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  1. 11 coal and a kings game run
  2. Could not finish WW bcs crashes. did magus with the pepes
  3. The previous guy already bid more xd
  4. C4SP3R Won the auction - Please contact me on discord sometime today or tomorrow Sir John#2425
  5. Slight rule change, read post again
  6. Edit: Slight rule change, at least 150cv needs to be in pure CV, if you want to bid more than that you can bid events too, IF you contact me on discord first about which events and pricing. Discord - Sir John#2425 Dias 5/10/15 Auction will end May 31st at 9am CET Reserve at 150 C/O - 150 cv - Casper Happy bidding
  7. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, Today we got a Ginger auction on our hands. (The Ginger is traced obviously) Since I missed the most recent event item which was given out in a contest, I thought this would be a good way to get my hands on one! For all bids Crackers will be required. I value items as following: Crackers 60cv - not optional. Diamonds 5/10/15. I do not accept cubes in a higher quantity than 10 and I do not accept coal. If you wanna bid other event items or if you got any questions msg me on discord: Sir John#2425 ( I do NOT accept untraced event items ) Auction ends 9am (CET) may 26th. C/O: Crackers and 50CV (110CV)
  8. Sir John

    (WTA) Ended

    10 cv and a kings game run nmhc non survival
  9. Bought, by me. Stonks
  10. Are the pieces with or without set bonus, Assume its without set bonus
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