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  1. there is a shard for ev that boost the radius of the explotion of the reflect beam and the manufactur dont get affacted by the range shard.
  2. the ascend system can give alot of way to build if the push it more and same with the shard system
  3. u can try to build and then just keep 1 carract in ur deck with ur best gear
  4. The fact someone grinded to 110 to get a range shard and the first thought in my head is "Lucky" means something is very very wrong here .... i have a range shard drope in c3 , and i drop it aroud ascend 100+ , but no im not lucky i farm c1 from lv 0 ascend till lvl 95+ and never drop the range shard ... so if u compaire the xp u win in c1 and the xp u win c3 so it take me alot on map to reach 95+.
  5. i starting to get pissed off bythe multy because alot of things , 1leecher i mean ppl came in the game with low gear or low ascend lvl ( i do few game in multy and i got 3 lvl 45-45+ most of the other are ppl with ascend 0 or less that 40 ) so when i do a game with 3 leech if ur not over gear u just can lose .... 2 bored by ppl came look i build because i have better tower/wall ( i mean ok why not i will be more ez to win ) and in fact they dont know how to build .... 3 ppl came in the game and just mess up (like in c4 a guy find it fun to shoot only on the shield of the geod then that just wipe tower/damage the wall .... ) i realy thing c1/c2/c3/c4/c5 need to a require lvl ascend or something like that
  6. i think i would be better to increase the tower of the dryad than make a tree for free or somethong like that , i mean lost DU (30 in that case ) because you are using dryad its a part of the gameplay of the dryad. it might be better to increase the range of the tree or t2-t3 the tree range increase . about the nimbus return to a aoe tower not sure i will be nice or done something like the rain done abit less domagebut in aoe and a shard that give a nimbus a chance to unleash a lighting that deal a hight amount domage on a target ( after all its a cloud ... )
  7. the title says it all ! i mean rigth now dd2 is became a X Hero siege ( from wc3 for who knows ) build tower its seem to be useless , just take hp wall and go with ur 4 buddie kill the creep , all tower now useles , u almost deal more damage with hero without stuff than a tower with relic ... thanks to the update tower has no range , class wearpon are gone , monk/dryad/trap useless thanks to the roller, and the worst is that more update is done more farming time u need to get a gear that willl abite lvl up caract .... however , the ascend system look nice but u have put wrong think in it i mean u must have add something like ascend give us sub class or a way to focus on way to play us caracter like sphere update done ...
  8. dev just need to fix passif , u cant do any map in nm1 ( all carract around 295+ ipwr )
  9. Just need to make neutral lane have some res phys/magic like 15-35% to balance the game because if u can use all tower on this lane its too easy , need to make a challenge for player
  10. Salut azap , je ne pense pas que un patch fr ou dans un autre langue sois prévu pour le moment car comme tu a pu le remarquer le jeux et en alpha , le jeux risque de énormément changer et du coup faire des path dans d'autre langue cela prend du temps et donc du coup si il prenne le temps de faire des patch pour les langue il risque de perdre beaucoup de temps sur le développement du jeux , tu vas devoir prendre ton mal en patience et attendre que le jeux sois proche de sa sortie officielle pour qu'il dispose de plusieurs langue. Azap Hi, I do not think a patch fr or in another language'm currently scheduled for as you may have noticed, the games and alpha, the games may change dramatically and suddenly make patch in the other language takes time and thus the shot if he takes the time to make path for language he risks losing a lot of time on the development of games, you'll have to take your troubles patiently and wait for the game'm close its official release that he has several language.
  11. [[64025,users]] thx for the answer on my post, I sent a bug report (in master bar), this bug has allowed me to find new ways to build and new ways to play with the towers of heroes, I 'was able to fully rediscover the game; it's a blessing in disguise =)
  12. i have try to join session for incurtion and a message pop saying I do not create character, I click ok and I therefore invite created a personage ... after having created the character I even go the defender forge and all my inventory and vacuum / no more personage. everything was clear.
  13. special stats (armor ) for monk just have boost aura , lighting atck rate and heal reate ?
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