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  1. love this entire idea i enjoy dd2 alot but doing the same thing all day is kinda tiresome so this game mode opens alot of new experiences
  2. I agree the chests are beyond irritating when you finish a hard map and get a green that is so low i can give it to a lv 10
  3. upgraded abilities that cost more mana than normal would also be cool i think one way to change the abundance of blue mana would be to implement some kind of sustained ability for hero or pets that consumes blue mana as long as it i active
  4. an example i was remembering DD1 had alot of different weapons that each class could use also i think some of that meh feeling will disappear with the addition of more classes but not all of it as the same move set over and over does get boring
  5. i think if they add some extra weapon types this would feel less pronounced for example right now huntress only uses bows so watching her launch arrow after arrow gets boring add some crossbows, firearms and maybe throwing knives or something and there would be less of this problem to some degree
  6. thanatos: killing blows generate x% of max HP
  7. i think it would be cool if you could unlock stances for example A player can only have one stance equiped at a time stance cannot be changed in mission Defensive stance: Take less damage, increases aggro gen, decrease attack speed unlocked by taking 10,000 damage without dying or failing a mission continues through multiple missions Critical stance: each attack increases crit chance by 1% and crit damage by 5% until a crit lands unlocked by landing 50 crits in a single mission, onslaught excluded Arcane stance: increase mana gen, increase damage taken, unable to move from position while
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