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  1. What I ment was stuff like if you kill a Hex Thrower right after it started its throwing animation but before it finnished it it will "throw" a invisible projectile. You can also resert curzikaze bettwen waves by going afk for like 5 minutes but it should resert with build phase.
  2. Could we have some QoL updates sutch like Cursekazi/Toxickazi being resert in ea build phase without having to wait a absurd amount of time aswell as stuff like Hex throwers dieing during throw animation will not show a projectile but asuming no reflector in the way it will still be damage to its target. Also stuff like canceling/pausing the burn of flamelance boss during build phase so defences cant die during build phase?
  3. As there is somewhat of a lack of incursion could we have a Boss rush one?
  4. Finaly got my first at ascension 220.
  5. Have you considerd using a totem or a relic with defence health as a 2ndary stat untill you find tower placements where they dont get aoed down?
  6. At what ascentionlvl did you get your first range shard?
  7. Could I pay a dev on DD2 to ensure that Argick does not get the EV 2.0 for atlest 2 weeks after the relese of it?
  8. Some player have gear with a base ipwr over 700 but that was only obtainable by having a character with over 700 ipwr when opening warcashe you could get wep with over 700 ipwr, how ever there is no curent way to get a item with over 700 ipwr without upgrading it.
  9. Hello, I just completed the entire NM3 incursion version of first map and it only droped iPWR 0 items.
  10. Banned for not using a drooling simpson picture.
  11. The heavy cannonball tower at max range does roughtly 25-30% the DPS of a normal cannnonball tower and wille it has the range and a slight aoe the aoe is not to count on and it does not target air, I tested building the Heavy Cannonball towers on a squire focused mostly on those towers and compare it with the Cannonball tower of my Barricade squire, the cannonball tower had higher DPS and wille its single target the heavy cannonball tower might as well be considerd single target due to how small the aoe is. The advantage a heavy cannonball tower has over a normal cannonball tower is that it can shater enemys at a higher range but not at a range even close to worth the DU used to build them.
  12. I think it will be something that will just sit in your sphere inventory untill they either buff it quite alot or remove it completely. To bad one can't refund the sphere even if just for half the tokens.
  13. Hello, what are you saying in terms of "problems?" they are too, they glitch through things or they get stuck in spawn. I have had some trouble with them getting stuck, but im usually a dps huntress by that stage and its not that bigger issue. Heya, they always get stuck for me. I only done it a few times but they have never gone thrue the wall before I killed one of the ogres behind the wall.
  14. Hello, I would like to ask if anyone else is having problem with the ogres on the map named Forgotten ruins on difficoulty Nightmare 2 and 3 wave 5 and 7? Thanks for responce.
  15. Hello, I think theres a bug where Flamethrower towers shomehow reduce the item drops from enemys (from several tests with and without Flamethrower tower theres quite a large diffrence in quantity of droped items in same game mode and maps.
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