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  1. I went into legacy mode to check my old chars and they were only showing my 1.0 chars so I figured they were gone. Did the transfer jsut to get it out the way and my new 1.0 chars who were level 70 were replaced by level 50's from legacy that didn't show up in my account before. What the fuck.
  2. Seems like a small qol addition, but realistically DD2 is done. I think they are pushing out this upcoming update and I'd be surprised if we see anything else from them for DD2 except small bug fixes possibly.
  3. I'm curious how you let the rotted eggs rot? My rotted eggs are still not rotting, unfortunately. What are you talking about. In the patch notes it says if you let a different egg rot, all of your currently rotted eggs will turn into shards. This is not the case because they are still just rotted eggs not converted to shards.
  4. I let another egg rot, but I still have 0 shellium shards.. Why am I not surprised
  5. Yet another useless uber added to the list. The only viable one is the monk lightning strieks uber. Wtf.
  6. Officially released. HAH. That will never happen. Still "pre-alpha" according to them.
  7. Basically you guys patched things nobody really cares about. Thanks. And we get yet another "we are looking into those issues" post. Can't wait to see what the next patch will fix, probably nothing important. 11/10 -IGN
  8. Wow thankfully you told me that because I am a squire. Well yet another useless uber added to the list. Good to know
  9. I know you can get wyvern tokens from dailies but when you talk to the guy who sells things for tokens he says you can get them by doing onslaught. I've done a bunch of round and received no tokens. Im level 50 and just want my uber -.-
  10. I know, I'm saying the ability uber spheres are useless. The only one that I can see being somewhat useful is the monk in case of panic. But the implies that your towers are failing and can't handle themselves.
  11. All of these ubers are pretty much useless. Either you defense needs to be hit (retarded) or your ability loses the cc it has in order to increase the damage. I understand the need for risk/reward, but there is not enough reward in these.
  12. The level up screen doesnt close with esc
  13. Wow do you even play the game? The way Ipwr works right now is so ***. You get a legendary from normal campaign mode with +30 def power and +30 def health (for example) and the iPwr is 20. Then you get a WHITE sword from normal free play with absolutely no stats and the iPwr is 55. So now you have to take the ***ty white sword just so you can go into the next level bracket even though that item is 100000x ***ter than your previous weapon. Please explain to me how you think this is a "good one"
  14. We still are in the dark about this. All we got was "we are reading everyones opinion. and stop attacking each other." Why are the devs not responding to any of this. This is seriously breaking how the game works. Slap some DR on defense speed until you can actually think of a better solution than just taking it out. Its like you guys do some great things to the game, but then put 0.00001 thought into other things such as the iPwr and the removal of defense speed. Ballistas are utterly useless right now. I dont care what any of you say about placement and blah blah. They have horrible aimi
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