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  1. Is this out for preorder yet on steam? Even though I think I've managed to persuade most of my friends to buy a copy, I still think I'll be getting a 4-pack, just in case I forgot to get someone playing!
  2. Chrome happy now. This post should test if Norton is still having fits about it.
  3. Looks like you underestimated how quickly you could do it. Not like you guys at all!
  4. Norton popped up with something about "blackhole toolkit" when I tried to post. Sounds odd to me.
  5. BTW, Trendy will be represented at Pax this week, so if your going swing by and show some love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! maybe we give you some swag. Any chance we'll see you at Eurogamer? I want swag, but not badly enough to fly across an ocean.
  6. It's a close call, but getting out just before the big PC releases might help a bit with sales. BF3 a week later, Skyrim just after that, but it seems you've managed to get a date just early enough to poach a bit of the impulse purchase cash floating around. Shame you couldn't get it out any earlier, no real releases until around then that I can see, and then it's all at once!
  7. I think you guys are all being a bit insensitive. Hoping for release date news, when clearly it's just a guy excited for his birthday! Happy Birthday Mr. Stieglitz, you've been 28 here for three hours already! What could us forum folk get you for your birthday? I'm sure we could be creative if we put our minds to it.
  8. Just wondering... did half the comments from the start of this thread get deleted? It seems a lot more "red" heavy than I remember, and there are a lot less pages in total. Or am I just seeing conspiracies. Been playing too much BSG: the board game lately.
  9. I would assume that they may release an official release date soon. With MicroSoft cert. out of the way, and Sony going underway, it shouldn't be long now. Just the not-so-easy process of arranging simultaneous release across the systems now I guess. My guess is a couple more months from this point, but we're certainly getting closer now! My group has resorted to SC2 custom maps for the past couple of weeks because there's nothing interesting to do with 4-5 people once you've gotten your lol-fix for the day!
  10. I think this is the part where I should start whining about how long the playstation process is taking. Damn consoles blah blah blah. But in all seriousness, this is great news, I really wasn't expecting anything this soon! Do you guys reckon you'll be able to get release well before the 11.11.11 overload of games?
  11. Lol, my bad. Neurons misfiring. John blows game is the witness or something like that. Can't remember off top of my head. Notch is getting boned by bethesda :) though nothing will come of it. Yeah, it's The Witness, and it looks pretty damn amazing. I followed some of the development information, and it just looks like he's trying for some really original ideas. I wasn't a huge fan of braid, it was good, but didn't change my world, but I'm still really looking forward to seeing The Witness when it's ready. Scrolls looks interesting too though!
  12. Any kind of ps3 transfer will likely be after release. Like finally said. Probably "soon" after release.
  13. Legends: Dominion would be released before "soon." At least this might be something to keep my attention until we finally get hold of DD!
  14. Based on the standard of the game, coupled with the amount of content, I think pretty much everyone is expecting a $15 release price now. Personally, I think releasing it at $10 would get more sales for a game such as this with all of it's co-op value. But I have 0 experience in the games industry, so I should probably keep what I think to myself :P
  15. You're the first team that I've heard or read about that has taken this long for final cert... 11 weeks is beyond ridiculous and makes me feel something is fishy here =\ Judging by the recent "official" posts, it makes me think that they have initially been rejected and are working on changing what needs to be changed, or they've been told they have to wait until after the summer sales events. It's gone from "waiting to hear from MS" to "no new information". Maybe I'm reading too much into it.
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