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  1. Any word on fixing the bug where additional spheres stats don't show up when inspecting other peoples towers? It gets annoying having people argue over who's towers are better when they can't see true dps.
  2. I'm fine with re-rolling the stats that need to be removed. You'll effectively have to rebuild all your gear because the chance of getting an amazing new stat is low. After leveling six characters already, the prospect of going back through all that is not appealing. If a wipe was the only option I would be fine with a wipe but It's not really fair to those that have been playing awhile to start from scratch if we have an alternative solution that will fix the issue. Those that are chomping at the bit to re roll their characters can easily do it themselves anytime they want right now... G
  3. I'm guessing it's a fix to solve the login issues people were having yesterday.
  4. Myself and some of my friends are also having this issue (5/27/15). Only seems to be an issue joining the social tavern. Solution: Join the tavern in windowed mode with minimum graphics then change back once in game. Works every time so far but a friend said he couldn't get it to work...
  5. Cannons can shatter frozen mobs if you count that.
  6. [[74116,users]] Only basic monk\huntress solo is doable but i think you'll probably have to gear up a bit more. Wave 4 you have to be able to kill one ogre while distracting the other with towers to kill. Or be powerful enough that your towers can solo an ogre. I would highly suggest leveling up a 3rd character if you want to solo incursion content. That said if you get the new monk uber you could probably use that to kill one ogre fast while you deal with the other. Wave 4 should always spawn 2 ogres, it randomly glitches and only sends 1. The high 100%+ boost you see is from old gea
  7. You're welcome, I do have legacy boost gear but i took off my Weapon and Helm for that video so I only had around +18 to boost. I like having another boost monk with DH so i don't have to upgrade/repair it. Plus legacy boost gear was easier to find if you didn't require DS/DP to be on it... You can probably do it with one monk as long as you watch the health on the boost. Not sure if all the cannons will reach Betsy if you're not using +range gear on squire.
  8. If you only build on only one side of her you can stand on the other sides ramp and as long as you can spam heal you wont die since she will just keep targeting you. If you use a healing aura you can afk the battle since she doesn't hurt the egg when your standing on her ramp and she's not hitting any of your defenses. The video I posted previously shows this. Extra Note: Left side works best since right side has clipping issues with cannons.
  9. I figured I'd give it a shot since you're right all content should be doable within their constraints. Using average ~95 item level characters. NO BOOTS. Should be doable at lower itemization too. Key is having +range on your squire. Stripped my weapon/shield and helm off all 3 to get to ~95. Sorry for the quality, just a quick example. Using: Boost Monk Aura Monk Tower Squire
  10. To me this almost seems like their fix for the TIB lag. You can only collect so many items in 3 hours...
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