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  1. is it me or is it really ... i mean REALLY hard to boost your pet affection level??? i have been playing for hours and my pet is still 8/45... some1 told me to buy the pet affection item for 250 quest currency but... im saving my tokens for either mystic or dryad.. so i dont want to waste my tokens on pet affection booster.. so is it a weird kind off Pay to Win element that i missed? pay to have the token required to boost your pet rly quick so you have additional stats... or play for months to level your pet 1-2 times.... btw those are not accusation.. im just trying to know wtf is happening with this... btw because my pets suck.. even tho i have gear from NM4 (before trial patch) which is a little better than C3, im still waaay worst than other players with similar gear. ex: my best barricade have around 720k hp instead of the 1millions+ that i see
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