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  1. You missed my point. Most people are gonna ignore you because you're not specifying what you're offering, if you are looking for a traced one or don't care. if you gonna offer diamonds, other events and if other events are they traced and what are they? if you actually want to buy one you gotta be more specific or you're never gonna find a buyer. And I am not selling one of mine, just wanted to help you out. May I suggest you look at other posts to see how they posted it/ framed it. Good luck though. (EDIT) I may also suggest you try using the trade channels in DDRNG the discord server.
  2. and how much are u offering? u might wanna elaborate on cv price and if ure offering other events and such
  3. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198063067969/ Sky city ftw, best map ez pz
  4. all it took was one post for everyone to realize you're an asshat --- I retract that I read his other WTA post
  5. well you will only be entered once if u don't redo those 2 maps. your choice, I will not count it as 25 I will count it as 23 which just puts you in general pool
  6. Or anything else for that matter that effects your character besides movement speed is also banned on the jump maps. So don't be an a** and do it properly. and please don't just unequip your weapons at the top and pretend you didn't use something to cheat
  7. Alright so, I didn't think I needed to mention it, but since there is a least 1 person who did use the portal gun, let me make it clear. You're NOT allowed to use the portal gun for the parkour maps, please refrain from doing so. Rule will be added properly as soon as sam is able to do so :) I am looking at you Donkeh
  8. Did you buy the leather booties yet? I might be able to slap together a dps set with it otherwise
  9. Are you gonna cook the mobs dinner while you wait for your beam to come off cooldown? :P you'll be borderline tickling them with that low charge rate. Anyway, awesome sceptre hope u beam tf out of everything
  10. no charge rate EWWW @ItsUber 850 for 69k no charge rate is market completely cooked or wth
  11. 5 days left, not selling for this price so unless someone bids it will not be sold
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