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  1. I am now also accepting lab runs :P since I am lazy and can't be bothered to farm moonbase lol
  2. I am considering adding lab runs as currency sooo... your soul could be considerd as an offer
  3. Sorry I do not have a single character that uses pristine. And send me a private msg with the events you might want to offer
  4. Well the reserve wouldn't be hidden really if I said first digit lul, I will probably show what it is if there is loads of low offers. And I do not want any of the vortex stuff, so I would value them at 5 per :P sorry
  5. Got my hands on a second ball blaster sooo, Lets see how badly people want it. Yes its traced There is a hidden reserve which is quite high Accepting currency - Coal, Cubes, Diamonds 5/10/15, Coal - Cube 8/1 I have decided to add lab runs as currency at the rate of 1/15 I might also consider some event items. and ++ armor minimum bid overtake requirement 5 cv <-- Edited End date 4/26/2019 at like 6pm CET C/O - Sneeze 50
  6. Well this seems to be pointless....
  7. Looking for crystal accessories, Need to be decent for cast rate, they also need to have ab 2 and hero hp but mainly cast rate. I will be paying in whatever currency you want
  8. It's not as much a rule as it is decency. If you enter a giveaway and win something, turning around and selling that item would kinda seem ungreatful. Which might make the person hosting the giveaway feel like you shouldn't be able to participate in future giveaways, simply because you would probably only sell the item again. Although I personaly wouldn't really mind if someone were to sell something I had given out in a giveaway simply because the currency or items they could get from selling it would help them progress in the game more than the item that was won in the giveaway. But I do understand why people find it ungreatful or disrespectful. Good luck with your auction though :P
  9. 5cv :P to start you off
  10. I feel like thats a good thing though. I do not want this piece so badly that I am willing to pay over 180, Congratz on the ++ lolz
  11. How is the trading going to work in DDA? Will there be trading at all? Trading is one of the things that have keept DD1 alive for this long and is why the community is still surprisingly strong. And the system in DD2 sucks compared to dd1's mainly because there is the possibility to have a shop open to selling stuff and at the same time trade items for items which made it great.
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