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  1. While I can agree that the traps are different But I think it's the rag dolls, otherwise the game would be much more boring, also the simple thing that makes being a F2P player not have fun is the horrible slow account progression. The way the game is monetized isn't for me. What the game does better is the way barricades work. But that's what makes orcs must die closer to sanctum. That's either here nor there, but I would like less importance of gear'd walls to balance the game, it made other blockades boring. or other strategies that should be equally effective. I like the PvP mode, but also despise the progression within and gaining cards, it just makes it a chore for free 2 play players to have fun. I Like DD2's art style more Honestly the whole game seems less fun and it made me appreciate how far this game has come. But also shown that there is something done right about this game. I like how there is head-shots in this game. The overall player combat isn't nearly as good as Dungeon defenders. I also don't like the map design where there is "Kill Boxes" there is other things that make me put down Orcs Must Die Unchained while I still retain hope for this game.
  2. For me the biggest issue with a F2P account is bag space, you should be fine otherwise.
  3. You know what I am talking about. Competition arrives on the 29th.
  4. I would say bundle those things with general chat. why have a friends list when it's really hard to meet people!?
  5. So because you don't like the option that makes waiting around for some one to queue with, or some one to play the game with, that makes that more entertaining and social, the social hub is one thing but that's not social enough. And no general chat for example in heroes of the storm isn't all just profanities and other things, people are willing to change the subject and talk about the game, and how to be better at the game, you know general chat things. You can definitly opt out of the chat of your leisure. But honestly if you really think this game would devolve into profanities, you are mistaken. And why did trump make this list, he is better than sanders or Hitlery. Less clickbait-y forum titles? Tongue-in-cheek aside, I wouldn't be against a general chat, but I would much rather other more important features be prioritized. How is that a click bait forum title, the chat that I am discussing Directly focuses on the community. And in my opinion this woud be more important than lets say. Delay the map for a day. Some one wants to join me or I join them that isn't the avalable 20 people in the social hub, sign me up!, Not having to hope for that specific 20 people in my social hub to actually be able to do games with.
  6. A general chat. General chats are awesome in these online only games. So while we are actually playing the game we can chat with other's that are playing the game. This would make it much better for when you want to just relax and do easy things for dailies or what ever.
  7. Brett and Steven's defense/enemy audit sounds pretty sweet so far. It's still a work-in-progress, but I believe we're going to share some more details about it on Friday's Devstream. Thanks for the comment, I'll watch the next dev stream. I still feel that the build Hearty blockade is too powerful, personally, and actually quite frankly because it's also causing developers to build around that, well, it's effect on the game for me, is a lack luster thing that made me enjoy the game less. Sure you helped out by making it defense health, but all in all, I don't think it has a positive effect on the game. Because you have to balance around it.
  8. They need to make a new mod that doesn't give more rewards that is well an actual difficulty. we don't need any more gear progression for a while.
  9. Throw away everything you learned from your characters level in RPGs. This game you level your gear, basically the higher the Ipwr the better. you are, You want to do the maps you can complete reliably and hope you get gear that would be better. You also want to stack passives that would go good with your character build. For example Defence life and defence power for squire for decent builder. and then throw in the passives that buff or do something for your offensive towers. make sure to stack those too to get the full effect. If you mean upgrades as in the wheel thing, that shouldn't change your item power.
  10. When they actually figure out how to balance the game.
  11. Here is the deal. it's impossible to find groups with out spending an hour + out of game to find a Guild, then find a group then find some one to play with, which means ALL nightmare modes are wastelands, so the only way to play the game is solo, the solo experience is far too difficult, for games in this loot based genre, where lower difficulties feel like a waste of time, and then the lower difficulties that can be complete for example the new map are underwhelming with rewards. (aside if you payed for it to reward you) The first issue again is that there is no groups that are actively able to complete maps on anything higher than NM 2, and even then NM2 has next to no players playing. So you are FORCED to play solo games. The community is small the division of player base is split four ways, with no reason for people that out geared NM1 to do NM1 while in other games there is always a reason, for example diablo has the best loot drop on ALL difficulties. hmm it's almost like they are difficulties. Rather than progression nodes and things that want players to be segregated. Making things take months and months to grind and be able to complete isn't rewarding which makes me unwilling to play the game very much. I will complete the 16 maps I need to win, but however that is exceedingly boring because the difficulties I can complete on that map aren't actually progressing my characters, unless I get a lucky roll with the wheel in the hub world. Here lies the rub this game tries to be challenging, but it's all gear checks, and the hours you spend on lower difficulties doesn't even prepare you well for the next difficulty, It's much like vanilla diablo 3 where you had to kill the butcher and elites before the butcher for far too long to progress and able to have both the damage and durability. This game throws everything they learned from diablo 3's changes, and everything the whole loot based genre found out and is now making the game ultra grind heavy where you actually don't They are planning on releasing a new hero, planning on lessening the level grind, which well they could actually get rid of levels all together and progress at the same rate because of how gear dependent the game is, and how long it takes to actually get the gear to get to the next tier of challenge. With that said, they might increase level cap eventually for a "wipe but we said there won't be so this will have to do" which means even more power creep. and even more infinite loot difficulties that make the game too hard for the solo player and even harder to gear. They want the game to be something it isn't, have WoW like progression which is a stale concept for loot based RPGs. People inherently like to be able to challenge themselves, but putting the challenges in the difficulties and the only place to challenge yourself there is broken concept, it should roughly be easy to get and complete NM4 Difficulties, And if you put in leader-boards and other things to make the game have a soft competition that resets every few months, people will drive and try to get the best map builds combined with the best hero builds to be able to challenge themselves. But depriving that content to the people that have the time to go and achieve NM4 content is not a very good decision game design wise. this game has what it takes to be good, but you make it punishingly difficult in the wrong places. People would enjoy themselves more if they where to feel rewarded through the entire progression curve until end game, you can't just title something end game and it be endgame. End game for ALL loot based games is when you are farming for the best gear, and NM1-3 isn't the best gear, and the gear discrepancy between a player with 1000 hours to a player with 200 hours on one hero, is well insane, this leads people to not have their real life friends playing the game with each other because it'd be unrewarding for one or the other depending on mode of play. the game was by far the best gear balanced, and challenge balanced before wipeageddon. all the things that came after where just reasons to make the game a boring loot grind where nothing feels rewarding. Condencing the endgame to 1 or 2 difficulties, and making the people that want to have that challenge and be able to beat others in leaderboards should be what the hardcore players do in this game for a challenge. Not just barely complete NM4 solo. If you guys actually made the game rewarding for all types of players and balanced the game for the two demographics ones that grind will be able to find the perfect rolled gear to compete on leader boards, and those that want to play semi-challenging maps would be able to play the difficulties that are actually rewarding. I honestly don't think not a single soul that develops this game has actually tried the progression from beginning to being able to complete the hardest map on hard. If not a single soul in trendy wants to do that they have failed as game designers and they should make a game they want to play not a game that has grind for the sake of grind, just so grind can be a grind. You understand that this makes games boring, and when the grind is placed in the wrong spot the game becomes hyper unrewarding and boring. The wyvern tokens are an absolute terrible idea and need to stop existing in this game. Time bars from character progression shouldn't exist. that doen't make we want to come back and play the game, same with monthlies or dalies, that whole system is broken and the skill sphere system needs improvement because of the wyvern token system. Again the game has too many difficulties. The game has no players forming groups in the many difficulties. And people are generally forced to play solo, in a game that is well quite frankly balanced for multiplayer I honestly think the game would be better if they just said you know what!? there is no more things called solo.
  12. I like em, 1600 gems are a good value for what you are getting in there, 150 for one pass though, and getting keys, that's sad, you had an advantage and a much higher chance to get a monk skin or pet
  13. That would all but kill my faith that this game will ever have a player-base similar to when it launched.
  14. I'm not entirely sure what the OP's hours, would have to do with the game. I've been at the same hours as a few months ago because the game just hasn't been worth logging into, to me. In one patch last year alone I dumped in 300+ hours, and since F2P, I've put in less than 30 hours. In fact, you can go back to look at free to play numbers, and you can see 15,000 people didn't find the game worth sticking around for. There obviously are blatant issues, and the OP highlights what they feel are problems. Because you're enjoying the game (I don't know how, but hey, everyone likes different things, I'm not going to question that) doesn't mean others aren't. In fact, I'm going to go as far as to say there isn't anything in end game at all I find even remotely enjoyable. Actually, the last time I really dumped a lot of time into the game is when frosty was introduced, and gear was still around item power 800+ or so. I literally dumped 300 hours into that single patch alone. Sure, traps and frost were OP as hell, and new, but it was fun. You felt rewarded for getting a solid set of build gear, and you could feel the power grow. If the game had proper end game where enemies continually scaled (think similar to Diablo 3 greater rifts) there would be absolutely no problem with stomping regular nightmare 1-4 into the ground. This is off topic but onlsuaght and incursion should be the real end game. Build gear, and maxed NM4 plain gear, should absolutely stomp those difficulties. Incursion and onslaught should be the challenge, and where scaling increases. But it's pointless to really chat about it, because the game is so far off from that. I completely agree, the task of getting the best gear should be limited to the special incursions, bosses, and the onslaught. Onslaught should be similar in how you begin a Diablo 3 greater rift, these places should have random and that wave director that is promised should take place there, so you don't know what is coming which is already there somewhat but there should be more unique stuff, for example the new map circus thing is much better done than onslaught unseen differences. And make these modes that aren't onslaught time'd ( or something that can say how well some one does.) leader boards. that reset monthly, and the onslaught mode record a global leader board that says the number people got to that also resets monthly Nightmare 1-4 should be able to be slightly easy to get to NM4 and the whole thing that keeps people coming back in the old game was new heroes, new maps and new bosses and challenges. Not the fact that it takes a few hundred hours to gear up a single hero. Adding grinding where it shouldn't be The way the game's gear progression works, you could get rid of levels entirely and just let the item power level number you have equate to the Gear should be Important, and not 90% trash, that just makes me feel unrewarded and not willing to play because the rewards are not really there. However I will for sure complete this event because well i am now feeling rewarded. This game doens't have the luxury of procedural generation which makes the gear farm feel even worse, and the fact that you likely will build similarly in every game makes it worse. By putting the actual challenge at the end this would reward the hardcore players thought the monthly leader board resets. I am sure they can find a way to gauge how well a player does in side of something that isn't onslaught, be it time, amount of time spent repairing, or the amount of mana spent. You push away players by making NM1-4 exactly the same, just that after you are able to beat all modes of play, and get so high that onslaught is boring, NM1-4 is just there to have a progression system in gear that is ultimately pointless to go though. NM1-4 should be rewarding for people with all the gear ranges, they should be just that Difficulty, not progression systems. For example Diablo 3 does this by having all the good items drop on all difficulties, and just making the good items more common on the harder difficulties. There is too much RNG on the loot system, and the fact that the loot system is extremely hard to find upgrades that you will likely play the same map multiple time, then you get to the next difficulty you feel that your entire time in the previous difficulty is wasted. IF you think the only reason to play this game is loot, The game sure, has a lot of importance on the gear, but you don't need to make sure the second you hit cap in any loot based game your time isn't ruined Gear treadmills are boring That is the difference from vanilla diablo 3 to current diablo 3, there is no treadmill just leaderboards. before you had to grind each act and get gear good enough to complete the next act. Which is similar to what this game does with NM1-4 It's a big time sink, and one that feels ultimately wasted once you either get into a group of awesome people that carry you, or you get there eventually, the wole thing 1-3 is rather pointless and boring. I think there should only be a NM1, and just get rid of NM2-4 and make other ways to challenge people with the gear they already have, difficulties before 4 just feel like stepping stones that take too much time to get to the point you can feel like your time is worth while.
  15. I don't mind personally with some cosmetics at launch of the new hero for gems. I don't mind that at all and I expect it. There is a worry within the chat with in the game, is that the new hero will cost gems or money. Instead of releasing the hero with a paywall. There is several options. At the very least make sure there is a way to get it for free forever. Don't make the objective to get it harder than a monthly mission. Don't make the grind akin to heroes of the storm, this is simple. The whole point of the hero is to make the game better for everyone. While it's nice to make money I know this, but the whole point of adding a hero is to make the game more enjoyable for everyone. Putting the hero behind a paywall will make sure the free-to-play player have a lot less fun, as if they where surely second class. there is already a small player base, and adding this tension to the game especially with 42 dollar costumes in the game will feel like a sour and huge thing to take in. My thoughts is that the game will indeed suffer if the game releases a hero that is behind a paywall. The premise I get behind adding a new hero is that you guys would like to shake up the meta about the game and make it feel less stale, also make the whole idea of hero deck matter and the fact that it's limited is with multiple heroes. And if that is the truth of the matter is that this is 1 hero in a long line of heroes to come, is that if each one will cost money, and you only get the four we have now for free, that the game will be severely worse for the free-to-play player. While I have the collectors edition and bought it when the game came out, and still have quite a bit of the gems left. I don't think it would be beneficial to make every hero cost money. if every hero ends up costing money then well the game will indefinitely feel like a buy to play game in the long run. Especially by the time there is more than 7 heroes in the game, where half of the classes/heroes are costing money. with the release of this hero, make sure that there isn't such a big advantage over a free-to-play player. The release of the character will indeed spike many peoples interest in the game. However if you release the hero with a big fat paywall, people will likely complain and cry for eternity and make the player base suffer or the future of the player base suffer. There is already a heap of negativity surrounding the game, I think if the game releases a pay walled hero the game will suffer. Will the game's hero be free for everyone?
  16. Suggestion for future game difficulty get rid of 2-4 it segregates the community too much.
  17. Like the game isn't designed for long term players, only the short term and to shuffle the veterans out, and hope new players will buy more of the DLC packs. This is accented by the gems that you can buy in game are worth MUCH LESS than fresh money. It feels like especially with exclusive offers, to the people that have bought things with fresh new money get more things for less. I understand you need more money flow but the fact that 25 dollars worth of gems will get you less than 25 dollars for the pack. this offset makes me think you don't like old players that supported you with large sum of upfront money when you had to buy the game. For example the awakening pack costs more value of gems than you get for just buying it when it was 25 bucks. (excluding the extra gems.) The exclusive extra bags that you can't buy with gems if you reached the limit. I have come to the conclusion you don't like old players that sunk money on the gems, even more so you don't make end game enjoyable because of a myriad of design choices. There is a reason why it's becoming dagerously close to the number of players that existed before free to play came out. And over charging the people that pre-paid for gems, giving them the shaft. is one of those things,. Besides all of that, here is my actual game design issues I have with the game. which seem like are never on the top priority of things to do. The core concept of the balance of the game should be if there was no such thing as hearty blockade for squire. With this balance pass that should be done, just throw the whole idea that there is such a thing as a hearty blockade build squire. I am excited to play with the abyssal lord. But however, Designing a new hero when the four that are already in the game already have major issues that are unresolved. Adding the hero may in fact fix some of the stale game-play but when you guys designed the game to live and die by the squire's barricade. I know exactly what he will do, more offensive strategy. Which is fun and all but the preventing the enemies to get to the core is boring, no matter what offensive strategy you may have with the new hero will be lack luster. You nerf any thing that might resemble something that can effectively replace the squires towers so that you must use the squire's barricade. Such as the stun that the water spout and the lightning aura. The slow effect with the healing aura is also abysmal. The slowing effect ON THE TOWER WITH ONLY SLOWING effect is terrible. This whole balance relies to heavily on the SQUIRE'S barricade. leaving that One slot that would be nice to have something that makes you play your way, is played by the hearty blockade squire gear. How I suggest to fix this is that one of a few things could happen or all of the things could happen. Any tower that can CC needs to be stronger, and more effective with it's CC. This isn't a PvP game where it's annoying to be stun locked and killed. This is FUN which is why so many PvP RPGs do this. and have to fix it. There should be more than one way to defend the core with OUT barricades that the squire uses. I don't want to HAVE to make a hearty blockade squire. You can fix this because clearly this is how you balance the game is by the hearty blockade squire is get rid of the ability all together and build it into the hero. Don't MAKE US farm gear that we HAVE to have on a certain character to make it worth while. Sure it's fun to be "that" guy that spent hours to get half a million HP on the blockade. But for many people it's a requirement to have this hero in the deck. Because of this it isn't as fun to play with. Because now you have to get DPS some other place. The current mine meta only requires you to level 3 heroes, the squire, the huntress and the apprentice. This is one of the best ways and the quickest way to start farming harder difficulties. it IS the path of least resistance. Adding something like the summoner will not change this. Likely the summoner (abyssal lord.) will likely be just another optional guy to play around with like the monk is currently. The monk needs a buff the damage, is minor, compared to the other heroes, he is only good in select builds and still requires one certain build with the apprentice to work which is better done now with the huntress. You can fix this by making his healing aura also slow MUCH MORE THAN the measily amount that that set offers. You could even just get rid of this whole tower that heals and make it the slow aura that is worth while and buffs the defenses with in the new slow aura. Stuns are fun in PvE games, you should have things that would be able to replace just the pure tankiness that is the squire hearty blockade build, because this is so required that this will make the game less organic and interesting.You can't start higher difficulties till you have a good squire ether in your deck or in the team. Do not be afraid to have stuns, and slows actually stun and slow enough for the traps and other things to do their work on even the tougher enemies. because the tougher enemies are so hard to kill by the time it gets towards the core and they will likely have 80-90% of their life by the time they reach it. You are just sitting there repairing the squires barricade. which makes it not engaging to play, it is a huge mana sink so you will likely never get the upgrades needed unless the squire's barricade is good enough. Balancing this game as if every map should be a tank and spank is boring. that's why people go like "it's just a tank and spank" when it comes to a lot of different bosses in MMORPGs it is easy. it is just a gear check the only thing this game is lacking to be the purest gear-check imaginable is also rage timers. So if you do Make CC worth while with towers that can CC. It isn't a PvP game where it's annoying to lose control of your character. Make the monk a better or similar choice to use and give him better utility (by making worth while slows.) than the huntress. Make more than one worth while build for the squire and if that means you have to take the hearty barricade out of the game to do this, and make it built in with in the hero do so. Because required class with a required build is boring. A new hero may be too soon because of these stand out issues. That have not been resolved. Enemies hit for way too much damage, or they have too much life. this makes the requirement for the barricade build too needed. Above is for balance BELOW IS FOR THE AMAZING IDEA THAT THEY SHOULDN'T DO. Is make a mode that both doesn't reward, and gives gear to players so they can do the challenge with out having to have the gear. it is nice that we can play with each other regardless of iLVL. But that whole point of making this game have yet another mod will split the player-base all together and not actually fix the problem at hand, NO ONE GROUPS in normal play where you can progress. this make the game boring and for me harder to want to log in. I enjoyed this game because of the community, but with the player base now going to be split a 6th time with a player base that doesn't support it. It is no good. I should be good for this one time for the even't but look at it like a band-aid. The fact that you guys think that grouping players into a system that doesn't reward for the time played other than for the cosmetics is rather short sighted. having NM1-4 is your issue and how you balanced them is why people would rather level up the 3-5 heroes so they can experience the game themselves. With the hassle of knowing that they will likely have to build anyway. Cause chances are if you don't have that "squire build" in your deck, and he never comes you will have to leave to tavern to get yours. This will not fix the issue outright, because having a game mode that doesn't have progression is a loss for the player they would rather keep hitting their head on the one or two maps that they can. The progression to being able to complete and chill out and do NM4 is slower than most of the latest MMORPGs This isn't something a company that is making a tower defense ARPG should strive for. And when I played after the patch that should have fixed gear, You decided to make the legendaries and mythics not worth using till you get a lucky 95% or higher on your percentile dice. The game should be always rewarding to play, NM1-4 should be difficulties not progression levels. NM1 should be able to reward a guy with gear that can complete NM4, but NM4 should have the best chances for the best gear, and NM1 should have the worst chances for the best gear out of the four nightmare difficulty levels. I like that you keep coming out with new content. I like the new events. But they won't have me playing till you actually understand the core issues with the game and address them. I fear that they will not fix the game. I fear that this game will end up dying and all support dropped. I fear that this game that could be great is in a bad situation with how they make money sure ethically where you don't buy power but terribly in real life ethics such as giving new people that put fresh money an advantage over people that got the collectors edition and will get less value for the 75 dollar value. There is other issues that arise when they refuse to look at balance but keep adding content. On top of that they are planning on adding a new hero with out having the game fixed balance wise. AGAIN THE CORE CONCEPT OF THE GAME SHOULD NOT BE BALANCED AROUND ONE BUILD, WHEN YOU DO A BALANCE PASS THROW OUT THE IDEA THAT THERE IS A HEARTY BLOCKADE BUILD. A REQUIRED BUILD IS NOT A GOOD DESIGN DECISION. ps. DON'T MAKE AN ITEM DROP THAT WOULDN'T BE WORTH USING THAT IS PURPLE OR LEGENDARY, THESE LEGENDARIES CAN BE LEGENDARY! BUT DON'T MAKE ANY OF THESE TIERS OF ITEMS SO RNG THAT THEY WILL LIKELY NOT BE EQUIPPED.
  18. While I agree that the game still needs a major balance patch, and this game isn't like a dota game, where a new hero will offset the major meta, well it may. but they need to make huge balance passes to make it possible to play with out a gigantic life that is the squire baracade. They need to have more than one way that a defensive measure not just multiple offence patterns. The biggest issue with the game is that every game feels the same, where you live or die by how tanky the squire's baracade is. Enemies damage is too high. The player base is too spread out for a co-op game the ipwr in items are to wide of a range. Items need to drop worth while on all difficulties like diablo 3 does now. So if I play NM1 with a buddy a nightmare 4 character would have some benefit. In ITEMS not just gold. There is some fundamental balance changes, right now the game is far too grind heavy and the player base spread in ipwr is way too spread out and it makes it hard to find a group to sit down and just chill and play.
  19. "Multiplayer needs a gear incentive because it's more challenging, " It could be said solo is more of a challenge because you lose out on 3 hero DPS and you have to control the whole map yourself. Gear incentives are what keep all types of players playing. "anything you can do solo you can mindlessly farm until you don't need it, and you quit the game." This doesn't exactly make sense since you do the exact same thing solo or co-op. It doesn't change, the only difference is what you find enjoyable vs what others find enjoyable. "They could get away with it in DD1, because people had to buy the game, so if they played alone the entire time then got bored with the lack of content, no big deal, they already paid, trendy already got money out of them. " If you played DD1 you know this is a ridiculous point. First you could solo everything yet people still played co-op and the game still has people playing it today. The fact of them making a one time profit vs micro transactions is irrelevant to the game success. "big blob about WoW And no one complains, trendy needs to stop listening to the vocal minority of solo players as they are just holding back the game." People complained all the time that the best gear was locked behind a 40 man raid. Mainly because it was hard to get into a group to do it then once there you couldn't get gear until you put in your dues or got your DKP or what ever system was used. it would turn out that less then 10% of players ever got to see end game content at all. I played WoW since day one and saw so many guilds break up over fighting over loot in endgame. MMORPGs are slowly declining probably due to the rise of ARPG that are played equally solo or co-op. As far as the MOBAs and CSGO they are directly PvP, nothing else, no gear to grind no levels to grind. As a result you need to have multiplayer so this is a pointless argument to make. "every post I see with a creative idea get's shut down with a comment like "But what about solo players, don't punish us for not wanting to play with a group..." And it's holding back some of the greatest ideas most of the community would love. " This just brings up the question of why do you not want solo players to enjoy the same game as you? What happens to you if I can solo the same content? Is your game play some how diminished if I can solo the same content? I have not seen any ideas that are stifled because of the need for solo players being able to play a tower defense game. The only thing I keep seeing is co-op should get better loot. I don't understand why you should get better loot. so once more go read the game description. Trendy marketed this game as a solo and co-op game, it's not competitive (unless you have some internal competition with the world) Once leader boards are released how do you score co-op groups accurately? Chances are people are going to want a solo leader board so they can see their name alone at the top. Let's look at your assumption that if Trendy listens to us then the game will die. Before this patch even the above average player could not solo NM4 and the player base was a)complaining B)declining so not sure your statement is correct. Solo players don't always play solo. I prefer to play content solo because I think it is more of a challenge to figure it out with out being given a solution. There are so many players that never had to plan anything out in this game they just turn up and collect loot. Like anyone else I played co-op from time to time to farm because sometimes I like to hang out. I'm not able to debate why your guild doesn't play co-op anymore but I somehow think your statement is not very truthful since most people are just quitting due to game mechanics and stale meta and not because they are solo playing it. If you are correct then you should blame the grind and not the solo players. People don't like randoms because in general they are rude so grinding loot is best with friends but better solo then with randoms. This is a damn strategy tower defense game with RPG elements. I just don't understand the hatred for solo players being able to play all the content. I fully agree that the game shouldn't REQUIRE the best loot to be in co-operative. The problem this game lends is that. Public games, are a real chore, It's a gauntlet to even know if you end up with a competent player. The way many games solve this is not making difficulty matter too much as a form of progression. This should be set by yourself with onsaught and working on bettering your high scores. The regular 1-4 nightmares should be minimally stat difference to no stat difference. Gear should matter in NM1 like NM4 gear should also matter. They don't do this, and thus it's highly unreliable to find a group to playwith in match making. THe playerbase is also really small for this many separations of player base. Which will lend it harder to naturally find people to play with. There is many game mechanics and situations that will lead to the solo game this game tends to be unless you have freinds. Hell It's harder to find a group to play a game with than table top simulator. but hey. People like the gigantic grind because there is always "that" goal to work towards. I think that goal shouldn't be any gear that is less powerful than NM4, but so many of the community like to think their gear power is what separates them from the casuals. Any difficulty below NM4 feels entirely wasted. Hell Like I have said in other threads through the months, if they got rid of levels and made a better totorial, you will get gear as fast as you would typically take to level. Because of how stat stick gear check this game is. Also the stale tactic of making the squire walls so important that if you don't have a good hearty blockade squire, you may fail regardless of the damage the player may bring to the table. Anything that could replace the squire walls is well nerfed, like the few second stun that the lightining + guiser. There is other instances where slows don't slow enough and the best slow in the game has too little range for you to make flamethrower towers and mines and other things on the way down the lain matter. It's just how you are going ot put out enough defence before the creeps hit the blockade. But that is just an Idea of why the player base is so low.
  20. Diablo 3 solves this by making gear worth while in all end game difficulties. This game fails to do this because gear isn't worth getting till nightmare four and it's a detriment to the team if one person isn't that great.
  21. You could have waited about a hour or two before this post, the update has a pet.
  22. they had a holiday vacation. Trendy's real working hours can be one of the longer ones compared to other companies in the gaming industry.
  23. I agree with all of OP's points. Specifically the ipwr gap. For instance, sure some people don't like diablo 3, while I do. I also like grimdawn. Which both do loot better than this game. Diablo 3, for instance has the best loot drop in ALL difficulties. Torment 1-10 10 has the most gold and most magic find. so you would have better chances to get the loot you need with the higher difficulties. But what makes this work is the simple fact is you can play with friends and have an enjoyable time (if you don't want to steamroll with a treasure goblin ring that is a player that picks up their legendary items) Your time will not be wasted by playing torment 1 or 2 because it might drop you that one piece of gear you are still missing. And if you think you have your set for the build you want to do to be competitive in greater rifts, or seasons (for achievement hunting and races) You can still get the ancteint gear. Grim dawn handles this a bit differently because it's more of a classical difficulty game, but when you are at ultimate difficulty (not even max level) and your friend is as well you guys are still aiming for the same stuff and able to still have a rewarding experience. and both are happy if they are close together. In this game you can't possibly invite a new freind if you have 6 level 50 heroes, it would be boring for them to do insane to level they do nothing but repair and you do nothing but repair because everything dies so quickly. but that's just the leveling and that it takes a long time. But I digress they all have the "level issues" But the point is that end game NM1-3 are ALL fillar content to artificially lengthen the gameplay to the real end game, Maybe the devs want the grind in before they establish leaderboards for onslaught But the point is and will remain is that the whole NM1-4 thing needs to change, The other Huge issue is that the Squire hearty blockade is FAR too important, and is a requirement to play the nightmare difficulties, which limits the player to at least one squire. Slows, stuns, and everything that can replace the squire's required build should not be nerfed Sure you can say it's a co-op game, but these loot based games are played solo primarily, ass seen as you cant actually find a pug that is worth playing in, or if you do you might be lucky. But also that is few and far between to actually find groups. In DD1 and diablo 3 and diablo2 you CAN find a group Period. Hell some people or even most don't care if you leach they just like to have people playing the game with them, But for friend experience this game is lacking, people can't enjoy their time with the game if the other person is too low level in ipwr. If this game's community wants to grow I believe that the following things need to happen. HD, it doesn't do anything, I could care less about it, but those that it does, it impacts them negatively, so maybe get rid of it. The dependency on ONE hero build the Hearty barricades Needs to end, App's cade is bad, The training dummies is bad, there is no worth while stuns and you Nerf the ones that seem to work well because Barricades are the only thing aloud to stop mobs. Oh, and if you have a week one! you are going to have to spend a billion gems, maybe because the balance is set up in such a way you can't possibly be able to upgrade towers enough to fight 3 ogres at once. Yes challenge, No that's a gear-check. THey need to make loot that is in NM1 capable of being able to beat NM4 but the drop rate is low, the whole ipwr difference between NM1 and MN4 is so insanely high that it is outstanding. There is no creativity with the balance it's all just gear checks. Unlike the portalling Chrystal, or the raining ogres, or only wyverns. or the chicken hunt maps in DD1. That's what made that game worth going back to. and also the more static Items like the legendaries in D3, the uniques in D2 and path of exile and the epic and legendaries in grim dawn.(I will likely spend more time in grim dawn than this game because the systems there are more rewarding, though probably not as much as I did in D3 because there is no competition.) This game is still heavily in alpha, artificially padding the length to get to the place where you can experiment with your heroes builds or the game it self is rather amazing. The game was better before wipe ageddon for a few reasons, There was only ONE end game, People actually Played together. The loot was rewarding for both, the long time players looked for the perfect rolls and stats. right now also because the community is so spread out, there is probably 1000 in the leveling process, 200 in NM1 and it diminishes to the point only 1 or so percent are reliably completing the toughest gear check. you need to have employees that you trust play your game from level 1 to 4 level 50s and complete reliably NM4 If your employee would rather work on art or programming than play the game they are creating There is a problem with that. I don't know ipassbutters job title is, but seeing that programmers cheat to get him the gear he needs to show off builds that are or should be in the game is quite telling, No one actually seems to want to play the game they are creating. Artificial progression lengthening is the biggest reason why people didn't like diablo 3 At launch. Some people don't like diablo 3 now because there is too few builds, And this game having a required build on one hero to be able to complete a difficuluty is a thousand times worse than having 4 builds for each of the five classes that are equally efficient at doing torment 10, maybe not pushing the highest rift solo, but in a group there is synergies. And soft competition. OP THANK YOU FOR THIS THREAD, I WAS BEGINNING TO THINK I WAS THE ONLY ONE THAT WAS GIVING CRITIQUE once every week. These monthly quests are nice, but that's not enough to keep me playing progression for the sake of showing progression isn't fun. though it is extremely rewarding. but to complete most of these monthlies you would have to dedicate most of your game time to just this game.
  24. Hmm, I just think that they took a 2 week vacation, and also changed their priorities. They are dead set on making this game overly grind heavy too early, with uninteresting loot, and if there IS interesting loot it's drop rate is rediculusly low. Like get rid of all legendary items but the ones that ARE legendary. Make the game more rewarding. And make sure you don't balance just for one class with that ONE build to be able to complete maps. 8-40% slows aren't enough to replace baracades. They are way too needed, it squanders hope for people to actually have fun with a squire. (my favorite class that used to be fun) Making a sertain build REQUIRED to play isn't fun, Before these patches after wipeageddon, Squire was in a great place. App was in a great place, I am glad I got the game then, when the game was better. Now the game is insanely grind heavy, the balance is so lopsided to require the squire to use ONE build. And the lack of rewarding drops, and a bunch of blue balls that are legendaries and mythic items. The games loot is far worse even after the latest loot patch than vanilla diablo 3.
  25. I fully agree the difficulty should be the leaderboards, incursions, and Onslaught, Simply put, NM1-3 is feels bad. In diablo 3 they have the challenge in the right spot, End game should be refining gear, which means NM4, Not have a gigantic grind to be able to be completing runs, The failiar rates are just to high to risk playing with others to increase difficulty. Im going to give this game more time before hopping back in. But The game is far from easy, Its on the tough side, also when you watch a guy on livestream that is in the developers house fail time and again, I don't think they balanced the game properly, making things hard just to extend the grind before you can actually experiment with builds is crazy. I feel the jump from NM2 to NM3 is too much and same for NM3 to NM4. You should be able to get the gear from the previous difficulty to complete the next The iPWR should lead you into the Ipwr of of the next difficulty, NM4 you can make all the grind you want there, because when leaderboards launch, that'd be swell. because that's where the fun is on these games is to clime leaderboards with refined builds, not to just beat your head against a map failing to clime to the next difficulty
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