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  1. I'm going to assume this is not your first language. If that is the case then you are awesome, because I will guarantee you that I cannot speak your language as good as you can speak mine! However I will give everyone the TLDR; He likes the game, but he doesn't like the repetitive aspect of the game. He further explains how he doesn't like playing the same maps repeatedly. He then offers a suggestion of changing up the mob spawns on the maps to elevate the feel of repetition. He then finishes his post by commenting that team play should be more rewarding. He offers suggestions of
  2. I think the word you're looking for is "American" ;) >_> Bad, bad stereotyper, thou shalt be punished by the karma.
  3. I actually am totally cool with what they're offering. Like others have said, sometimes people have brilliant ideas or images of what they want to create but don't have the skill sets to do it. I'm all for these guys getting some money for making *quality* mods for those that want them. It's not different than paying a landscaping company to make your yard look better or to add things that you don't have the capability of adding. (key word quality, make sure you do this with passion and make the customer's imagination come to life!)
  4. I see...Okay then, lol. Was all excited to pick apart the game and learn from/improve it xD
  5. I've been looking the last 10 or 20 minutes and I can't seem to find it, so I'm assuming I'm missing something.
  6. I can beat anything pretty much without a huntress, however the reverse is true I think of what you stated in that the other 3 classes all have more viable and important towers than the huntress, thus the balance is still preserved. BTW my tower apprentice does more dps than my hero huntress :D Then your huntress isn't very good...I've seen huntresses do legit 150k dps on the training dummies. and then you multiply that by how many targets the piercing shots go through...doesn't seem balanced.
  7. Just an observation Ive made recently, especially on harder difficaulties with 4 players. when 1.3m ogers are running around towers alone can't really dps them down. Thoughts, concerns, solutions? Does trendy have any plans to address this? Requesting change of title to "towers not scaling as well as huntresses". It's a bit annoying that you can't do any of the insane challenges without a dps huntress, but yet you can do them without any of the other classes in a majority of the cases. Huntresses seem to be too much of a "key" hero, while the other 3 aren't necessarily needed in the way a
  8. I've already shown (here) that the displayed attack rate isn't the true attack rate but it's closely related to the real attack speed. This was the relation between both attack rate (displayed/real) they came few patches ago : =graph= This leads to the relation true attack rate = 0.22 + 1.92 * (displayed attack rate). (Please keep in mind the coefficients have changed since patch 7.05) So the true attack rate islinearly correlated to the displayed attack rate and this is true for all apprentice's towers. However, the coefficient are bit different. Well then I would still request tha
  9. Is it just Magic Missile towers that have this problem? Oh boy, I feel the urge to do a lot of testing later tonight. You should do so and let us know what you find!
  10. I've noticed this same thing when running tests on towers. Would be nice to see a dev answer this, but perhaps once we have dev tools we can actually figure it out ourselves? I do intend to look into it once the source is released, and I hope to be modding the game for use on open.
  11. The mm tower does 3500 dps when decked out, fire tower does 6500. Tower don't scale with 4 ppl, in solo towers do really well, with 4 players they are weak against the high hp mobs, i mean ninjas have 25k hp with 4 ppl. Bit off topic there chap, we're not discussing their usefulness, just their attack rate and the info about their attack rate. I figured, like traps, the value represented the cooldown time between attacks. As an example, my DST has an attack rate of 1.74. The charge time of the tower is just over one second. It fired twenty times in sixty seconds which correlates to AR bei
  12. But it's not just the dummy, I also counted the number of shots in 30 seconds and it came out to being only about 3 shots a second at 89 shots in 30. Not what is advertised in the tower info.
  13. So...I'm a little confused about which one is the proper way for a Magic Missile Tower is supposed to fire. The info on it says at full upgrades it is firing at .16 seconds. When checking the dps though, it is always at 3x the single shot damage, suggesting that is firing at .33 seconds. As well, I timed the number of shots over 30 seconds and got 87. which is right around 3 shots per second. Now, I'm not complaining about the dps of the mm towers, at 2k it's not too terrible. However, I feel that either the stats on the tower should be changed to reflect the actually shots per second o
  14. You could host your own lobby and do a part in making it better by not kicking people that don't deserve it. You don't have to worry about connection on ranked since I think it uses Trendy's servers.
  15. Yes. Specifically the idea of having green drops never disappearing. Too often have I been running across glitterhelm to get to a green item only to have it disappear when I'm ten feet from it. As well as yes to the second point, as it causes quite a bit of arguing between my friends and I specifically because the squire in the group gets a large percentage of the exp.
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