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  1. Since the game loads with your DD.com profile, just add the age to the profile and only display avatars if the person is above the age of 16? But every child is just going to use a false age anyway to bypass that and then you don't have a reasonable expectation to prevent that from happening anyway. Or just add parental locks like steam provides, not displaying the avatar if it's active.
  2. 1. Different camera options or being able to customize it. A basic first person mode (without displaying weapons or animations even) would be sufficient enough for me, or being able to shift the camera like some aiming key toggle. The costume my character here is wearing is constantly in the way of the crosshair if you're shooting, although I have exegerrated the effect by having a wall behind me. Still, the feather is always in the way if the character isnt in the idle animation but the costume is fine as it is. Not really a problem because the game doesn't have pinpoint accuracy moments, but I still would prefer my view not being obstructed. 2. Steam/PSN avatars on the top left It's always hard to figure out who is who especially if you're trying to kick a specific person, it would help if I could differentiate between people on that list. Also, why are the squire icons facing away from the game? 3. Defense view could need a change, at some point I have so many towers that I just entirely not use this feature. It would help if the range was increased and only the health bars of 100% not full towers would be displayed, or if they were translucent depending on how much hp the tower has (making lower hp towers pop out easier?). 4. Not really a suggestion and more of a bug: charge shots don't penetrate towers (They hit them instead) while basic shots do penetrate. I don't think that's intended. Charged shots should definitely penetrate.
  3. Because it's shady and confusing. Raffling out some hat codes? That's fine. Blatantly also selling them? Not okay. If we take a look at this guy's twitch and youtube, he barely had any viewers before the promotion. They were ranging from 30 ~ 100 on twitch at best and his youtube is basically generating nothing either. With Trendy's help, they made his channel get a heck lot more views that he monetized, which is the whole point of it. You get views from the exposure, they get sales from the exposure. Revsharing. That wasn't enough apparently, so then he went on selling codes for $5 a piece. I'm just an accountant and I have no idea of marketing, but I can tell you for a fact, that this guy made more money from his Twitch revenue + the sales of the codes, than Trendy actually gained in players that day. For example, on my twitch channel, I get proposals such as keys for $50 products that I may hand out, a 20% share in revenue from their side, promotion on a platform that has 200k concurrent daily visitors. Now, considering how much money I would make from revsharing at that point, why in the *** would I also start selling the promotional keys that are basically XXX's product? That's like biting the hand that feeds you. Of course, it was Trendy's choice, perhaps he's a close friend to them and they wanted to help him out. In that case it would've helped to make it a bit more transparent, because as of right now, the sale thing seems completely unintentional from Trendy's point of view to me.
  4. What about good maps for getting to that level in the lowest amount of time? Like on DD1 the map to farm for exp was the ramparts? For getting to +25 just do the easiest map in your bracket over and over, you get XP depending on how many waves you have done. Hard doesn't affect the amount of XP (Apparently it does give you +15% though) you get in a meaningful manner or how many monsters there are in a wave.
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