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  1. It's all about RvR, and right now, MP is too much risk and too little reward.
  2. the gear that drops already does that for you in a sense. The scaling is silly though, I refuse to do public anymore because it's just too hard to deal with :( If there was some kind of actual benefit to doing a 4 man, people might actually do it, but as it stands, it's all stick with no carrot.
  3. I guess we should all be honest with ourselves, we're paying for a beta...
  4. You must be a riot at parties. Let me guess, conversations start with "Did you see what Alex Jones said?".
  5. Kinda odd, no response to this post or the ticket I posted with Trendy.
  6. With all the changes, they have to do something. This is insane right now. Maybe once the game is out of "pre alpha" they can put a cost back in? lol
  7. A response from someone Trendy would be lovely ;)
  8. So I had additional points into skyguard slow, and since the change, the skyguard is max, but the points are missing. Any fix for this without spending my cash? :( http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=898482702
  9. Would be nice to see it used for something more than a back log.
  10. So, 3 available quest slots, never 3 quests. Maybe add a quest to let you pick a shard? Say something like Deadly Strikes? Nice easy fix to a rare and blocking item.
  11. Why not just make them available for purchase via defender medals or some sort of raid currency like you get on the Terraria map? Right now the stuff you can buy from that vendor is useless, so it may as well be used for something of benefit.
  12. Right now the "work around" is to clear the deck before you start the wave. This does not help for weapon drops, but everything else it's fine. Once you get your chars up to enough power, then you add them to the deck so you can get weapons. It's not a great fix, but at least it works. Grindy as hell... but it works.
  13. Some kind of way to even just sort by alpha would be great. I have like 5 bags worth of shards, and it's a nightmare I'm trying to figure out what to sell and keep. Displaying it as a spreadsheet style would be amazing, but anything is better than what we have now :(
  14. Will do, thanks loot. I've got so much stuff people would just had me from playing a few years ago, I honestly don't know what is legit and not anymore :(
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