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  1. This is Dungeon Defenders II forum, not the Dungeon Defenders 1 forums, go there instead.
  2. Um, the most common spot I've seen right now is wave 3 on Throne Room NM1, I've gotten a skeleton ALMOST, everytime I do it, actually sorry, 2 skeletons. It's not luck really, because I find them more here, than any other map. Just a heads up to anyone else, but I've gotten 20 skeletons in one hour, which isn't bad, but if you take it slow, just the grind is insane for it, it's a lot to build, but faster.
  3. They're not rare, plenty of them. People like me, aren't playing in Public Matches anymore because of leechers. Leechers are people that join a high level match, with low level gear, and don't do anything the whole time. They pretty much just make the game harder for you, and just get you annoyed, It's the main reason I don't host matches anymore, I just play with my little NM group I have.
  4. but it was added to the Ramparts Incursion map at sometime. Maybe you could help out and find which update they added it to the map? :) I know it was there, and now it seems to be gone. I believe Armored Cleanser was added within....Pets and Dragons...I believe? I could be wrong, but I know it was long after that update. It just conveniently happened to drop in that map, I've seen someone with the Armored Cleanser, but just one person, whether it was a developer or just a person, I'm not the person to ask because I don't know, but I never seen a golden bow when the update actually came o
  5. Just to be clear, armored cleanser was not the item that was in the ramparts incursion update.
  6. lol what? Thats crazy! I'm gonna hop on and try this later lol. I did two inc runs a day or two ago and it didn't happen. Any specific trigger? It's very very random, and if it does have a trigger, it's hard to do, because before loot and survive, I played forest X-roads 24/7, and I NEVER got the bug, as much as I wanted a "pre" version of onslaught, I couldn't get it. lol what? Thats crazy! I'm gonna hop on and try this later lol. I did two inc runs a day or two ago and it didn't happen. Any specific trigger? Ogre was killed inside resp point. I think it's trigger. Like I said, it's pre
  7. DD2 isn't a place, it's the title of the game. It does have multiple castles because it is another region/area. Such as Dragonfall and Gambler's Pass. You're not fighting castles, you're saving them from the Old Ones, which are trying to destroy the Eternia crystals to unleash chaos upon the land.
  8. What is this old man I keep seeing mysteriously hidden in levels? I've seen him in forest crossroads, and by the subcore gate in Dragonfall Bazaar.
  9. You don't have to sell, your pets...do you? Why can't you just stock up on pets, every time you hatch an egg, get it to level 10 affection, then sell it, or keep it if you want it. This monthly quest is actually pretty easy, the only hard thing is the ogres, and that's going along semi-smoothly for me.
  10. What are you even talking about? I'm going to assume English isn't your main language, so I won't get rude about that, but...the Ogre was never supposed to be fixed this patch, so please don't say that, they said they just removed the items from the bosses on the 1st wave, and in a future hotfix, they're removing the minibosses/special enemies completely, so it was never this patch. Unless I read the hotfix notes entirely wrong, and I don't think I did. The answer isn't "no" when you're asking how to do something. That's like saying, How do I use a microwave? And you're response is just "no"
  11. Not long ago, in a devstream, this npc was revealed: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=513138369 What's he here for? Is this a hint that this gate supposed to open at one point? Was he just made and put in here for fun, and a nice little easter egg? Is he going to do something later on?
  12. Heyo! That was me that quoted it, I'll throw the quote back in here, in the exact words. Pmasher: I think I actually made an error in the patch notes, at one point in development shellium shards was from rotten pet eggs. But now it's just another reagent you have to find from pet food boxes. He used two words in this that don't quite go together. "reagent" and "pet food". There are boxes specifically made for reagents, and pet food boxes contain specifically pet food. So, it's either rare drop from one of the two, but in this case, it maybe too rare as a matter in fact, and no one got it ye
  13. I recently signed in, too look at a recent thread someone has sent me, but I couldn't get into it, because it stated that I wasn't a pre-alpha player. Well, I linked my account, and nothing happened. I do remember something wrong with the website, but I can't find it, so now I don't necessarily know what to do. If someone could help, that'd be great.
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