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  1. This is not simply a two sided coin. There are other personas here. Just because you want to find things out for yourself doesn't mean you want to look in a wiki for it. Just as a random example I'll point out the game I've most recently played, Etrian Odyssey Untold (millenium girl). There are some things the game explains, such as how the border around F.O.E.s changes color depending on how strong they are compared to you, somethings the game doesn't explain that are easy to figure out (boost is an in-battle button you can select to increase the damage that character is dealing for that attack on that turn only), and some things that are entirely hidden (I've been told equipping boots gives a hidden AGI bonus). Maybe I could've figured out the F.O.E. aura color showing whether that enemy is on par with my abilities and levels to take on without the game telling me, or maybe I wouldn't. If I didn't notice this and the game is giving me serious trouble with F.O.E.s (they're essentially roaming mini-bosses you can see before engaging, sometimes they're placed in ways that it's virtually impossible to avoid them if I want to explore certain parts of the map), then not realizing that I shouldn't be fighting them because the aura is red and losing repeatedly is more likely to make me drop the game or grind instead of look up the wiki and discover I should be trying different movement strategies to avoid these things at the utmost priority because the aura is red right now. Then what happens since I haven't figured this mechanic out? On later floors the exact same thing, and it turns into a frustrating loop with every new area, when all of this could have been avoided if the game just told me up front about this mechanic. Sorry if my example is not very good, but it's the best thing I could think of/come up with on short notice.
  2. My thoughts are--even if you can defend the current state of progression, that's for those of us who've been around. What about new players? They don't get to start with millions of gold that vanishes fast. How on earth do you expect a new player to gear up to higher chaos tiers in any reasonable amount of time? It's just not feasible. If this doesn't change, the game WILL die, simply because it has no influx of new players.
  3. Leveling up already takes forever. The fact that while grinding up your gear levels you need to halt your hero ascension levels for all but one hero is poor design imo. When gear drops, I think it should only look at the one active hero you're currently playing as. This means you can farm for stronger gear while leveling up to 4 heroes. It's not that big of a deal once you get enough end game gear to suit up all 4 heroes in your deck, but until that time you're missing out on a lot of experience all because of what I believe is a poorly designed mechanic. Thanks for reading, and let me know your thoughts. (don't expect many, if any, replies. I'm mostly on hiatus from this game until they fix it up more since shard farming is beyond atrocious right now. However, if I don't make my voice heard on how I think this game can be improved, how can I expect that to ever happen, eh?) :-]
  4. How does that make any sense? Why would they need to be on the first slot? Really hope this sphere thing is fixed regardless of what it is--because something is not right here. x_X
  5. I remember reading somewhere in the comments section of the latest patch notes that someone was not getting the usual exp from exp spheres. I think I know why. I was building for some siege rollers by placing some blockades and a tree with my new tree-that-buffs-blockade-hp spheres. I was already equipped for dps/tanking on my dryad, so I had to switch the spheres for it... only to find my blockade hp wasn't effected. I assumed it was the sphere itself that was broken, but later on when I switched back in my previous spheres (one of which was the one that makes blessing cost nothing in default form, which I know works) I realized that I was spending "mana" to maintain the blessing ability. Thus I believe that the cause of all of these problems is that switching spheres in during a game is broken and the spheres you switch in do nothing for a given game. Further testing is required to prove this, but I wanted to throw this out there for now while it's fresh in my mind. Edit: trying it again, switching in and out the blessing cost reduction sphere mid-game is now working. Either it's hit or miss, or there's something else at play here, maybe both.
  6. I've been gone for a while and came back a month or less ago and one of the recent things I've been doing is hunting for a sword I want for my dryad. Naturally, that's led me to the Wayfarer merchant who sells weapons for souls of night. While I've been looking through some of the passives I can roll, I've noticed something odd on swords and most/all other melee weapons that I don't see on ranged weapons. In the main stat section of the item window, it shows light/medium/heavy (swing speed/combo type) and below that is... something else (on swords it's in the format shown in the title, with numbers in place of the question marks). I did some searching around and a little experimenting but I can't for the life of me figure out what it is. It looks to me kind of like a gold icon like a gold drop increase or something, but that doesn't seem right given there's already a jackpot passive. Can anyone please enlighten me?
  7. I've had it with all these ridiculous inventory bugs. I've lost so many items to the inventory being a glitchy pile of rubbish, and then you introduced the scavenger and made them even worse. I haven't been playing since the 2nd equip reset, so I haven't felt it until now when I came back to play with some friends. It used to be that when I opened pet food containers, 90% of the time it'd bug out and the food wouldn't appear anywhere until I loaded a new area and checked my temp item box where they would all be. Now, the scavenger takes them. And if I'm in a 30 round long onslaught? Forget about it--most of them are gone by the time I finally finish and check the scavenger thanks to the insanely low deletion timer on the items he steals holds. Either remove the scavenger and bring back the TIB, make the timer for item deletion of what the scavenger is holding much longer, or fix your inventory bugs (though to be honest we all know that last one is never happening for several years at least, given Trendy's track record up to now). Edit: inb4 "don't open them until you're done with onslaught." Maybe my inventory space is tight and I want to only keep the cake and meat I find inside and not the fish? Regardless, I shouldn't even need a reason--there's no excuse for such an egregious bug existing for more than 1 or 2 patches to begin with, much less since the mechanic was introduced to the game through present (as is the case).
  8. ^ couldn't agree more. At the very least, increase drop tendency to favor not mixing and matching hero vs tower things. Heck, to go even further, can you honestly say you'd EVER want or care about non-tower stuff on totems and amulets/medallions or non-hero stuff on rings? Unless some drastic change(s) are made, I can't ever imagine myself wanting such!
  9. I think that since currently, since the onslaught maps can't give better loot than incursion (talking end-game nm4 here, and no--nimbus reach giving iPwr 855 is not something I've ever seen, and I've reached wave 27 w/o seeing 830 or greater), then I think that the end-of-round chest should give at LEAST 50% chance legendary gear.
  10. Except the part where my bow which drenches enemies still doesn't give me credit (at least not visibly on the daily quest window) when my pet grumpy with storm element shoots and electrocutes/shocks them (which is easily noticeable when it happens because they stand still, stunned, while that electric graphic and sound effect play out). That's very clearly using the drench -> electricity combo, but it's still not giving me quest credit.
  11. It's my opinion that there is a problem with any company that cannot satisfy the demands of a customer related to company error. (i.e. compensation) I feel like Trendy needs to step up their customer support, because getting screwed out of cool stuff because of bugs with their code should not leave the person or people who suffered the loss over a barrel. I don't expect Trendy to replace every single little lost thing from every single bug, but when big stuff like special rewards for monthly quests, things that are supposed be guaranteed and/or unique, or other similar situations end up not coming to fruition because of a bug, I think it should be expected of Trendy to replace anything that should have been received that can be provably shown was not. I really, sincerely hope Trendy shapes up in this regard, because if there is one surefire way to !@#$ off your community, it's when stuff like this happens and you're simply told "Sorry; you have our sympathy though."
  12. When a boss in NM 4 incursion drop 3 greens, and the rest of the bosses drop blue or green loot, and the chest at the end is green, and when it's not the first time this has happened, then I'm going to complain about it. This is me, getting on the forums to complain about it. (if you want my additional thoughts on the matter, feel free to read below; otherwise, if you think you got the picture of my issues with this matter just from what I said above, feel free to disregard the rest of this post) It's bad enough that the chance of getting loot with stat combinations worth using is really low, but when I don't even get any decent rarity loot to begin with? Don't get me wrong, if the item power is high enough, even blues can be good, but it's gotten to the point where I've got enough blues to fulfill my basic needs and now the only way to improve my gear is by getting higher rarity gear, since white text on higher rarity gear has a much higher # cap than on lower rarity. (for example, finding hearty blockade on legendary gear roughly has a range of 6% - 9%, but hearty blockade on blue gear I've yet to see reach 6%, and reaching 5% is extremely rare as is) I really, really hope crafting comes soon and pets weren't the limit of what the crafting system is for, because I can only take so much of this. Yeah, my luck is garbage; over 380 hours pre-wipe, with roughly 204 hours of it being spent on end-game ramparts incursion, and I never got a single medallion/amulet with DS, DP, and LAR%. Not. One. Even though I know if bosses always dropped myth or better, I still probably will never get more than 1/3 of my gear (for 4 characters, 1 of each class) as something most would be able to call "end-game" quality, but at the very least it would be better than now where I have virtually no chance of ever getting more than a couple pieces of gear I'd feel good about equipping. (note that I'm not advocating for "please give at least myth always for boss drops"--I just want better odds of getting higher rarity loot in general, because with how incredibly rare decent stat combinations are, fighting that AND odds of getting loot in the first place just feels awful) /end rant
  13. This game is currently littered with inventory bugs. Has been since... well, probably before it was publicly available to play. The entire inventory system itself honestly sometimes feels like just one big conglomeration of a bunch of glitches. I've reported lots of them, but most still have yet to be fixed.
  14. This bug has been in-game since before the wipe, when the terror "boots glitch" that let you superpower your towers existed, possibly even longer than that, and I did make a bug post about it then. Not surprised it hasn't been fixed though. :P Inventory bugs seem extremely prevalent and hard to squash thus-far.
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