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  1. The new medium skill spheres are worth 150k not 15k.
  2. Why not autoroll the rng on the boxes and get rid of the boxes, just drop the materials or food, and auto loot it like gold and stack it in the pet inventory (yes stack it so we dont have half of the inventory full of food please).
  3. nvm i think it was due to a server failure, since other people werent able to join games at that same time.
  4. Well, closing and opening the game back up fixed it, but its still a bug in case any dev is interested.
  5. Hi, as the tittle says im having trouble reroling my madwick pet stats, so far ive never had problem doing it (i did it for other pets), and yes i have the correct items, i can get to the window where i choose the new stats i click it a choose but when i check the pet it still has the old stat. Any one having the same problem?
  6. i noticed that bug once on an ogre, he was taking damage only from 1 of the auras (i had 3 set up) but im not sure what is the reason for the bug to happen, i have only seen it once.
  7. oh i might have, i guess i need to take those items off.
  8. Just to bring it to the devs atention, monk uber tower its definetly op, doing 100k per tick with 3 towers on one lane pretty much evaporates every normal and boss enemy in 2-3 pops (that is with boost tower of 44% so it can go a lot higher if i used my 95% boost). Still im happy that monks got a nice uber since i build with monk :D.
  9. Is there an uber tower that is actually better than the normal towers?? im thinking monk or squire uber.
  10. To all the people saying they dont want wipe because "they have x amount of hours on the game", have you never tried an alpha? you agreed to that when you put that amount of hours on an early access/alpha game, there must be wipes (for a healty game on most cases), and the fact that some people in the community are so against it its going to end up harming the game, i have lots of hours in the game too and i want a wipe, i woudnt mind a full wipe on the full release of the game, it would be for the best.
  11. I have 2 monks, one for boost and one for the lightning auras (so i have full equipment affecting the lightning auras), either the flameburst towers are op or the lightning auras are weak either way, one feels better in almost any situation. The tittle of this post could have been flameburst towers feel op also i guess.
  12. I have a geared monk and a geared app (pretty much same level on gear) and lightning auras feel useless compared to flameburst towers, i can solo every incursion map with just flameburst towers and boost towers (no boots or any exploits), wich is not the case for lightning auras from my monk, they do little to nothing on ogre bosses (i have about 15k dps on the fully upgraded lighthning aura but they seem to do nothing to some bosses), if i dont actively tank them they just go trough the auras like nothing and since they dont atack air enemys they just feel weak, i would expect if they dont hit air to be good against ground, but overall flameburst towers just feel a lot more powerfull, and yes i know sky guard towers are better than flameburst towers for air but im talking about the ground offense towers in the monk lightning auras. Again i know if i tank the bosses they will die but i dont need to do that with flameburst so they feel unbalanced.
  13. This is the kind of broken bug that should make them wipe or roll back gear, its really boring that every game i join now its just people standing, they do the basic tower build and just stand for the rest of the fight, they dont even bother to upgrade any more, this bug is killing the game if you ask me.
  14. Meele, assassin/necromancer im in :D
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