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  1. Was farming Alch LAB NMHC split screen and got to wave 22 when steam server mainenence kicked us off then log back in and im at 600mil mana im wondering how do u get around the mana cap while plaing in survival or any workarounds
  2. the whole leaderboards are bugged iv been on Ramps leaderboard 130th in Insane hardcore ramps survival for ages decide to boost friend and my other toon in splitscreen set up layout my toon and friend shared the same score somehow and when we won my fiends score was placed 33rd in world and mine was still 130th i dont think score update or anything the score is correct on my crystal stats though
  3. Using keyboard and 1/2 controlers and cant seem to get controlers to ready up
  4. which settings do i change for it to ready up if im doing splitscreen
  5. just tested not working =/ link me the emulator if you can
  6. which ones in particular as theres several Xbox Left Tumbsticks in the input file
  7. can u do it tried configure doesnt work searched some threads no answers
  8. i rushed to build things in one phase then tried switching character time hit zero i switched and did it while ir was on zero dunt know if it was a bug or just bad luck Map was Glitterhelm cavern nightmare mode
  9. thanks so caps are 40 90 5 and test sepends on roll thx
  10. recently read that guardians are good summoner pets and wanted an App / hunt guardian combo to boost defences how should i upgrade this was thinking range x 9 then No.Def upgrade or tower attack x9 then No.def upgrade all advice appreciated
  11. Also near broken economy and hackers but still fun
  12. coming back after 7 months and seeing the state of the economy make me glad i stoped playing when i did but now that most of my friend recently got this and started playing im just gonna enjoy playing with them now and hope the econemy settle but u see some rediculus **** sometime like a tower squire shooting harrpoon constantly when his combined max rate of fire was 0 as he had 2 minus equipment on Also wheres the report a player function
  13. so set bonus's are split into those 2 groups Godly and below and myth + and u can mix match them
  14. Currently arranging my Characters armour after power levelling them and i say a good piece in a shop and decide to buy it but my armour bonus is missing link below http://steamcommunity.com/id/Sieg06660/screenshot/577835582259523657?tab=public Also Whats the difference between Leather chain mail plate pristine armour do different armour have different stats or suit different classes or is it just to throw a random buff out there so people go for set bonuses
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