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  1. I like your idea a lot. Imho, removing the hero deck entirely would force more generic roles. Then at the highest end of game play parties of competitive players would min/max their builds for this purpose.
  2. I 100% agree that games with loot need trading. D3 showed us it can go wrong if not implements correctly. But there are literally hundreds of other games that have modeled the correct way to do it. It's not like Trendy cares whether people get gear way past their level for free anyway. If they did they would not allow low iPwr players to group with high iPwr players in high zones.
  3. They tried to do this through uber spheres, but the spheres are very very limited. Tower Items would make the game much more customizable. It would also allow character gear to focus on character stats and tower gear to focus on tower stats. That way everyone can play both the rpg and tower defense aspects of this game at the same time, instead of having to make separate characters for each of those things.
  4. Bump because this would still be an amazing feature to have.
  5. I turned my game to Windowed-Fullscreen mode a few weeks ago, which instantly broke my game without letting me revert it. Now whenever I try to play the following occurs: --I click Play in Steam, which opens the DD2 Launcher window. --I click the purple start icon then my game opens. --The game menu is opened up (with music and everything) but the entire screen is black. If I move my mouse I can hear it scrolling over buttons, and I can even click them, but the screen remains black. As far as I know there is no way to change the graphics settings without entering the client, so I can't revert
  6. No, it has happened frequently at various places on various maps. It seems like whenever my characters is face to face with an enemy, on most (probably all) maps. I will attempt to verify the game files and try to replicate the bug tomorrow and post back here with screenshots when I do.
  7. 1) Bosses can have weak points. e.g. Grimlok can light a bomb a second or two before he throws it and if a dps can target it quickly it will blow up in his hands causing extra damage. Extra boss mechanics like that (maybe even on normal minions?) would add some depth and makes bosses more fun than just a normal minion with a large hp pool. 2) Add more tower options for heroes. Monk could have some kind of wind tower, Huntress could have sticky traps, apprentice could have a portal (like what Trendy wants to do with target dummies), as just a few ideas to start something. And for #3, the grandd
  8. When the apprentice is up close to an enemy his weapon's attacks will go through an enemy and angle upward (as if off of an invisible mirror) into the horizon. It has done this for every weapon attack type I have tried so far on every map.
  9. Windows 10 HP Envy Laptop i7 Core 16GB Ram Process to repeat: 1) Launch Steam 2) Launch DD2 3) Click "Play" 4) Watch the Logo screen do its thing 5) Screen turns black and mouse icon freezes. Normal mouse icon reappears and can move but the DD2 mouse icon is frozen along with the screen. The Steam notification informing you about how to "shift-tab" also is frozen during this freeze.
  10. Same issue for me. Screen goes back before main menu pops up. If I ctrl+alt+delete the game loads into the main menu but then when i play i am not connected to the server.
  11. I was about to come back to the game after taking a hiatus last summer to begin my school semester. I am planning on beginning a 4-man party with friends and running a play-through of the game. It is discouraging to see this post, and it sounds so unlike the Trendy that I was working with in pre-alpha 6 months ago. :(
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