare demon scythe book for the abyssal lord, and it is awful compared to my current weapon, the molten tome of fire brimstone... I am in the same rut, gear is way better than whats dropping from chaos 1 trials, but im not (somehow) able to do chaos 2...
  4. hardly the case, I love early access, the problem with this game is it is a sequel, your fans have expectations, and you made a voting system and a pledge that you are going to be mindful of what your core group wants to see happen as this game develops, and trendy is not doing that. and calling this game "early access" at this point is a joke, it has been almost if not 2 years, and more of the fan base has fallen off than has joined in due to a distinct lack of direction, content, and consistency. this feels now like a glorified freemium phone game where if i spend hundreds of hours i can ge
  5. I agree entirely, and i relate man, I was die hard Huntress in dd1, but now she completely sucks. Her traps in dd2 have always been inferior compared to other heroes and now even more so, but at least her dps used to shine, but now? all of my toons beat her out. plus the tower changes now, in your post you said the training dummy was never viable, but mine was the backbone of my build due to the sword or shield my squire had that would teleport the enemy back to start. now it doesn't, it is completely useless. All our old sets we had farmed, the storm boots, the special this and that. they a
  6. Dungeon defenders 1. A glorious game, sold over 250,000 copies in its first 2 weeks. over 1 million in a year, with scores as follows from the games wiki page. ScoreGameRankings83.15% (PC)[14] 80.85% (PS3)[15] 78.40% (X360)[16]Metacritic81/100 (PC)[17] 80/100 (PS3)[18] 77/100 (X360)[19]Review scoresPublicationScoreGameSpot6.5/10 (X360)[20]GameSpy (PC)[21]GamesRadar7/10 (PC, PS3, X360)[22]IGN8.5/10 (PC, PS3, X360)[23][24][25]OXM (US)9.0/10 (X360)[26]TeamXbox6.5/10 (X360)[27] . I need to know, is this a different team? are these new devs? dd2, had so much potential. but t
  7. I like the idea of more types of pets and more diversity other than just , Attacking. This needs to happen
  8. At least then there was an entire game. Don't get me wrong, i enjoy this game. But i bought it on steam, 3 copies ( me, best friend, and husband) collectors edition, almost 2 years ago now, and it is STILL an alpha... and since i logged about 600 hours on the legit servers in dd1, and about 250 in the "fun" (mods allowed) server, i have some expectations that just are not being met. Wheres the challenge mode? wheres the events? this "Alpha" is moving soooooo slowly. i would definitely rather buy the whole game that was complete and fun, than this snail paced free to play, especially since i
  9. I understand that time outs prevent people from afking during matchmaking, but i really, really, REALLY do not agree that I should time out for being afk in my own, private, just me game. I was on wave 14 of an onslaught, and decided to walk my dog. I come back, I'm booted. Why? Who was i holding back? What effect did this have on the server that I was kicked for being afk in my own game? that needs to be changed. Public matchmaking games make sense. But in my own space, It is not acceptable.
  10. In the original I could drop loot in the tavern and my friends could look and decide if they needed it, I'd really like to see that system back in this one. Also pets ^.^.
  11. I would like to see this as a base stat, like in the earlier game, especially for the huntress, whos bombs are just tiny now.
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