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  1. I'm with FruitLord. I was wondering the same until I realized that this will be adding some significant content
  2. If you really want to play DD again, just wait for another steam/amazon sale. You'll get DD for 3 bucks on amazon, 3.75 on steam (with the DLC likely to be reduced 75% also at that time.) Buy it all on a new account and you're good to go
  3. Didn't Trendy announce that the DLC is ready to go, but awaiting approval by MS and Sony so they can release it for all platforms at once? So basically it's just a waiting game at this point.
  4. If you let me play dalek I'm game. Otherwise I'll be perfectly happy without this in my life
  5. They could use the "Beat challenge with the same class to unlock the outfit for that class" to go around this problem. If you don't own countess, you can't beat the challenge with countess and will never see that message ruining your day. They did this for Spooktacular, and it was incredibly annoying at the time. Especially if you look at something like the Valentines event where 1-2 people still have to play Ranger/Huntress with the Portal gun for the entire thing, this just isn't a good model. I prefer the distribution system they have now (thought I have yet to bother beating Turkey and X
  6. I seem to be having a connection problem as well - every single game I tried to join since steam went down I've gotten "Attempt to join failed"
  7. Those who bought the Eternia Shards Complete pack will get the Assault Mission Pack for free. Valve is adding it to the pack. I'm assuming it will automatically download, but I'm not entirely sure. It is currently only saying "Get!" when trying to start a mission from the Assault Pack, even with the full Shards prepurchased. You can wait until tomorrow to fix it, though, so I don't get distracted from my studying ;)
  8. FPS lag & latency aren't the same thing. Try turning your graphics options down if your machine can't keep up with the particle effects. It would be a nice option to have anyway. I have the hardware to deal with it on my desktop, but that still doesn't change the fact that I can't see anything happening in one. The game can be colorful without being that over the top. Same with the Serpent pet - using that thing while running even close to groups will leave you navigating blind
  9. I don't think mobile has superloot+, though, so 50M actually means something there
  10. It gives them an advantage most other players can't have? That's how it affects everyone. None of the other achievement awards affect gameplay at all, and this should be no different. I know it's been mentioned before, but I'll say it again: Chicken. Whatever position it has now, the fact remains that it DID have an impact on gameplay, rendering your premise false. As for the outlander costume giving some sort of benefit - I'm all for it. You say you don't need to continue playing the game when you've completed the game? Have you ever played GTA just to run amok downtown Vice City after yo
  11. I had this exact problem once too. Insane UMF: as far as I'm concerned, I had my upgraded Overlord's Charge equipped - but my teammates saw me as having some lower quality staff equipped. http://steamcommunity.com/id/circlebreaker/screenshot/594706251639763684?tab=public Here is a screenshot of my inventory screen with the chat log overlaid It was a one-time occurrence, but it was annoying and confusing at the time Edit: Might be worth mentioning that in effect I DID have the lower-quality staff equipped - with extremely poor DPS
  12. I can't comment on the diminishing returns specifically, but it is my general impression that you want to pump as many points into tower attack and tower speed as possible. For keeping the builder in, I would definitely say yes. NM is a lot more tower focused, so those extra percents are worth a lot more than whatever much more DPS a hero character would do
  13. If you are steam friends with them, could you use the Steam chat option to "Join Game" or "View Game info" to join/locate the server they are on? Yo can join cross-region games by clicking Join Game in steam friends. Not sure how advisable this is though - had a Danish friend join me in South Carolina, and he was lagging some
  14. Name I agree with. Color to some extent, as these are both purely cosmetic issues. Though I do kind of like running around with my silly pink hammer and being able to excuse it with the fact that I can't control the dropped skin ^^ For size, this DOES have an impact on gameplay. As I'm sure you know, bigger axes swing in larger arcs, etc. By allowing players to set the size of their weapon, all weapons will end up being more or less the same size, making the models even more homogeneous. I would speak against that. At most, introduce three generic sizes; smallish, default, and slightly large
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