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  1. While I can agree that the traps are different But I think it's the rag dolls, otherwise the game would be much more boring, also the simple thing that makes being a F2P player not have fun is the horrible slow account progression. The way the game is monetized isn't for me. What the game does better is the way barricades work. But that's what makes orcs must die closer to sanctum. That's either here nor there, but I would like less importance of gear'd walls to balance the game, it made other blockades boring. or other strategies that should be equally effective. I like the PvP mode, b
  2. For me the biggest issue with a F2P account is bag space, you should be fine otherwise.
  3. You know what I am talking about. Competition arrives on the 29th.
  4. I would say bundle those things with general chat. why have a friends list when it's really hard to meet people!?
  5. So because you don't like the option that makes waiting around for some one to queue with, or some one to play the game with, that makes that more entertaining and social, the social hub is one thing but that's not social enough. And no general chat for example in heroes of the storm isn't all just profanities and other things, people are willing to change the subject and talk about the game, and how to be better at the game, you know general chat things. You can definitly opt out of the chat of your leisure. But honestly if you really think this game would devolve into profanities, you are
  6. A general chat. General chats are awesome in these online only games. So while we are actually playing the game we can chat with other's that are playing the game. This would make it much better for when you want to just relax and do easy things for dailies or what ever.
  7. Brett and Steven's defense/enemy audit sounds pretty sweet so far. It's still a work-in-progress, but I believe we're going to share some more details about it on Friday's Devstream. Thanks for the comment, I'll watch the next dev stream. I still feel that the build Hearty blockade is too powerful, personally, and actually quite frankly because it's also causing developers to build around that, well, it's effect on the game for me, is a lack luster thing that made me enjoy the game less. Sure you helped out by making it defense health, but all in all, I don't think it has a positive effect
  8. They need to make a new mod that doesn't give more rewards that is well an actual difficulty. we don't need any more gear progression for a while.
  9. Throw away everything you learned from your characters level in RPGs. This game you level your gear, basically the higher the Ipwr the better. you are, You want to do the maps you can complete reliably and hope you get gear that would be better. You also want to stack passives that would go good with your character build. For example Defence life and defence power for squire for decent builder. and then throw in the passives that buff or do something for your offensive towers. make sure to stack those too to get the full effect. If you mean upgrades as in the wheel thing, that shouldn't cha
  10. When they actually figure out how to balance the game.
  11. Here is the deal. it's impossible to find groups with out spending an hour + out of game to find a Guild, then find a group then find some one to play with, which means ALL nightmare modes are wastelands, so the only way to play the game is solo, the solo experience is far too difficult, for games in this loot based genre, where lower difficulties feel like a waste of time, and then the lower difficulties that can be complete for example the new map are underwhelming with rewards. (aside if you payed for it to reward you) The first issue again is that there is no groups that are actively abl
  12. I like em, 1600 gems are a good value for what you are getting in there, 150 for one pass though, and getting keys, that's sad, you had an advantage and a much higher chance to get a monk skin or pet
  13. That would all but kill my faith that this game will ever have a player-base similar to when it launched.
  14. I'm not entirely sure what the OP's hours, would have to do with the game. I've been at the same hours as a few months ago because the game just hasn't been worth logging into, to me. In one patch last year alone I dumped in 300+ hours, and since F2P, I've put in less than 30 hours. In fact, you can go back to look at free to play numbers, and you can see 15,000 people didn't find the game worth sticking around for. There obviously are blatant issues, and the OP highlights what they feel are problems. Because you're enjoying the game (I don't know how, but hey, everyone likes different t
  15. I don't mind personally with some cosmetics at launch of the new hero for gems. I don't mind that at all and I expect it. There is a worry within the chat with in the game, is that the new hero will cost gems or money. Instead of releasing the hero with a paywall. There is several options. At the very least make sure there is a way to get it for free forever. Don't make the objective to get it harder than a monthly mission. Don't make the grind akin to heroes of the storm, this is simple. The whole point of the hero is to make the game better for everyone. While it's nice to make money I kn
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