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  1. Sorry for the late bid, 50cv
  2. Sir John


    Cool... What ended?
  3. Giveaway ends in 8 hours ( 9pm CET)
  4. I guess I will try to keep the ball rolling 25 cv
  5. I will make sure to do that
  6. Right now there isn't enough people to even get all of the events up for grabs lol. Do people really think these maps are that hard? If anyone has major problems completing any of the maps send me a msg and I will gladly come and help and show how to do it, and maybe stop the timer on mesa map.
  7. Sorry to see you go, Wish you the best in all your future endeavors. 1. mail boots 2. mail gloves 3. plate boots <--- my profile is linked with forums account
  8. Hello everyone! and welcome to yet another giveaway. There was another one very recently but I really wanted to get this done before someone else decides to do one. So to participate you need to complete 2 maps and these 2 maps just happens to be my 2 favorite maps of all time. Rules You're not allowed to use any speed/jump pets or speed weapons. And of course you can not use any flying characters (Highly recommend using Jester) How to enter Download these 2 maps. You don't need to run both maps but you will be entered twice if you run both maps. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=471906893 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=455902467 Run the maps, get to the top and take a screenshot. Post the screenshot in the comments down below. Rewards Up for grabs will be 29 event items and a few diamonds. You can only win 1 item but entering with both maps will give you a higher chance of winning. This will end 31/5/2019 Good luck everyone and I hope you have as fun with this as I did when I ran it the first time! Winners! Greater magicite of the wind - Kacautu Cinnamon - Sneeze Cinnamon nm 2 - BillyH Ginger - MrChito Ginger nm 2 - Bryndomonium Rainmaker - dangermoose125 Waterfall - Escev Maelstrom - AcePoe Sapphire - Looking To Buy RM Crimson - =GzR=Opieo Golden Roost - Wourder Aladdins Wish - MACH121 Death Wish - Marsor Spearmint - Kid o' Neverland Ball Blaster - TripleFraze Vamps Delight - Jaymuz Spearmin nm 2 - PhoenixEcalibur2 Mask of legends - Sybreed Mask of the Pumpkin King - tannbeee Ocean - Purepwnage0021 Jason Voorhees Mask - mxmxmx Azure peak - ✠Juba✠ Arm Guard of hate - Felipe Dragon of the North - LoovelyLena Vortex Sheild - Felps Eternity - Hougenie Azure peak nm2 - Mr Ed War bonnet - Dualclass Howling Werewolf - Caimen Diamond - ItsUber Diamond - Kryen112 Diamond - Manyux Congratz to all the winner!!! To collect your item you can add me on steam, my profile is linked to my forums account.
  9. I don't think I actually want it this badly :P Gl hope you win
  10. 210 cv, I highly doubt you want this more than I do Spidermane
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