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  1. That was his screen when he tried starting it up he's not on yet so he cant check just thought that might be useful
  2. Just gonna leave this here  https://gyazo.com/1ec37fe760fdd05727e8719b05bab3c8
  3. I stopped playing this game for a while and by a while i mean the last time i played it the Carnival had just come out. At the time I decided to purchase the carnival ticket bundle and I still have 9 yet I was wondering if the tickets are useful in anyway since i did pay for them.
  4. From the look of the inventory there is look to the left of your Coins theres a looking thing smaller and thinner tho so i think so
  5. How would it support triple screen? As in inventory on one screen, main game on another screen?
  6. completed that map on hard 20 times got that title JUST from that map lol still no myth weapon or any legendaries...
  7. I'm sorry i never, never, never launch that game unlike you - This command exist since so far away from this game - Just investigate befose saying those kind thing Calm down m8 /... is used in minecraft and it just made me think of that no need to get salty about it geez,
  8. UHOH WE GOT A RETARD ALERT (no offence intended)
  9. I'm turning this in for my essay assignment ty!
  10. It's still got to have some sort of system for both maps I was playing with the same amount of players (With diff lvls obvs) and still only 10k exp gap
  11. Have all accounts linked to one IP??
  12. Well playing as a character mainly killing people yourself you will find you can get up to rediculous amounts of exp I got 40k on a 5-10 map on normal... But i only got 10k more for doing the same on hard on a 10-15 map so yer
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