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  1. Ah good to hear<3 I had been avoiding a lot of dd2 stuff until i did it blind with my fiance and we started today. Thank you for the quick reply
  2. I like the Mystic a lot too and all but i really dug the MnM. Im a huge fan of lil guys in mechs and was kind of hyped for him to hopefully get in eventually. I'd be really sad if he got permanently cancelled =c
  3. pretty awesome work if i may say so myself, keep it up
  4. "Welcome to the party, glad you could bring the main course" "With just a swish of my wand the wolves will like you a lot more" "Don't worry about these wolves, it's my bunny you should be terrified of" "I don't have eyes and soon neither will you" "This fire is nice and warm, to bad you won't be able to enjoy it for long" "3 packs of wolves on the cliff, 3 packs of wolves, jump down, chomp on you, 2 packs of wolves on the cliff"
  5. this one is the tank http://dungeondefenders2.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/191.jpg from what i can tell it could very well be an actual tank
  6. i once posted a list of all the heroes since i found a way to tell what they are, even though i wrote spoilers in big text in the title it got deleted by an admin, so dont be surprised if this one deletes too
  7. kobold king is my fav so any info would be approved :3 thanks for all theese answers up to now, really good info here
  8. can you build towers in the moba or is it all ability based? what were some of the enemies you faced and how was it fighting them? how do player vs player battles work? same as in d.d1? how do the towers you need to defend work?
  9. few things. first of all all the new heroes are Removed since apparantly this is a spoiler free zone without actually it saying it is o3o but if you wanna check what they are go to the heroes site, if you inspect the css elements it says their names, just right click their portaits and click inspect element in the video it looks like the dyrad has little mushroom minions the machine man seems to be a little guy in a big fat looking machine the kobold king is being wheeled around in a little cart by another kobold while sitting on a throne on a bunch of explosives the summoner seems to h
  10. I notice now the fact i titled this thread how i did most will think this is a whine or stupid complain thread....man i wish i could re-name it..oh well
  11. The jesters fortuna wheel can with the combination sword sword crystal kills some enemies. thats fair and good but the fact it can one shot all boss's thats just lame and boring. so yeah not much more to say but this is really broken. note i saw this happen in boss rush, maybe it doesnt work on normal bosses in game but either way this needs to be fixed
  12. The jesters animations made me a bit less exited for this and i was hoping the 2 other tower slots would be filled but. they did say they revamped the animations so i am hopeful and overall she looks really fun, i am exite
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