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  1. I have 3 Harbinger Shield, LV30 (ipwr 133) , LV45 (ipwr 208), and LV50 (ipr 306) All of them roll a lower value passive than my LV 27 (ipr 101) shield. The LV27 shield has Nullify - 134 MDEF Harden - 122 DEF LV 30 Harbinger Shield has Nullify - 88 MDEF Lv 45 Harbinger Shield has Harden - 102 DEF Lv 50 Harbinger Shield has Nullify - 107 MDEF Not only the passive roll is rubbish on Harbinger, the base stat is also less. I am not exactly sure how stat roll is calculated, whether being primary or secondary has any impact on the amount, but both the LV 27 shield and LV 30 Harbinger Shield has Def as secondary stat. The Harbinger has 46 less physical defense than the lower-leveled shield. Image for reference: 
  2. How many people (or percent) in the Trendy team are going to be able to finish this month's monthly quest?
  3. Let make the next monthly quest level hero 200 times! It will be fun. /s This month's level affection is basically that.
  4. OK, just my 2 cents. How many Trendy employees will actually be able to get this monthly quest finished? And if this is any indicator of its difficulty... 80 ogres is pretty ridiculous, since you will have to land the killing blow (either with tower or hero), if it acts like the rest of the daily quest. Pet kill does not count, other player kill does not count, other player's defense kill does not count. Which means, to finish this monthly quest, you are supposed to play 80 solo maps (or less, if at higher difficulty), and this game is supposed to be a multi-player, co-op game? And the 75 affection, basically forces players to have a different every time it finishes leveling up the first few levels, since the later levels are harder to earn. I have a pet at 21 affection and I played like 4 matches for it to be still at 21...
  5. Great! A co-op game require a player to solo. Or just do low level content. Seriously who think this is a great idea?
  6. This is backwards. It was one of the things I really liked about DD2. Not having to collect everything. DD2 is the backward of DD1... DD1 just sell all the ground loot each wave automatically, DD2 require 2 hours before the ground loots are sold. Now the ground loots are lost if not pick up and sold manually, who would have thought that's an improvement? The homeless man would think that's an improvement, because now he is living in our tavern and leeching off our heroes. Who in Trendy is the homeless man?
  7. Just noticed these 0.01%, 0.63%, etc. as well. Hopefully just a text bug. It is not. At least I see the one with blaze balloon critical chance is still only 0.85%, the extra damage from the phoenix is something like 15.
  8. No, the game in today's state is pretty much broken. Old items below 241 all have crappy stats like +0.01% gold for defense kill, +0.1% sword beam damage, +0.34% earthshatter radius, +0.85% critical on blaze balloon, +0% extra defense power as damage, 30% chance to do 0.01% physical damage, 25% to heal 0.01% damage dealt. Farming in this state, even if you get a full set of legendary items, their passive would be as good as none. Why bother? By the way, I just joined some guy's end game insane "happy" Throne Room, so matchmaking is working.
  9. I don't see it anywhere, and I am pretty sure I have ipr 241+ before patch.
  10. lol 25% chance to restore 0.01% of damage dealt. That's heal 1 hp for every 10k damage dealt. Cool beans
  11. Been soloing to get 10 special enemies killed. Out of 3 Griblok and 1 Ogre, only 1 of the Griblok is counted towards the number. The 3rd Griblok was counted but not the other 2, and I actually walk away from it instead of running up and trying to kill it. I believe storm damage pet also cannot trigger the "electrocute" daily quest to count, but it counts if player B's storm damage triggered enemies drenched by my geyser, or my storm weapon triggered enemies drenched by my geyser. Is this somehow related to the old "pet kills don't drop item" bug?
  12. Adding another game to the list: every single LEGO game. They operate slightly differently, in that you can choose 2 "main heroes" and the rest will be chosen "randomly" to ensure that the set will be able to finish the map and find all secrets. It is fair because players can choose according to their personal preferences without needing to worry about effectiveness, and can still effectively complete any map. I would personally love to see the game operate similarly, with each player being able to bring in 1 builder and 1 fighter in a 4-player settings, or 1 builder and all fighter, to allow for greater fluidity between waves. Also I think that to encourage actual co-op play, a player should be limited on how many green mana they can drop during each building phrase, enough to allow another player to build a 50-mana defense, but not enough for 1 person doing all the building. This ensures that players are only doing contents that they are at least semi-confident, reduces leeching, and promotes teamplay. Even if 1 player is an overwhelmingly strong builder, the other 3 players can allow that player to build 3 extra defenses per wave and eventually replace the rest of the defense. During longer game modes, like onslaught this restriction would be minimized as defense can be replaced 1 by 1 until it is all built by the best builder in the party. The build will still eventually be the "optimal" (strongest possible build for the group) build; however without each and everyone pulling their own weight, 1 strong builder within the group would not be as strong as a group with all strong builders. The only downside to it could be that it leads to elitism...
  13. Major problem isn't level, in my opinion, but the requirement for the maps, and items. In DD1, players are not required to hit LV 100 to be useful or to play NM stuffs (some maps still do), and most items that players get are the 60 and the 74 items (if I remember correctly)... Ultimate items barely drop so level isn't really a thing to consider. DD2 is different, NM mode is not playable until the player is at end game, which is level 50. I am okay with end game hard items having required level at around 45, since it means players are only required to be 45 to use the gears from those levels. But the stuff at NM1+ gets higher, so even if the player join a private game, gets all the nice loots, he/she still need to get to LV 50 to enjoy those loots. My biggest concern is that leveling is unfun and unproductive; sure, you are broadening the build variety, but you are not improving anything, you are not doing anything thing other than boring out of your mind, or for some, having fun because you are watching the hottest shows on Netflix at the same time. I hate to keep bringing up another game called Marvel Heroes 2015 (I will refer it to MH), it is a game I no longer play, but has tons of opportunity, tons of things that the game does right. On leveling a new hero, MH still have the 60 levels, and on top of that, 6 tiers of prestige (which means you can reset the hero to LV1 and start all over for a base costume and a new color for your name for that specific character). FInishing all 6 tiers of prestige for 1 hero requires the same among of EXP as to level 30 heroes to LV 60. How do they do that? 1. They have multiple type of progression even for playing a low level hero: acquiring a certain among of EXP gives "Omega Points" an account-wide system in which you can spend them to get better stats, higher drop rate, etc. 2. "Legendary Quest" which can be accessed when a character is LV 20 (which literally take 10 minutes to do), these quests reward money, EXP, and "Odin Marks" which can be spend on buying "Legendary items" (it is a non-standard item with its own item slot), or get "Blessings" (enchantment on artifacts, it is also a universally used trading currency). 3. Relic pieces that drop after level 30, it is an non level scaled equipment, that can be equipped up to 1000. 4. Eternity Splinter, a currency that drops once about every 8 minutes, it is used to buy new heroes, unlock team-ups (which is like a side-kick hero), etc. 5. Exp booster, server side exp boost, can get over 10x exp gain if stacked. There are just a few things that DD2 can copy and make the leveling feels less of a hassle. Of course Trendy can always introduce a leveling requirement cap, for example LV after 25 all require the same amount of exp, allowing player with a strong foundation to do harder contents to level up faster. Having side quest for new character to gain a lot of exp for every map they do can also potentially speed up the process. Random map challenge bonus, like "finishing map with at least 10 squire defense", "do X amount of hero damage with less than X number of deaths", or "do X damage to bosses and special enemies" can probably stir things up a little bit...
  14. I don't think it meets the criteria of having 0 ipwr when 2 of the 4 heroes are all decked out. Might as well call it as it is: NM4 cleared with an active hero with no items.
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