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  1. Loving the discussion! I've been in touch with the "dedicated builder" setting. It' bad, But I think I prefer that to the "pick an entrance" style. But guys, what about my other questions? =(
  2. Maybe it's about the Defense Power and Speed? I'm not sure it they use the players' current values, or the values of the time they were summoned. If the later, people would exploit having a DPS "Set" and a Defense "Set".
  3. Hey there! It's my first thread. I played DD 1 for a long time, getting the DLCs and everything. I started playing DD2 about 15 hours ago, and now I'm learning more about it's community. You see, The game hasn't changed much - the towers are more sparse and I think that the action part is more interesting than DD 1. I started playing very similar to my previous DD1 style, maining a class until I feel I got what it had to offer. While testing the Pre-alpha, I figured I'd start with the apprentic, since it's familiar and safe, and went well until level 10. But, then, I started going to the
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