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  1. Nope, it shouldn't. They should be expensive and you should be overwhelmed with the amount of things you can buy with medals. Medals are strictly in game currency, if you want to save buy heroes / slots with gems.
  2. he is using the ice needle to apply witch's mark which increase damage by another 100% its a gear passive. Ye, but if he's using it and trying to show off DPS high chance he has the sphere too :P
  3. Well, honestly it sounds like you're just lacking gear compared to him. I would assume he's using the ice needle sphere because it's the only skill he uses when auto attacking and probably the broomnado sphere on his AP witch. Those are the only two that add damage (except the snipe one, but he wasn't sniping) The 30% and 20% won't make you deal 4x more damage though - and that's if even is even using those spheres. It's 99% the pet +gear level, you can see his damage when the buff drops it's normal GW damage.
  4. It's just the pet making him do that much damage, his stats are basic GW stats.
  5. I dislike how you started to read my question then skipped it. :( I only watch the 2nd half because the Q&A is what is most important to me. Maybe you could split it into two parts? Week 1) Teasers / game play. Week 2) Q&A thread answers, leaks, etc. I do like some humor, but there is just too much goofing off and not enough actual Q and A / info being given out. I'm not saying don't laugh but try to keep it somewhat professional, even for members of Trendy.
  6. Question: Would it be possible to assign hot keys to specific heroes, F1 - F12 for example? This would make switching heroes during a build phase significantly easier while still limiting exp / loot to only the 4 in your deck.
  7. Onslaught is actually one of the best ways to get geared because past round 8 all gear dropping is 690+ (in NM4.) I believe Onslaught is intended to be done semi afk. The rounds are still far too long, but it's definitely not unrewarding.
  8. Oooh. Is that why when I get to 35+ rounds of Onslaught the game gets super choppy when selling / moving items? If that's the case, I second this, please change! My bags auto pickup the gear, but things like eggs and pet boxes just sit there for me. I'd love some type of filter checkbox that auto sells X as soon as it drops, before going into my bag or sitting on the ground.
  9. That would make no sense if the explosions didn't stack.
  10. Why can't you do that back in the tavern? Why do ya need to hold everyone else up? There is no way you're looking through greens and probably not blues
  11. Question: When the revamp comes, would it be possible to also revamp the number of waves and overmall map time? A 7 wave maps takes upwards of 20 minutes including setup time and loot checking. Question / Statement: I would -love- if we could cut down to 3/5 wave maps, with lower rewards of course. I feel like a map should make 7-15 minutes at most. As it is now I simple build my defenses and then semi afk until I have to upgrade. I'd love quicker, harder, more engaging maps. Second statement, not so much a question but it can be taken as one: I WANT to lose, and lose often. I want to get frustrated and have to turn the game off because I just CAN'T beat a certain map. I want to come back 15 minutes later, sit down and try again. I want there to be discussion on the forums on proper defense placements and "wtf to do" because it's hard. I want to see pages filed with crying and rage. This is coming from a player who hates dark souls games, so it's not like I love a super challenge, I just feel like in THIS game, that's exactly what we need. I want to build up my characters by going Nm1, Nm2, Nm3, Nm4, etc instead of just hopping into a pub game and leeching gear up until I can self carry. I want some maps, not all, to be hard enough that they can't afford to have leechers. I don't want cheese, i don't want random 1 shots that can't be avoided, but I do want fun and a challenge. I don't want Trendy to be afraid that content is too hard. I want to not be able to clear the highest difficulty without spending 1 mil in item upgrades and hours farming for the correct passives (and this is coming from a semi casual). If you look at the original inferno in Diablo 3, that's the true test of hardness. That was unbeatable by the vast majority of the player base, and they loved it. They complained, a lot, but they loved the challenge and something to look forward to. The major downfall was loot was very hard to come by, which made progression almost impossible. In this game, however, in a general sense loot is relatively easy to come by; so if you combined the toughness of that with the loot in this - I think we'd have a really, really fantastic game.
  12. You just seem like you want to hate the game. I have no clue where you came up with the idea that the OG4 are useless. Just off the top of my head.. lightning aura + geyser ballista + earthshatter serenity aura + poison dart heavy cannonball + training dummy Those are just combos that work in nm4 that I thought of in 5 seconds, add in frost towers / blockades and you're fine. The game is under 4 gigs, just DL it and play an hour. Be positive going in, not negative.
  13. You know you can just remove the other heroes in your hero deck, so you just have the apprentice and all the drops will be rolled for them? I'm not even going to explain why the idea is ridiculous, but more people to him if he wants to try.
  14. It is extremely rather unintelligent idea. Not only will switching to the "absolutely perfect hero for this situation" triple the time it takes you to set up, really resulting in a net loss of 'good items' to waste, it's completely unnecessary. Good gear makes towers strong, you don't need to have a hero for every tower if a couple towers can cover everything. If you have enough free time to farm out 300,000 medals then maybe your time is better spent on doing something more lucrative.
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