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  1. Since you can already get to 60/60 food and affection, add an additional tier to the pet. The new tier could maybe be called Ancient. Instead of a flat boost to their stats, in this tier they swap over to % bonus. As long as the legendary pets give atleast 5% bonus to the two stats they would be multitudes better then the crap 350ish stat bonus they provide now assuming you have c7 gear, as most people likely wont see a max tier pet before reaching c7 it should not be an issue.
  2. So right now, mod quality display via the 5 bars is really miss leading and has a color scheme that doesn't match what is already in game. What makes sense would be something more like this: Bar 1: quality is in the 1-20% range, color grey. Bar 2: quality is in the 21-40% range, color white. Bar 3: quality is in the 41-60% range, color green. Bar 4: quality is in the 61-80% range, color blue. Bar 5: quality is in the 81-99.9% range, color purple. Bar 5(perfect): quality 100% perfect roll, color orange. Makes perfectly rolled mods clearly and easily identifiable. This system follows the color scheme already present in the games item/pet quality system and makes much more sense in a linear fashion showing progress on the bar. Currently for example, one can find a mod with 5 full bars still at yellow quality which is less then 50% of the mods max possible quality.
  3. My dps hero is ability power gunwitch, I have one piece of armor with health as a secondary stat and put ascension points into the hero health talent, otherwise stack ability power and shards for strong ice needle. With a miniboss damage mod on my weapon I can do 20-30mil in c7 gear to siege rollers with a single ice needle, and have 180k hp which is enough to deal with assassins or take a couple hits from roller missiles. Pet mods that help with roller dps, theres atleast one I know of called Sandstorm that gives you bonus earth damage and attack speed on attacks for the duration of the skill. Supposedly rollers take extra damage from earth. Think its on cats not sure though.
  4. So didn't see any other threads about this so heres the only one I have found so far. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1422911296 Mystics mod for lash out. Crazy dmg. Anyone else seen some of the onslaught exclusive mod? Edit: Found another mod, this ones for Monk heroic wave. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1423907357 Another found, heres the Apprentice mod for arcane volley/arc lightning ´╗┐´╗┐https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1423937813
  5. DD1's system was awful, it basically made it so that solo players couldn't get high quality items for endgame, and you had to have 4 player groups to progress gear. DD2 has a much smaller player base then DD1, the item system from DD1 wouldn't take well with the population so low.
  6. So as it stands in the game, playing solo is in general easier(as enemy numbers and stats scale with additonal players), and rewards the player the same as if 4 people were in the lobby. Without Increasing rewards in some fashion multiplayer will never be common place and or popular. Doing this in a balanced fashion is hard however, and arguably you want to do it without directly affecting item quality like in DD1. My suggestion is to have scaling EXP and Gold Find. For example when 2 players are in a map, gold and exp gain is increased by 1.25x, 3 players by 1.50x, and 4 players by 2.0x. These numbers are just filler examples to make the point. Increasing gold and exp would give a reason to want to play with many people while farming and actually bring back the group play in this multiplayer game. It would not directly effect items found maintaining a semblance of balance in the regards of loot progression. However you would have to test what the players find worthwhile for the scaling aspect, because if the gold/exp bonus is too low no one would want to play multiplayer still, if its too high it would break progression. This would for sure need thorough playtesting before being released publicly. Should also point out, that you would need to make the bonus for 4 players a good deal higher then for 2 or 3 players otherwise you may get multiplayer, but only in a sense were people just want to buddy up with a single person for the duo multipliers.
  7. So the game currently has a lot of game modes, each game mode has many difficulties. Scrolling through all these one at a time, from mode to mode from difficulty to difficulty is annoying/tedious. Here is my very amateur sketch up of a suggestion on how to fix it drawn in paint with just the point of getting across a new basic layout that will help alleviate cycling through all the modes, while you will still have to select the difficulty. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1NWCnYxGcfjqqNyx3wsrnILpY46XGOSRo
  8. The new launch is not resizable and does not fit on resolutions under a stupid high setting. Make an option so we can resize it pls cant even play unless i swap reso up on destop to see play button, get in game then set desktop reso back to normal. My reso is 1360x768 and cant see about an inch of the bottom of launcher.
  9. I think that gateing content progress behind dailys will make Dungeon defenders niche audience even more niche. :( Not a fan of this change, and hope to see it removed.
  10. Wish there was an edit button, Meant to say "I sincerely hope the subcores AREN'T such a broken game mechanic..."
  11. I have noticed everygame in 20-25 and 25+ that everyone ignores subcores and simply builds at a few chokepoints near cores. They claim letting subs fall means more EXP and more loots. Anyone have evidence to the contrary. I sincerly hope the subcores are such a broken game mechanic that you benefit from letting defenses fail. Would love to hear from trendy on this one.
  12. Boshu, you seem to be mistaking our feedback/suggestions for anger. I am not being negative. Just sharing my view of the game as it is, and what I would like to see change/get added. Also I dont understand why you would expect a sequal to be nothing like the first game, if it werent then theres not point in it still being a sequal. It should just be a new standalone game. Sequals IMO should just improve over the first game, making changes/improvements on already existing mechanics or adding a few new ones but not changing the overall feel of the title.
  13. the exp/gold bonus for comboing has been removed, you still see popups but they dont give anything. You do still get bonus exp/gold for stunning x amount of mobs which comings with gyser/lightning aura combo. Perhaps thats what you mean.
  14. I loved Dark Cloud 2's upgrade system. Its kind of funny to me that you dont like the sacrifice system here and want the dark cloud 2 system cause in that system the way to upgrade weapons to be extremely powerful was sacrifice other weapons by turning them into synthesis spheres to put into a new weapon. Turning old weapons into synthesis spheres put a % of their stats into the sphere to upgrade a new item.
  15. I just want to point something out here, try a map solo. When only one player loots the chest you get more then enough green mana. The reason you feel theres a shortage of mana in multiplayer is cause that total mana is now split between everyone. If no one is sharing or if someone is just hoarding their mana and not building it will cause a shortage all around. On some of the higher level maps first wave when solo you loot 600+ mana which is more then enough to build defenses in each spawn, and almost enough to use up all DU first wave. Its just a matter of finding decent players in multiplayer that will share their mana/use it wisely.
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